TRONPlay - eSports platform powered by TRON Blockchain

Welcome to the Hackathon team

With the growing gamefi projects on Tron, what strategies are you employing to attract a community of gamers to use your platform?

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, from my read I see TRONPlay aims to merge esports gaming with the TRON ecosystem, offering gamers a secure and profitable way to monetize their skills. This aligns with the growing trend of blockchain integration in gaming for transparency and security.

Are there plans for expanding beyond solo and team competitions in the future?

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Your are welcome to Tron Hackathon, please tell me what are the marketing strategy you are planning to use, thank you

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Hello! I like your project. I like the idea of adding an esports component to games that currently lack it. Could you please tell me how the tournament mechanics will work? Will I need to pay to participate, and how will the prizes be funded?

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Thank you for your question.

Putting it simple:
We’re going to collaborate with popular game developers and GameFi projects within the Tron ecosystem to bring more games to our platform.

With TRONPlay, developers will be able to host their own competitions in their games, create quests for their players, and offer other features available on the platform. This will help them attract new players and better engage with their audiences.

At the same time, earning money is the strongest motivator for gamers: players will have opportunity to earn rewards such as tokens or NFTs by playing those games and participating and winning competitions.

I’m not sure I got your point about other types of competitions rather than Solo and Team :slight_smile:

On the platform we have many types or competitions, from simple rating-based Leaderboards to GSL tournaments format where competitors are put into a 2-sided bracket with group and elimination stages. We also have quite a wide range of configurations available, so tournament hosts can customise their tournament as they want.

So, we believe this covers the most popular and widespread types of competitions.

Actually, there are 3 main pillars in our marketing strategy:

  1. Influencer Partnerships
    We are going to engage with popular gaming influencers and make them showcase the unique features and benefits of the platform through live gameplay, tutorials, and giveaways, reaching their large and engaged follower bases.

  2. Strategic Collaborations with Game Developers and Publishers
    Form partnerships with other game developers and publishers to integrate their games into your platform. This will expand the variety of games available, attracting a wider audience and providing existing users with new and exciting content, thereby enhancing overall platform stickiness and user engagement.

  3. Community Engagement Initiatives
    Build a strong community by organizing regular tournaments, special events, and competitions that reward active participation with tokens, exclusive in-game items, or other digital goods. Encourage participants to share their gaming experiences on social media and forums, thereby organically growing the platform’s user base.

Thanks for your interest in our project! I’m glad you like the idea of adding an esports component to more games. Here’s how our tournament mechanics work:

  1. Generally, you can enter some tournaments for free, but others might require a small entry fee. This is up to a tournament host to decide: if you want to make a sponsored tournament and attract new players, you can add fund the prize pool by yourself, or you can set a tournament fee to fund the prize pool and cover the operational costs of running the tournaments.
  2. Tournaments are set up within the platform: for this purpose we have administrative interface on the platform, which is now very beautiful so far, but fully functional.
    You can join a tournament as an individual or as a team, depending on the game and the type of tournament. The platform will navigate your throughout the process, send reminders, notifications, etc. After tournament ends, prizes are distributed among winners in the currency set by the host (tokens or platform coins).
    Each tournament has its own set of rules and format which you can view before entering.
  3. The prize pool is primarily funded by entry fees if applicable, sponsorships, and sometimes added directly by us to make the pot more attractive.

I hope this clears things up!

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It sounds reasonable, I like it! Good luck with the development of the project!

Thanks for clarifying, keeping a close watch on this as Hackathon progresses, goodluck!!

I like how you take your precious time to break down everything, now you talk of marketing influencing, I want to know which game influencers that you have in mind, thank