Evveland, the Business Metaverse Helping Companies Transition from Web2 to Web3

Project Name: Evveland Metaverse

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Evveland Metaverse

Team Member(s): @Evveland @rafaelbonnelly @digitalsimboja @ivo860 @juansanchez @ameliavergaray

DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/evveland-multichain-bridge-using-bttc

Project Goal: Evveland is a business Metaverse that helps clients transition from Web2 to Web3, by enabling them to run virtual events through ownership and development of their own Web3 assets. Our goal in this hackathon is to make Evveland into a Multi-chain project.

Project Info:
EVVELAND-PitchDeck-v-1-6.pdf (3.3 MB)
EVVELAND - Whitepaper 2022.pdf (2.6 MB)

Project Website: evveland.com

Project Test Instructions: To experience our Smart Venues, please access our website and visit the Upcoming Events and Past Events sections on the home page. You can enter any of the venues and experience our Metaverse. In order to access the Evveland Smart Venue Management Tools, please get in contact with a member of our team.

Project Details: Evveland was created to serve companies who want to transition from Web2 to Web3, for which we offer a combination of products and services to help our clients identify opportunities in Web3 and maximize the value and usability of their current assets.

We combine our off-the-shelf Web3 products with customized services in order to create ad-hoc solutions for each client.

Evveland´s Web3 Solutions include:

1. Web3 Assets. ERC20 (EVVE) and ERC1155 (EVVENFT) tokens minted on the Polygon Chain which serve to power the Evveland economy and to provide clients ownership of those assets.

2. Evveland Smart Venues. Evveland offers clients a 2D and 360 degree Metaverse, with a content and user management system, that allows owners to run virtual trade shows and conferences with ease and mobile 1st accessibility to our Metaverse. Evveland Smart Venues are Utility NFTs which owners can purchase or rent, depending on their needs. The NFTs grant owners access to their Smart Venues and allow them to manage events and add team members, sponsors and paid users.

3. XR/VR Development Services. Our Smart Venue which can be customized according to the needs and opportunities of each client and community. Our XR/VR experts can “dress” a venue according to the use case. We can also build completely new virtual environments.

4. Events Management Services. We run turnkey events for customers, taking care of all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production services, including venue setup, speaker management, NFT ticketing, content development and marketing services.

In this hackathon, we are working to deploy our contracts on the Tron Network and to bridge our tokens using the BTTC Bit Torrent Bridge.

Project Milestones:

1. Operations. Evveland is already operating using the Polygon chain, and we already have clients and are generating revenues.

2. Contracts We have started to deploy our contracts on Tron. Deadline is Oct. 21.
Contract has been deployed on Tron and BTTC on Oct. 19th.

3. Bridge We will use BTTC Bit Torrent as our bridge to become multi-chain. Deadline Oct. 30. Update: project put on hold.

4. Tronlink Integration We need to integrate Tronlink to our platform, so Tron users can claim their NFTs and Smart Venues. Completed!

5. Testing, QA We expect to have everything ready the 2nd week of November and allow for testing and QA in time for the Hackathon deadline. Completed!


Due to time constraints, market and project needs, we have decided to amend our hackathon entry. We have now deployed and verified a TRC721 contract, and by today´s deadline, we will show a first use case and integration with our platform.

Contract: TPt8K7RJa4ChNg8B28o1Q3mbzZ4QLtFJZP

We are building multiple experiences and our next one is November 22, when we will host the V Blockchain and Cryptoassets Forum, organized by ElConfidencial.com which has 1M daily users. For this event, we are going to mint 2 art collections using the TRC721 contract.

Thanks for all the great support!


Its 1:00am CET and we´ve completed our integration of the TronLink wallet and the ERC721 contract to our platform.

I´m attaching a video with the whole process. Thanks to this integration, TronLink users will be able to purchase NFT tickets and enter our venues!

We will keep working on the complete integration in the upcoming days.


Hi all, we are super excited with our next release this Monday, in which we are integrating wallet connection and interaction, adding a Digital Merchandise product to our catalog, and most importantly, an enhanced user dashboard to improve conversation, engagement and interaction.

We invite everyone to join an Evveland exclusive event on Tuesday Nov. 22 from 9:00 to 2:00pm CET, the V Blockchain and Crypto Assets Forum, where traditional bankers and crypto enthusiast meet and discuss the future of the industry. The event will have 250 attendees in Madrid, and it will be broadcast exclusively on Evveland.

The Forum is organized by one of the leading media outlets in Spain and it will be in Spanish, but you´re all welcome to signup in this link.


Thanks and hope to see some of you there!


Un proyecto interesante, para que las empresas puedan implantarse y dar a conocer sus productos.


Thanks Antonio! If you want to take a peak under the hood, please let us know and we can setup a call. Cheers!


The business metaverse and the B2B model will be an authentic revolution for the next few years.

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@support.hackathon how do we overcome the issue of OUT_OF_ENERGY. We have changed the fee_limit to 5,000 and when we had around 1,000 TRX half would be gone and still receive OUT_OF_ENERGY error and contract failed to deploy. I have deployed same contract to Tron Nile Testnet with no issues. We need this sorted so I can complete the bridge with BTTC. Thanks

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We have successfully deployed our contract!

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Thanks Ivo, we certainly believe so!


Very interesting project, easy to use and with enormous potential to monetize and promote your events


Thanks Oscar for your comment.

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Great project! W3 is the future and future is NOW :rocket:


How is the transition from a typical Zoom to a Evveland Metaverse Conference center? what kind of people I need to operate that?

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max fee_limit is 10,000 TRX, if 5000 still run into out-of-energy, means you need more. Increase the fee_limit should fix.


Zoom is a great tool to run conferences and meetings, and we actually connect to Zoom and other meeting tools to feed live content to the auditoriums, but we are very different from Zoom. With our Smart Venues you can deploy multiple content assets in the different pavilions, stands and galleries, and generate interaction between the exhibitors and attendees. You can use Evveland to run trade shows, educational and job fairs, conferences, or simply to create a metaverse for your community to create, explore, socialize and transact.

Our metaverse is fully configurable, so you can create a scene from your office or city and deploy it around our Smart Venues, so that you´re simulating a physical space.

Most importantly, we are a Web3 company that offers services to help other organizations chart their course in the transition from Web2 to Web3, so that you can maximize your assets and make the best use case.


Very interesting project, easy to use and with enormous potential to monetize and promote your events.

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A project with a HUGE potential and it keeps getting better. This is truly the future of the business metaverse! :rocket:


Very Impressive, I just visited the site, registered, easy to navigate without an oculus or fancy equipment. User friendly, I wish them well as they may thrust the applications and deployment of the Metaverse beyond the current notions of use.


Excelente proyecto, de usabilidad amigable y gran potencial.


¡Es un proyecto excelente! Su plataforma es completa, interactiva, fácil de usar y gestionar


An impressive and motivating project for companies to join the metaverse.


@support.hackathon @admin.hackathon we submitted a mapping request according to the docs for BTTC bridge integration but yet to receive a feedback for @Evveland .
Please kindly assist. Thanks

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