DIGITALMART- A decentralized Marketplace, Buying all you want with cryptocurrencies

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DigitalMart by Digital Labs

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  1. Dominic- Team Lead (Core developer, Frontend, Blockchain, Android, UI/UX and project manager), Padom2020 (TechyDom) · GitHub,, Nigeria. Twitter : @Techydom

  2. Abdulazeez- Blockchain Developer, Abdulazeez41 (Abdulazeez) · GitHub, Nigeria.

  3. Patrice- Full Stack Developer, ptisserand · GitHub,, France.

  4. Iniodu- Full Stack Developer, codetective (Iniodu Emmanuel) · GitHub,, Nigeria.

  5. Lukeman- Blockchain Developer, Hexdee (Lukman Saheed) · GitHub,, Nigeria.

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Project Goal:
DigitalMart is a decentralised marketplace which will provide users the ability to make purchases of whatever products of their needs, and also provide merchants a marketplace to market/sale their products, it will be like the traditional Amazon, Alibaba etc, but here it will be decentralised were users will be able to utilise the crypto right in their wallet without having to convert to fiat or any local medium of exchange.
We are unique because these will be a decentralised marketplace were you will make use of digital assets for purchase and also keep track of your products delivery onchain. Here your receipts will be in form of NFTs were you get after each purchase on the marketplace.
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Demo: Digital Mart Demo - YouTube

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DigitalMart Dapp

Project Details:
Essentially due to the lacuna in the blockchain Ecosystem, DIGITALMART seeks to bridge the gap between the online vendors, merchants, dropshippers and the blockchain ecosystem, often atimes crypto users have to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiats or their local currencies in other for them to be able to make purchase of their basic accessories, gadgets etc.
On the verge of trying to process this transactions atimes the procedures are so bogus and stressing, mostly for countries with crypto bans such as Nigeria you have to use the P2P system provided by some exchanges in other to be able to utilize your cryptocurrencies or better still do a trade by barter with close allies in other to be able to process some transactions.
DIGITALMART seeks to bridge these strenous gaps and offer our users the ability to buy anything they want with their cryptocurrencies right in their wallet, we seek to give our users a system that will be far better than centralized entities who are offering same services, we are building a transparent and easily accessible system for our users, were it will be very easy and simple for merchants to be able to publish their products on our marketplace and also were our users will be able to keep track of their products purchased on our marketplace onchain, even get receipts which will be Tradeable NFTS on the market place

Project Milestones:

*Smart contract deployed
User can make purchases of items they want from the market place

*User can get receipts as NFTs after orders are completed

  • Tracking system/contract is deployed and user will be able to track his orders onchain

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What happens if the user wants a refund or the supplier does not deliver what was advertised?


The system will be designed such that each steps of transactions in the platform is revert able such that if user selected an item and wants to change it or remove it from the cart, he will be able to, then maybe if after payment the goods is delivered and it’s not what the user ordered, the payment will be refunded and merchant redflagged, as the tracking system will be designed such that, each level of the transactions will trigger alert to the smart contract handling such event, it’s only when a user confirms receipt of product and is satisfied will the merchant be able to trigger payment from the smart contract handling its payment


In that case, what if users trick the system pretending they haven’t received what they’ve paid for?


Important to note: the tracking system will be designed such that the merchants, delivery agents/companies will be signed up in the platform for starters, so that every stage of the tracking system will be recorded onchain, the delivery agents will upload proofs of delivery and if a user decides to want to trick the system proper investigations will be carried out to ascertain proper facts before refunds or anything is done


Currently the merchant marketplace is ready where merchants can sign up and become merchants for the platform, when they register they can automatically upload their products, the page will be found here Digital Markit | Decentracommerce platform, also if you look at the repo, we migrate the branch because of alot of changes that have been made to make the platform more efficient


@TechyDom so by keeping systems around what is already in use you should be able to focus on the web 3 side of things and should make for a Amazon like crypto website

Main USP here seems to be decentralization of the market place over places like Amazons monopoly :clap: :clap: :clap:


Exactly, a decentralized marketplace were you can do your normal thingy just like in Amazon, but on the blockchain and you run all transactions on cryptocurrencies, we will have a converted which will convert everything to stables for easy handling of transactions


The Smart contract has been deployed and we are currently connecting the frontend to the backend


For the payment system, you can also integrate JustMoney Pay. It’s already converting to stables :+1: if you are interested feel free to reach us.


We are going to provide our users with different payment options via the crypto payment methods and justmoney pay will be one of it


You can browse around and dm me anytime if needed :handshake:


Okay then, thanks so much


Digital Mart has been deployed on the Tron network


I will just say great project. I hope you win a good prize


lets just be hopeful, thank you for your kind words


Nice project you have explained in quality and detail


Thanks so much, I really appreciate


Very needed project. I hope you win this.


Good project. I can’t wait for this project to come through :fire: