RentWeb3 : Marketplace to rent Web3 assets

Project Name: RentWeb3

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: RentWeb3

Team Member(s): 2 [@seemal-arif , @umarkhatab465]

Project Details :point_down:

For test Instructions read this document.
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Website URL :

Github Repository link : GitHub - umaresso/Rent-web3

DevPost URL: RentWeb3 | Devpost

Video link : Rent web3 - Making top talent affordable to everyone - YouTube

Project Goal

We are aiming to provide a marketplace to rent Web3 assets like NFTs and Dapps , backed up by IPFS and Smart contracts.

Project Info:


Web3 is booming. Future is promising with the opportunities Metaverse will bring.

But some Web3 assets became the cake of rich since they were launched - NFTs for example.

Due to tremendous use cases of NFTs like

  • Use in Games ( sandbox and axie infinity )
  • Attending the Event ( using them for ticketing )
  • Host an Event ( Host an event on virtual land NFT in metaverse )

Eveyone wants to use them but they are expensive.

Also , if you want to launch your NFT collection on a website aliging with your choice , with nearly no-code,

you will not find good platforms.

This was a calling moment for us.

We took the pledge to provide Web3 assets renting in an easy way.

What it does

We provide services for

  • Creators
  • NFT Holders
  • Developers
  • Users


Creators are those who have created an NFT Collection.

For whitelisting and sale of their collection, we provide Rentable Dapps made by the best designers and developers in the space.

NFT Holders

NFT holders can Rent their NFTs for specific time in exchange of some money while still being the owner of them .

Good way to earn passive income.


They can build a website that does whitelisting and sale of the NFTs

by interacting with already deployed smart contracts.

These deployed contracts are dynamic means that same website
can be rented for different collections, time after time.

Techical Example

Say we have a website called website can perform whitelisting for any collection.

We can use it for Bored Ape NFTs whitelisting and then after it’s rented time is over,

Same website can be used for whitelisting of others.

We want you developers to

“Build once earn lifetime”


Users are People that can borrow NFTs and use them till specific time .

How we built it

Development Flow

Dapp renting

Task Status
Built Navbar 100%
Built Introduction 100%
Developed Smart Contracts for Whitelist factory and Tracker 100%
Created a UI Page for Whitelist Creation 100%
Integrated Whitelist Contract 100%
Created a UI Page for Sale Creation 100%
Integrated Sale contract 100%
Made a Compatible dynamic website for whitelist 100%
Made a Compatible dynamic website for Sale 100%
Tested Compatible websites 100%
Made Website Integration Frontend 100%
Made a WebsiteRent Smart contract 100%
Integrated websiteRent contract with UI 100%
Tested Entire whitelist sale creation and renting the dapp 100%
Displaying NFT collection on rented Dapp 100%
Perform whitelisting of collection 100%
Perform minting for Ethereum 100%
NFT Renting

Task Status
Built a demo ERC721 contract 100%
Built a rentable version of ERC721 ( using IERC4907 standard ) 100%
Built an NFT renting Tracker smart contract 100%
Tested smart contracts in Remix and tron IDE 100%
Built a dummy UI for uploading NFTs 100%
Uploading NFTs UI integration with smart contracts 100%
UI to show available and rented NFTs 100%
NFT uploading and renting tested 100%
Adding Filters 100%

Challenges we ran into

We faced many but here are few

Clarity of Project Idea

Not everyone is clear about the project idea so as we.

Initially we wanted to develop a platform where you can rent websites that are re-usable for different collections.

But after some time, we had a look at renting NFTs and we have reframed our idea to include it too.

Building a Factory version of Contracts

It was difficult for us to form factory versions for whitelisting sale creation and Rentable NFT smart contracts.

But with the help of stackoverflow and github, we made it.

Credits are given to the people whose code has helped us in smart contracts generation.

Ensuring Uniqueness of the Project

Uptil Dapp rent , our idea was really unique.

But the inclusion of NFT renting made us somehow related to existing projects like reNFT.

We need to be unique. We tried to ensure uniqueness by using ERC4907 standard.

We wrote easy to understand well commented smart contracts that are fully transparent.

Existing projects lack these features.Also , our availability on Tron and Ethereum gave us an edge over others.

Un-availability of Laptop and Connectivity

One of the team members did not have the laptop and good internet connection.

He used to borrow laptop from his friends for coding.

At times he had to sleep at 7 P.M and wake up at 12 A.M to do work

as laptop was only free from 12 A.M to 6 A.M. But we made it.

User experience and Decentralization

When we wanted to show available NFTs and Dapps for rent

we wanted the storage to be decentralized but smart contract performs a bunch of stuff with the records.

We could load available NFTs from smart contracts but it is a slow process and User Experience might suffer.

We have achieved both User Experience and Decentralized storage properties with IPFS and filecoin’s web3 storage.

What we learned

  Working with multiple Blockchains
  Crafting a good user experience
  Built industry level Smart Contracts
  Grasped strong understanding of IPFS ,Tron development tools and NFTs in depth

What’s next for RentWeb3

We are aiming to be the number one marketplace for Renting Web3 assets Globally.

Currently we are dealing with NFT and Dapp renting that are NFT centered.

We are implementing their basic features, but in distant future we are aiming to implement

  • Variety of Dapps to rent
  • APIs to build scalable apps on top of our platform ( composability )
  • More to be added

Finally , after building a lot , we are able to present it !

Great work Seemal !


Thank you Umar…

Together we will make something big .


Hola, el proyecto tiene un buen planteamiento, creo que es una buena idea, ofrece versatilidad entorno a diferentes personas y los nft. Suerte


hey there, muchas gracias! your early support means the world to us. There’s much more to come, stay in Touch.

Also what are you building ?


Update 3rd November 2022

NFT Upload is Completed


Bravo :clap:, this project is a kind of what we call all in one in the field of web3 dapp. I would like to know more about the project and I can’t wait till the project is done.

I love the transparency :white_check_mark:


Hey Alade ! Glad to find amazing like minded people .
We currently are working hard to complete it in an awesome way !

did you get any suggestions ?


Wow @seemal-arif on first read of the title I thought how is that going to be of any use? :laughing:

But personally playing a lot of NFT based games you can see a clear early investor or NFT buyers advantage especially with built up characters at higher power levels.

If players can rent them out to new players they can give them a leg up in a game when the owner is away on holiday for example

Love to see this in action :+1:


And these type of comments are ones we love : )
Thank you

And Yeah Re-usability is one of the main things in our project !

Well in Future , we might need your assistance for improving the project
: )


No worries, glad I decided to take another look as was about to move on after the title, this if implemented I would have used on at least 3 NFT based games by now :grin:

Any help needed or testers let me know for feedback etc as I will be glad to help out :raised_hands:


Let’s implement for your future games : )

Thank you so much for your support .

We will definitely ping you as we might need your expertise : )


Update 3rd November

Implementing NFTs Showcase for renting !

wish us luck : )


The only thing I think you can actually add to the project, is to integrate recovery function so that the NFT holders can recover their account even when they can’t authenticate with their wallet. Like adding tags and memos to each NFT metadata which will serve as backup plan.


That’a a great idea !
We will implement it after building an MVP

Almost there



November 4th 2022

NFT Renting is Done

Before Renting

During Renting

Successful Renting

During Renting , if someone wants to rent Again , it’s not available

During the period of Rented, No one can Rent it again

This was all folks : )

Waiting for Suggestions to improve :star2:

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Notice Regarding Update

November 4th 2022

NFT Renting is Done

We currently have tested renting for 60 seconds , the day thing will be done by replacing 60 seconds with 86400 seconds ( in a day )

Thank you : )


That’s great to hear that from you :relaxed:.

I really appreciate your transparency.
Kudos to you guys :+1:


Greetings seemal-arif! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
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the missing information was added !
Cheers to the voting