All projects info of TRON Hackathon Season 3

Octan short intro video OCTAN NETWORK - Reputation Ranking & Soulbound for Web3 - YouTube


Thank you @H_P for the idea of a recap thread.

USTX Team presents T-Boost, a rewarding dApp for TRX lovers.

What it does?
It generates yield from deposited TRX. The smart contracts manage a pseudo-neutral strategy on the USDD/TRX Sun farm, removing all the complexity from the end-user.

How does it work?
2- Deposit TRX
3- Claim weekly rewards with great APR (currently over 14%)

Is the project finished?
T-Boost was developed along the timespan of season 3 of the HackaTRON and is now fully working on mainnet (dApp → USTX T-BOOST). Currently the TVL is over 180,000TRX and many users are already enjoying the juicy rewards.

Where to go for more info?


Thank you for the invitation and the idea behind this @H_P

Just a brief info about Baoziswap and its New Releases

Baoziswap is a decentralised exchange on the TRON Blockchain with the aim and goal of making exchanges and swaps of tax tokens and non tax tokens on Tron Blockchain as easy as possible. Baoziswap launched not too long ago with the above aim of providing solutions to the great community of developed and developing tokens on Tron Blockchain not forgetting the Inspiration that birth Baoziswap in mind. The Team has been working tirelessly to make sure we deliver the best for Tron Blockchain, which birth the re modification of Baoziswap.

Read More about our Submission Here

Read more on DevPost as well


Nice product @Sirluke :+1: best wishes


Hey Everyone!

Check out our project PhotoSafe!

Help us get funded to continue developing a decentralized app deployed on the BTFS (BitTorrent File System) network, which allows users to upload single/multiple files (images, videos, documents, etc…) to the BTFS network and view them in a nice UX, powered by the BitTorrent Chain (BTTC).

Video Submission:


There are quite a few interesting projects this season as well !

Will list down a few :
AFS by @Chevkev @Annepan

TuruVerse by @TuruGlobal

TWJGames by @TronWeeklyJournal

FuzzyOcean by @Fuzzy-Ocean

TRONHub by @TronNinjas @Stian


Project Title: KEZAYYA - (A decentralized file storage and sharing platform)
Brief Overview: Kezayya is a web3 project with the aim of helping users store files and share them in a user-friendly manner. Decentralized file storage and sharing system. This project intends to build a web3 version of google drive or dropbox for file storage and sharing.

It uses the open zeppelin ERC721 standard to store file metadata URI in an EVM-based smart contract. The smart contract is deployed on BTTC. BTTC was the best choice for deployment to reduce the cost of transactions and interaction with the blockchain and make cross-chain interaction between TRON, Binance, and Ethereum possible.

Live Demo URL:
Video Demo: kezayyaBTTC - YouTube


Nice projects.Looking to journey with them


Excited to see fabulous entries from all my fav projects :clap::clap::fire::fire:

This shows we all are here for long run :smiley:

Lets make it Tron main stream and reach more and more adoption

Together we are stronger


NFTBL – Football Metaverse | Play, Stake, Earn!

Football management game that combines the passion of football with the freedom of web3.
NOW with P2P mathes!


Amazing projects !!! Love it :heart_eyes:


:wave: Hello everyone!

Project Name: InterPool
Project Track: Ecosystem (conversion to Tron on the roadmap)
Project Website: InterPool

Project Goal: A Sport Prediction Game with no loosers, where the winners share the interests generated by the deposits of all the participants.

Project Info:
Full Documentation: GitBook
Youtube tutorials: Irruption Lab - YouTube

  • How to submit your predictions?
  • Predictions follow up & Smart Contract interaction

Project presentation: :soccer:

More info: InterPool - The only Sport Prediction Game where everyone wins! - FIFA World Cup 2022


Open ATM is a free and open source Do-It-Yourself ATM on Tron allowing anyone to exchange their old fiat coins for shiny new TRX. The goal is for anyone to be able to build one just like that at home.

Demo Video

Github repo

Forum Post


Hello guys!

let me introduce the TRON Unlimited Oracle:crystal_ball:

What it does
The Unlimited Oracle provides TRON Builders with any kind of data they need, delivered to their dApps in seconds, and enables them to build innovative blockchain use cases. :chains:

Potential use cases
The data about 1100+ assets can now be instantly delivered to your TRON dApp - Prices, NFTs, Stocks, Commodities, On-chain Reputation, and much more. Such infrastructure is an essential element in building use cases such as:

  • Lending Protocols,
  • Synthetic Assets,
  • On-chain Insurance,
  • Options Protocols,

and virtually any dApp requiring real-world or on-chain data. :bar_chart:
Thanks to our Custom URL feature, you can also plug in any API you want and have the data delivered to your TRON Smart Contracts in seconds.

Why should you vote for us?
TRON Unlimited Oracle is created for Builders by Builders. We are developing a piece of essential infrastructure allowing for business use cases that have not been possible before because of the lack of necessary data. Therefore, by supporting us you are supporting the expansion of the entire TRON Ecosystem!

More information and a quick demo can be found in the video below:


How to integrate TRON Unlimited Oracle with your project?
More technical details about the infrastructure and Integration Guidelines can be found in the Docs: :chains: Chains integration | RedStone Documentation


All projects are awesome, Good luck to all :+1:


Hi Tron community! We are TREE :evergreen_tree: - where the magic of forests and blockchain meet.

A growing number of individuals and companies are pledging to help stop climate change by reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting what they cannot eliminate. As a result the voluntary carbon offset market is expected to grow 50X in the coming 10 years. Today offsetting is predominantly done through buying offset credits from different projects producing them.

What if instead of buying offset, you could generate it? That’s why we founded TREE.

What we do?
TREE is a foundation that owns, develops and manages forest. We enable private persons and corporations to generate offset instead of buying it.

How it works?
To get started you first buy TREE tokens (one token is backed by 1 square meter of forest land). TREE tokens are stablecoins priced at $0.50 (sell & buy) and in order to generate offset NFT’s you stake the coins. Every 90 days, the TREE Foundation mints offset NFT’s to token holders who then can decide if they want to 1. retire, 2. gift, 3. keep or 4. sell their NFT.

Utilizing blockchaiin adds an extra layer of transparency into carbon offset. It’s easy to proactive show that you’ve retired your offset NFT’s - the main reason they are bought today. At the same time, TREE token holders can easily verify that the Foundations land holdings match tokens in circulation. To add an extra layer of transparency we are working together with a globally leading auditing company to create a world first “proof of reserves” audit where physical and digital assets are verified.

Here’s a short intro video to TREE:

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 14.00.42

Why you should vote for us?
TREE is a very novel and low barrier project for mainstream to utilize blockchain. Thanks to our foundation structure and stablecoin model there’s very little opportunity for speculation, hence lower risk. Tree’s don’t care about any of this and will work 24/7 to remove carbon dioxide from the air and in this way create low risk yield for any coin holders.

TREE is a great usecase for blockchain and showcases brilliantly the utility value of NFT’s . Next time your skeptic friends ask how your monkey JPGS are doing, tell them to check out TREE :ok_hand:

Please check out our:

:globe_with_meridians: Website

:globe_with_meridians: TRON DAO post


Project Name: TGallery

People love NFTs and spend thousands of TRX buying them, but so far there hasn’t been a great way to admire them. A wallet isn’t really a great place to observe art. Introducing TGallery, an in-browser 3D gallery where you’ll be able to select NFTs from your wallet to display them for everyone to see.

Go to and connect your wallet. A 3D gallery already pre-filled with your NFTs will appear. Use the keys W A S and D to move and hold your cursor to look around.

More info on TGallery - Admire your NFTs in a shareable 3D Gallery


NFTool - NFT Generator based on BTFS

Project Track: NFT

DevPost URL:
Trondao forum:
Project Website:
Source Code:
Project Details: NFTool - YouTube

Project Goal: Сreate an image generator with saving the result in BTFS. The vast majority of online NFT generators offer to save the result in IPFS via pinata or nft storage. The NFTool allows you to save collections in BTFS.

Demo video


DWill Vault is a decentralized storage vault for Wills and Testaments.
A Last Will and Testament is one of the single most important documents a person can have; yet, so many of us put off dealing with it for far too long.

Many people assume that they’re “too young” to need a Will. Some people believe that they don’t own enough assets or have a big enough net worth to necessitate a Will.
You might even think it’s too late to start your first Will. But our mission is to explain that regardless of your age, net worth, or stage in life, having a Last
Will and Testament should be a top priority. We’re here to help as many people as we can protect their families and prolong their legacies with tamper-proof and
highly secured means yet at the cost of a token.

In the age of technology, one needs to secure his testament and last wish for the unborn generations at a fingertip!


May the force be with all of you

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