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I’m glad to introduce TsTron - TypeScript SDK for Tron developers. It’s a shame that currently there is official Javascript SDK available, which contains a number of serious bugs (including completely non-working code - the link points to undefined symbol that raises on run time), but there is no its upgraded version in TypeScript. Many developers have a strong preference to typed alternative, and it’s understandable: despite lots of ugly syntax and bad (technically incorrect) design decisions, TypeScript presents a smart enough compiler that can be helpful in many cases. I’m not with them, but I’m sure that everybody should use convenient instruments and not be restricted to the only existing option.

TsTron was developed as a fork of TronWeb Javascript Tron SDK, converted to add type information. I decided not to go *.d.ts -way, because the original library is not actively maintained, and there is enough to improve in implementation. As of writing this, the capabilities of TsTron are exactly the same as capabilities of TronWeb, and the overall interface remains very close to the old one. In short, it provides developers with a wrapper around all APIs, allowing to build, submit and retrieve a transaction for any goal, be it smart contract call, plain funds transfer or delegation adjustment, without having to dig into API structure and formats. It also exposes a set of handy utilities to convert/encode/decode data formats, manipulate addresses and manage accounts, etc. To ensure type correctness, all types for endpoints responses and other data structures are created based on protobuf definitions, which are actually used by API implementations.

I’d say that there was only one extremely difficult challenge: complete absence of HTTP API documentation. Protocol buffers, you say? Nope! I’m using them as templates for later manual editing, because some endpoints’ responses do not match protobuf files. Official documentation? Oh yeah, it says literally “returns: transaction”, go guess what it is supposed to mean (spoiler: no, not a Transaction from protobuf definition). So, this project may serve as (hopefully, almost correct) alternative to the non-existent Tron HTTP API documentation, allowing at least to find out what do the endpoints expect and return with the help of some IDE or by looking at interfaces manually.

You can read more on Devpost submission page and a forum post here. To get some feeling of how SDK may be used, you can check my github repo or do npm install @sterliakov/tstron and start building!

Please file an issue on github, if something goes wrong - the project is still alpha and may contain incorrect or not specific enough typing information. My brand-new documentation is under development, please refer to tronweb docs and Sun Network sidechain docs during this transition period.

My main obsession with this project was CI/CD implementation. I have set up github actions to test, build and publish the package, but there is enough to do more. I added some tests to the original suite, but the coverage remains low. Another target of the same priority is to add native gRPC support for those who write server-side code in TypeScript for Node.js - gRPC is more efficient compared to plain old JSON web-interfaces.


Hello everyone :wave:
I am competing in the “Academy” category and my project is called “teletrade”

:gear: What is Teletrade?
Teletrade is a telegram bot that allows you to trade crypto simply by using the bot and to have a complete follow up on its performance and track its wallet.

:gear: What are the features of Teletrade?
Teletrade has several features of which the most important is the copyTrading, but among other things it also offers to buy / sell tokens simply by pasting the contract of the desired token. I let you discover its features by watching the video and I encourage you to test it

:gear: Usage: The operation of Teletrade is meant to be as simple as possible so you don’t need any explanation, however or I invite you to test the bot by yourself because between the time of the post and today I haven’t stopped and now brand new features are available!

:film_projector: Demo video: Library Loom 14 November 2022 - YouTube

Thank you very much and I hope you will enjoy it :tada:!

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Hi Everyone! We’re excited to be participating under the DeFi category!

:deer:Elk Finance connects 21 blockchains (with many many more to come) with our cross-chain infrastructure solution, ElkNet. We have a DEX on all chains as well, complete with farming (with impermanent loss protection), and staking.

:email:A vote for Elk is a vote for BTTC! Receiving a hackathon prize allows us to deploy more liquidity on BTTC as well as accelerate development of our open-source bridging solution!

:bridge_at_night:Right now, you can bridge ELK between all connected chains, but we’re also launching a product called Bridging-as-a-Service (BaaS) which will allow any project to become cross-chain using ElkNet’s efficient, safe, and secure infrastructure.

:office:We aim to increase traffic to BTTC from all other connected blockchains using both ELK and partner projects utilizing our cross-chain infrastructure. A native bridge can even be built on BTTC, solving the fragmentation of tokens from other blockchains on BTTC.

:date:In the future, we will release:

:tractor:Farming-as-a-Service to allow no-code deployment of farms

:desktop_computer:Node operation to enable a fully decentralized ElkNet, allowing trustless bridging

:coin:A natively cross-chain stablecoin called CHFT, pegged to the Swiss Franc

Video Pitch for the Hackathon: Elk Finance Tron Hackathon Season 3 Video Pitch Deck - YouTube (5min 15 sec)

Project Posts:





Knowledge Swap

Hello TRON community members!

Introducing KnowledgeSwap !

Get answers to all your questions in minutes and answer any question to gain tokens. Utilize this decentralized application to solve your problems, increase your level of education, or run a side gig.

Project Intro Video: KnowledgeSwap HackaTRON Demo - YouTube

Summary → Meet KnowledgeSwap, the solution to all your problems and inquiries. In essence, KnowledgeSwap is a decentralized application in which users can ask questions, solve asked questions, and learn by viewing previously asked questions on the blockchain. Whenever a user creates an inquiry, a bounty of KnowledgeSwap Tokens (the token of the platform) is attached to that specific inquiry. The most compelling answer (which is determined by the inquirer) is awarded that bounty; this in return, incentives users all across the blockchain to share information in the most compelling and engaging way, creating a self-sustaining decentralized platform. KnowldgeSwap runs on BTTC Testnet, where the Average Transaction Fee is ~18 BTT, which means answering or asking 100,000 questions will cost you about 1 dollar in transaction fees!


Users Interested in Learning: Users interested in acquiring new knowledge by analyzing past answered inquiries can do so in the learning feed. A minimum of 1000 KnowledgeSwap Tokens is required to enter the learning feed. Once there, users can view every single answered inquiry on the application to expand their knowledge.

Users Interested in Solving: Users interested in teaching and answering inquiries can do so in the solving feed. Users can pick any question they would like to answer; they have complete freedom of choice when selecting which questions they intend to answer. The answer the user who asked the question selects as the most valid is rewarded with a bounty attached to that specific inquiry. Hence, individuals who want to share information in that particular inquiry will be competing against time and each other to see who can come up with the most optimal response.

Users Interested in Asking: Users seeking new knowledge and intending to ask educational questions can do so in the asking feed. A minimum of 300 KnowledgeSwap Tokens is required to start asking questions in the feed. Placing higher bounties is recommended if users want faster and more compelling answers to their inquiries. In this way, the demand to solve their questions would be greater. Nevertheless, the final choice in which solution will be rewarded with the bounty is up to the user who asked the question; users seeking new knowledge have complete freedom in deciding which solution to grant as most valid.

KnowledgeSwap Credibility Tokens: KnowledgeSwap Credibility Tokens are awarded to users whose solutions have been granted as most valid by the user asking the question. As a result, users with more KnowledgeSwap Credibility Tokens are considered more reliable and credible on the application. Every time the solution posted by the user is granted as most valid, that user gains 1 KnowledgeSwap Credibility Token. Unlike, KnowledgeSwap Tokens, KnowledgeSwap Credibility Tokens can not be bought, traded, or sold. Users with credibility tokens are eligible for recurring airdrops relative to their credibility tokens.

Use Cases

The application can be used in the following but not limited to cases of utilization:

  • Anyone who needs a quick, engaging, and thoughtful reply to an inquiry.
  • College students seeking homework help or assistance.
  • Tourists who need quick information from locals whilst on vacation.
  • Individuals seeking information or anecdotal experiences about odd medical conditions or experiences.
  • University students preparing exams by either asking or viewing answered inquiries.
  • Developers intending to solve bugs quickly to save time on writing or refining code.
  • Users who intend to ask sensitive questions whilst also wanting to remain completely anonymous, or users who just wish to remain anonymous in general.
  • Individuals who are knowledgeable or experts in certain fields looking for a quick side gig.
  • Entrepreneurs, developers, or creative thinkers aspiring to generate a multitude of ideas on an upcoming project or development.
  • Underpaid teachers and academics all over the globe.

Project Addtional Details : KnowledgeSwap | Devpost
Project Tron Post: Knowledgeswap Tron Fourm Post
Project Whitepaper: KnowledgeSwapTokenWhitePaper.pdf - Google Drive

Test Instructions

  • Add BitTorrent Chain Donau to your wallet provider and switch to it [network configurations: BTTC Faucet ]
  • Get some testnet BTT for transaction fees from BTTC Faucet
  • Go to the app’s page, scroll down and click on the add symbol that shows a plus sign in the bottom right corner to get some free KS test tokens to be able to do actions on the application [Our app: ]
  • Enjoy asking, solving, or learning questions! Good luck on your journey and have fun!
  • Side Notes: when you ask a question it does not go to the learning feed until enough time has passed relative to how much bounty was placed on the question, you can immediately find it in solve, or find it on my questions when you click on your wallet on the top right corner.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to switch to BitTorrent Chain Donau (BTT test net) before using the application.

Project Website :

Thank you and best wishes!
- KnowledgeSwap’s Knowledgeable Developers


:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Garble.Money, Fully-Decentralized Privacy Wallet on Tron Network

Project Info

Garble.Money shields your transfers based on Zero-knowledge Proof and Tronz Protocol. Tronz Protocol is the official-supported privacy protocol of Tron Network. For users, it is just like a regular wallet. Once you have put money into it, you can make shielded & secure transfers with others.



  • Swap: crosschain swap
  • Deposit: put your assets into the pool
  • Transfer: make a private transfer within the pool
  • Withdraw: get the shielded assets back to any tron address

Project Website




Please do i have to invite a project directly here by a hashtag or by giving a private notification

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You may invite by tagging here.


Project URL : Classic Chords by team Chordians - Unleash The Artist In You & Make Your Own Web3 Music

Project Name: Classic Chords

Project Track: NFT

Project Goal: An interactive and rewarding platform for music and art lovers. Play your music and mint NFTs - taking generative art to the next level!

Project Details: Classic Chords provides a means of generating NFTs from the music you play from the instruments. The algorithm generates the art based on the keys pressed, the duration of the music and various other interesting factors.

The generated art can be stored as an NFT, along with the music played as background.

You can mint these NFTs for your fans and followers as an artist. Similarly, live streams can strengthen the musicians’ community at Classic Chords. Those with the NFTs gain access to premium live streams the artist can host.

The NFT will have some useful features,

(1) An artist can create a stream for their community (users who hold that artist’s NFT) or create a general stream for everyone on the platform. Those with the NFTs from the artist can access the community streams too.

(2) A user can give away their NFTs for rent. So the user who is either holding their NFT or who has rented the NFT can participate in the premium stream of the artist.

Project Info:

Sample Generative NFT Video - 1 :- :film_projector:

Sample Generative NFT Video - 2 :- :film_projector:

Future Goals

  • To create a generative art more robust and optimized so that the player can be smooth.
  • Provide support for the MIDI instrument, so we won’t have to record it using the mic.
  • Provide support for uploading MIDI files.
  • Premium live stream to monetize the artist.
  • Collaborating with the artists to create exclusive art.
  • Find more options to incentivize the artists in a democratized way.

Hello everyone,
Obelisk is metaverse blockchain game, where user can play solo or PvP in multiplayer with voice chat, earn free daily reward, buy coins with decentralised finance and get NFT 1155 in game item.


:white_check_mark: Play Game
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Visit Forum Link


:woman_zombie:Hello Excited Zombie Game Lovers:man_zombie:
Here is our Zombieland - Survival Game is classic web3 game with DeFi, NFT and many more in game upgrades and different weapons to survive in zombieland.

This game is on BTTC Testnet

:joystick:Watch Demo Video:tv:

:woman_zombie:Play ZombieLand Game With BTTC Testnet
:man_zombie:Visit Our Forum Post


This is great. And definitely gonna be huge guys. Come and see

Hello Everyone, To the Mooon is a “Play-to-earn” endless game where you have to take your bitcoin, to the moon (As high as possible):full_moon_with_face:

Live Link -

Here’s a video explaining our project - To the Mooon - Play to earn Web3 Game - YouTube


Hi! It’s Nofiat team.

Nofiat is platform that allows your customers to tip in crypto and leave reviews with QR code. Nofiat can also split the tips among every employee in the company. Let’s use crypto in the real world!

We want traditional businesses in the service industry (cafes, restaurants, barbershops) to get involved in crypto world!

Our product is build fully on blockchain, mobile optimized and extremely easy to use.

In can learn more on our Tron forum page!

Or watch our product video!


Congratulations guys!! :tada::tada::tada:


:money_with_wings: Looking for the best buy prices for your favorite cryptos?
:watch: No time to spend hours researching which exchange is the cheapest?
:moneybag: Passively making money with an arbitrage trading bot?

Crypto is a wonderful invention for all of us. But which exchange do you buy your coins from?
According to which aspects do you choose the exchanges?

To compare the prices of a certain coin on all exchanges you need a lot of time, or TRACY! :crab:

TRACY is our DEX aggregator and arbitrage trading bot.

TRACY compares many exchanges and objectively selects the best price. In addition, arbitrage trading is possible, which will be made available at a later time with the help of NFTs. This means passive income!


Our Forum Topic:



AI + NFT = Amazing web3 profile pictures = Amaz-O-Tron 9000

AI shifted the paradigm for digital art. NFT profile pictures will be standard in web3 social media.



We live in the past when it comes to sending crypto. You don’t have a list of wallets of your contacts. Collecting wallet addresses is confusing and prone to clipboard and phishing attacks. With Link-O-Tron 3000, you don’t even need to know the wallet address. Simply send a link through your preferred channel.


RentWeb3 - Web3

We are a platform where you can rent Web3 assets like NFTs , Dapps and a lot more on the way. Our mission is to make Web3 assets affordable to everyone.

For more details play this video :point_down:

Project Illustration

Check code here

Live website link :

Forum link

Express in comments if you liked our vision.

Thank you for your precious time :sparkles:


Hi TRON community! :sunglasses:

Our project CHERR.IO – PROOF OF CHARITY DAO PROTOCOL (DeFi track) is setting an innovative online trusted standard for charity. By using this standard anyone will be able to post a charity project on any platform, and thus benefit from CHERR.IO’s features and functionalities. Our newly developed MVP V2 introduces Proof of Charity DAO protocol integrating Web3 projects.

We envision CHERR.IO as a DAO – community-run and owned, with complete user data ownership, where individuals are empowered and incentivized to maintain the system, and help through direct ownership, and are rewarded for participation. Protocol enables secure, immutable, censorship resistant, scalable & accessible on-chain donations.

CHERR.IO Features:

  • Integrated DeFi protocols – using “money legos” (staking, lending, yield farming …), which enable users to earn rewards, while indirectly donating to charity projects by performing DeFi activities.
  • SDK for easy integration as an added value service of Web3 projects.
  • Proof of Charity – a rewarding gamification system, where community members (Cherrions) receive tokens as rewards for online volunteering (governance or promotion).
  • Charity Market Analytics – a database of registered charities and their projects’ history and statistics, and an algorithm sorting of organisations determining a trust score.
  • NFTs launchpad – supporting prospective artists by launching their NFT collections.
  • SBD – a soul bound token – Cherrions who will show effort to spread the good word around will receive SBDs that will enable them more voting power and greater CHERR.IO benefits.
  • GameFi – play-to-(l)earn games (players can entertain themselves, as well as help those in need and obtain rewards at the same time).
  • Metaverse (for use case showing, fundraising events, promotion, dCommerce - D2A model).


  • Unlock projects
  • Governance
  • Vote if funds from organizations were spent correctly
  • Rate organizations after each fund-raising campaign is completed
  • Decide where funds from the emergency pool should be spent
  • Promote a project for higher rewards
  • Exchange PoCh points for CHR tokens

Forum Link

Project Pitch Deck


Project Website

Devpost Link

Project Demo Video

We intend to place the power to help and reap rewards back in the hands of the people – where it belongs, and we will be happy to receive your support :cherries: