Energy criss - you can help

Normally we are not a fan to ask for support, but in this case, it can make the difference to bring our project to the next level.

We are two students from the United States and Bangladesh and want to do something on the energy crisis. We have built GreenDAO - DAO as a service to empower communities as a decentralized autonomous organization to take more control over the issues that affect them. GreenDAO uses the power of Web 3.0 Infrastructure from TRON to deliver a dependable way for governments and municipalities to distribute funds and subsidies, so these communities can make the decisions that are best for them. GreenDAO gives everybody a vote and a voice. Link to project: [GreenDAO - Empower your community with TRON]
(https://)GreenDAO - Empower your community with TRON)

Because we really want to bring our project to the next level, it will be amazing if you want to support us with a vote. #A8 GreenDAO - Empower your community with TRON
Link to vote: TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Community Vote - #6 by admin.hackathon

Thank you so much!


This project is very important to Our Home Earth. And I’m supporting it whole heartedly :heart:


Thank you B.Ieniyan. It will be amazing if you want to give a vote. If we make it, we can invest and bring it to the next phase :blush:

Thank you Smar, It will be amazing if you want to give a vote, the support is everything for us😊

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@B.leniyan will be great if you vote😊 All the support is welcome

@Smart1 will be great if you will vote😊

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@Vanquished why do u like this kind of this so much

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:blush: i so love this presentation, it has taught me alot


So this one do you know the meaning of nice