What to know about #TuruGlobal

Turuglobal is a group of experienced crypto enthusiasts. This group has established an ecosystem on tron and know looking forward to expand to other chains to increase their audience.

Any project under their ecosystem gives you a passive income. They have a utility token Called babyturu token ($bbt) which energies the entire ecosystem.

Some of the projects under @TuruGlobal are;

  1. Versacbricks
  2. AfricaStars
  3. Babyturu Nft
  4. Turu Angels
  5. Tron Network Shop
  6. #TuruVerse and others

Let’s end it here, we will continue some other time.

Userful links: turuglobal.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TuruGlobal
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @babyturu