VersacBrickSquad by TuruGlobal

Project Name: VersacBrickSquad
Project Track: NFT & DEFI
Team Name: TuruGlobal
Team Member(s): 21
Project Goal: Make real estate investment available for all

Real Estate investment for the People

Who doesn’t dream of owning a piece of real estate in prime locations in a major city around the Globe?

This dream is mainly reserved for people with enough financial resources to purchase a real estate asset with their own funds, and many people are excluded from pursuing this dream due to lack of funds.

The Versac Brick Squad is a collection of DAO’s investing in real estate assets jointly managing the assets in a platform structure provided by TuruGlobal and with that making Real Estate investment accessible for the people.

Every real estate asset managed has its own DAO and ownership in this DAO is represented by the Brick NFT’s held for that particular real estate asset.

In summary

Every Brick NFT represents a partial ownership of a real estate asset. There are different type of bricks with different intrinsical values. The value of a real estate asset defines how many bricks are minted for that particular DAO.

The bricks can be traded on an NFT platform to give liquidity to the bricks. For trading of bricks a royalty fee will be charged by TuruGlobal. Every real estate project has its own bricks in the following dominations:

  • Bronze VBS brick: 250 USDT
  • Silver VBS brick: 1000 USDT
  • Gold VBS brick: 5000 USDT

Value & Revenue.


Owning a brick will give the right to receive the proportional share of income generated by the Real Estate project.

Every appartment bought by TuruGlobal is burdened with the cost of procuring (tax, legal, service fee & furbishing).- The total costs of the purchase of the apartment is summed up and defined as the Property Value.

Then the Property Value is split up in bricks, which will be put up for sale to sell partial ownership of the apartment to brick holders. Per real estate project there is a one time mint of a specific amount of uniquely identifyable bricks (NFT’s) representing the original value of the asset. If the value of the asset goes up, the value of the brick in principle follows.


Every property has its own DAO and the collection of all DAO’s is called the Versac Brick Squad

Once all bricks of an apartment are sold out, we will have a apartment governance platform on Discord for every specific DAO where the group of owners can interact. Key decisions can be made there based on 2/3 majority rules like:

  • Sell the property to cash in on value increase.
  • Change rental profile from long term rent to AirBNB or vice versa.
  • Other significant changes.

TuruGlobal Discord:

TuruGlobal will invest in order to hold an initial share of 20% in all the DAO’s. This way TuruGlobal team will be participating in all governance groups. With a 20% share it has a right to vote, but the vote is not decisive allowing a true DAO operation and set up.

Brick sales and resales - MultiChain

The VBS Brick NFT’s are minted and made available on three different blockchains:
TRON and BSC for the bronze, silver and gold Bricks
Ethereum only for the gold bricks to minimize the impact of its gas Fees.

Owning a brick gives you proportion of the passive income generated by the real estate asset.

The bricks are liquid assets and can be sold on the NFT exchange platfroms of use. Every resale will be eligable for a royalty fee of 2.5%. This royalty fee is income for TuruGlobal for managing the platform. Depending on the NFT exchange used, there can be platform and / or gas fees.


VersacBrickSquad is a TuruGlobal module managed by the team behind TuruGlobal and is therefore a part of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.

TuruGlobal will hold 20% of Versac Brick Squad real estate projects and will give TuruGlobal community members a chance to owning a part of this portfolio through distributing of a $VBS token backed by their bricks to its loyal community. The $VBS tokens will be TRC20 tokens fully backed by Brick NFT’s owned by TuruGlobal.
The $VBS tokens will only be available for Team Members, BabyTuru Millionaire Club members and holders of Single Mint $BabyTuru NFT’s. $VBS can only be bought with either $turu or $BBT tokens. All part of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.

Example Project

The whitepaper, (work in progress) is shown in the file here:
VBS.pdf (1.0 MB)

The website is ready and can be viewed at:

Please see below our updated timeline for the project, aligning with the milestones put forward by the Hackathon rules:

Use of funds
In case VersacBrickSquad would win a prize in this Hackathon, the received funds would be used for:

  • Marketing efforts to get the name of VersBrickSquad to a wider community
  • Legal fees
  • VBS community management fees
  • Earlier set up of a second property as part of the VBS

We would like to ask for community engagement to ask questions about the VBS so we can start filling up our Q&A section of our website and white paper.

I would like to know the names of some of teh countries that this project will give an investment oppertunity on :blush: Hope for Caribbeans in the future :crossed_fingers:

As the real estate legislation is different per country, we will switch on countries one by one. Easiest is to start with countries where we have team members living in order to get the right representation and legal documentation in place.

We don’t have any team members living in the Carribian (yet :-)) so that is not planned to be part of the first wave. Though if we can convince a team member to move there, it might get its turn earlier…

Will some of the properties be vacation cottages or are you guys focusing on City properties? Will the holders have any advantages interms of vacations stays etc. ? :eyes:

The first properties will be city properties. Every property will have its own group of owners (the DAO with their own discord channel in our server) This DAO will have a TuruGlobal community manager and one of the goals of the community manager is to record ideas and feedbacks.

If we see appetite for holiday cottages, we can go into that direction. As one of the basics of VersacBrickSquad is to give a voice to the community. Then when we buy a holiday cottage it is for the DAO to decide whether investors will get free stays reducing the returns or rather focus on returns. They will have the power to make key decisions based on a 2/3 majority…

One more question, what responsibilities / liabilities will the holders of versac bricks have?

The key responsibility is to collect their part of the income generated by the real estate object :slight_smile:
But besides that they will be considered as a group to influence their objects destiny.
For example they can decide to go for AIRBNB rental rather then long term rental or they can decide to have the object sold if the price went up a lot. But all decisions based on 2/3 majority vote.

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. All our real estate assets will be managed by DAO’s with involvement of TuruGlobal team as part of the DAO.

Updated April 10


Nice to see Turu always evolving and bringing original ideas to Tron! Def need more projects like this one on board :+1:t2:


:brick:innovation at it’s finest.

Looking forward to the journey ahead of us and the oppertunity given by tron DAO :muscle:


Best project ever :rocket: If you see this you are still early :wink:


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Hello :wave: to crypto world :earth_africa:

@TuruGlobal born in #Tron but lives in all the Blockchain :fire::fire:

I being a early adopter feeling a great future in it #passive #income is the Goal cheers

$VBS concept is really amazing :heart_eyes: I am looking forward to it #LFG :brick:


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This looks like a real game changer for not only tron, but crypto as a whole!


What a great and creative way to connect the Bricks with the Crypto space. Building NFT’s on steroids all to generate passive income for future generations!


Very interesting indeed! I’ve looked into investing in real estate in various cities before, and finding trustworthy people and having local market insights is crucial. Also, a rather big investment is needed to buy real estate.

From the looks of it, this project is set to break all these barriers and provide an easy way to invest. I will be following this project closely!


This young guys are really making a smart moves in the #NFT #Defi & #Crypto

I love this project due to its community and helpful nature !

$VBS connecting people more stronger :dancer::partying_face:

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This is an unique concept of combining real life usecase with the world of DeFi n NFT ! Will also help increasing users for TRON blockchain :+1:


YES !!! - This is a really promising project with huge potential !!!

I am very excited and looking forward to see the finished “product” in future. :grinning:


This Is Absolutely Fantastic. I cannot wait to see the final product. Its gonna be huge.
@TuruGlobal is building a future 1 brick at a time.


“The team never sleeps” I was told regarding these guys when my friend @maddy_210 shared the project with me… Since then I’ve always felt that actually “The team never sits”… Never ever seen their excitement level go down by the slightest… The team is optimistic & hardworking besides being supportive. A lot of good work, fun & learning alongwith earning is the motto… BUIDL is what they do & HODL is what they (teach &) encourage.
Love being a part of @TuruGlobal family & very excited for VBS :brick:


Top Notch submission. This group means business. Excellent information


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Let’s do this team Turu! :partying_face:


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Innovation, creativity, outstanding deliveries and full support to the community is what @TuruGlobal do.

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