Neotech Finance Welcome to the REAL Metaverse

What does the Real Metaverse really mean

What if you could visit a place anywhere in the world, visit the main areas and buildings, and decide that it’s the right place for your vacation, wedding, or event? All of it without actually going there, but by simply using the Real Metaverse.

Neotech is working hard to offer you this possibility, with immersive technology that is revolutionizing hardware and software in order to recreate a 1:1 exact replica of the Earth in utterly digital form.

The Real Metaverse will improve our physical life

With the Neotech technology, civil engineers and scientists will be able to simulate and work on Smart Cities in the most realistic ways. Humans are always trying to predict how people will react to certain things, and how some structural changes will affect the daily life of millions. Why not recreate the whole environment and try these ideas?

By creating a high resolution, geo-referenced, and in three-dimensions exact replica of a street, district, city, or country we will be able to think, design, and create the changes of tomorrow that will improve our quality of life, develop more sustainable ways to move around and to save energy.

Smart Cities are the solutions to a more democratic change of infrastructure, as anyone would be able to visit the future changes, understand and see the propositions in detail and share their opinion on how to better integrate them into the physical world. This revolution can go from the change of a building’s residential area to the construction of a new district in a city, possibilities are endless.

Finally, all these changes can only be made if people, communities, companies and public entities work together to bring the best of the Real Metaverse.

Part of the future

Build the next generation of immersive experiences, creating a virtual world, accessible anytime and anywhere, so that anyone can visit, play or live a unique experience anywhere on the planet, without having to travel and significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Imagine and build any game or metaverse using the unique advanced technology of Neotech. Our Metaverse SDK will provide you the perfect tool to build your next world-class project faster and easier, at the lowest cost ever. Distinguish yourself from your competitors by being able to develop and improve your game, your metaverse or your exhibit space using the next generation of Real Life Metaverse Builder.

Create the next generation of smart cities, the never seen before buildings and places, improve the citizens quality of life and reduce the impact on climate change.

Valorize your art or your real estate project in the most amazing way Push your art or artistic performance to the next level: exhibit or perform anywhere on the planet in the Real Metaverse. No more unnecessary expenses or travel: you can do more, in less time, and conquer a worldwide audience with almost no ecological impact. Your imagination and creativity have no more limits in the Real Metaverse.

Test the limits of your imagination Create scenes, artworks, challenges and more, using the simple Builder tool, then take part in events to win prizes. For more experienced creators, the SDK provides the tools to fill the world with social games and applications.

Neotech is Building the Metaverse 3.0 infrastructure In a meta future, where new technologies come across, Neotech creates native solutions, fully integrated with the new virtual worlds. Our solutions will allow companies to build their animation on a Real Metaverse “ready to use” infrastructure

Our goal is to be the first platform to offer its customers access to the digital infrastructure, in 3D and geospatial format, of the largest cities in the world and to create a copy of their infrastructure in the virtual world: The Metaverse is now a part of the reality.

About the Neotech platform

In a meta future, where new technologies come across, Neotech creates native solutions, fully integrated with the new virtual worlds. Our solutions will allow creators, artists, Gaming projects and all companies to build their animation on a Metaverse “ready to use” infrastructure.

Everything is possible by creating digital twins of current cities (in 3D and geospatial format) where their infrastructure can be mapped and modeled based on predictive and prescriptive models.

The goal of the NEOTECH Platform is to provide a one-stop-shop for all metaverse needs. The Platform will offer services for the management of real metaverse resources and data and a governance structure that will ensure the transparent and accountable planning of city resources.

Neotech will be the first platform to build the digital infrastructure and geospatial representation, along with a virtual recreation of the largest cities in the world. The data collected will provide a 360-degree view of these cities and be used to improve the quality of life for citizens and grant access to the unique database for both brands and individuals to create new and exciting experiences for users. This will be brought directly into the Metaverse. We will rely on our partners to develop this field and maintain it to ensure it will always be up to date.

Web3 access to the Neotech Platform

Access with all Tron compatible Web3 wallet (starting with TronLink wallet)
Access with all ETH & BSC compatible Web3 wallet (starting with Metamask wallet)

NFT Collections

In a meta future, with new technologies springing up, Neotech creates native solutions, fully integrated with the new virtual worlds. We capture data from the real world and transform it into valuable NFTs, fully integrated in meta solutions. Each NTF from our collection of thousands of items represents a monument, a historical building, a stadium, a street or a reference point in a big city of the world. And you can own it! And monetize it in so many ways! To own a complete street, from a big city, in metaverse. That’s a big thing! From advertising, events, virtual tours or just an ideal play environment for a game developer! You don’t just own an NFT, you own a business plan!

The Genesis collection will be launched in Q4 2022 (1000 1/1 NFTs). With the use of BitTorrent Chain Bridge innovation, the Genesis Collection will be available on both Tron, ETH and BSC (The initial ETH smart contract will be ported on Tron and BSC).

All NFTs will be stored on BitTorrent File System (BFTS)
NFTs owners’ Privilege:

  • Access to the Neotech Platform
  • Monetize (Sale,Rent,Use) your NFT, an easy way to generate a passive income
  • Statistics dashboard (revenues / Portfolio / sales and renting request / …)
  • Acces to the 3D data, compatible with Unreal Engine and Unity.

NEOTECH Token: a multichain strategy

The NEOT will be a utility token that allows users to

  • Access and use the NEOTECH platform based on a SaaS operating model
  • Be used as a payment method for services on the platform Grant fee-less instant payments Grant early access to new products and features.
  • Let NFT holders monetize the 3D data without having to sell the NFT

The NEOT token will reside on multiple chains, with the main token being an ERC20 token that lives on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be a tradable token on some of the most popular crypto exchanges. Using BitTorrent Chain Bridge, NEOT token will be available on ETH, BSC, TRON and BitTorrent Chain. The total number of tokens will be capped at 250,000,000. The first NEOT listing is planned in Q1 2023 on several DEX supporting ETH, BSC, TRON and BitTorrent Chain pairs.

Hackathon milestones

  • Genesis Smart Contract - Tron / Testnet (Done) Tronscan smart contract available here: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  • Genesis Smart Contract - Tron / Mainnet (Working on) / beginning of November
  • WL Campaign Launch / August-November
  • Genesis Smart Contract conversion using BitTorrent Chain - ETH / Testnet (End of October)
  • Genesis Smart Contract conversion using BitTorrent Chain - ETH / Mainnet (End of October)
  • Genesis Smart Contract conversion using BitTorrent Chain - BSC / Testnet (End of October)
  • Genesis Smart Contract conversion using BitTorrent Chain - BSC / Mainnet (End of October)
  • WL Mint: End of October - Beginning of November (2 weeks windows)
  • Public Mint (end of November)

Dev Roadmap

  • 2015 R&D - Development of Neotech unique technology - First 3D Scanning Tests
  • 2016 Neotech Technology improvement
  • 2017 First City - Targu Mures 3D Scanning V1 2017 Neotech Technology improvement
  • 2018 First City 3D Scanning - Targu Mures V2
  • 2019 First City 3D Scanning - Targu Mures V3 - Cluj 3D Scanningning V1 - Sighisoara 3D Scanning
  • 2020 First City 3D Scanning - Targu Mures V4 - Sibiu 3D Scanning - Iasi 3D Scanning - Oradea 3D Scanning - Alba Iulia 3D Scanning Focsani 3D Scanning - Gura Humorului 3D Scanning - Tarnaveni 3D Scanning
  • 2021 Q1 First City 3D Scanning - Targu Mures V5 2021 Q4 Neotech Platfrom Beta Version
  • 2022 Q1 Neotech Platfrom Version V1 + First City 3D Scanning - Targu Mures V5
  • 2022 Q2 Prepare the NeoTech launch strategy
  • 2022 Q3 "Budapest 3D Scanning - Paris 3D Scanning - Prepare the NeoTech Token Documentation Define the Marketing Strategy
  • 2022 Q4 "Launch sale campaigns - Partnerships and Integrations - Smart Contract Audit - Token Vesting Process Launch 2022 Q4 Neotech App Preview
  • 2023 Q1 “Listing NEOT on several centralized and decentralized exchanges”
  • 2023 Q1 2023 Saint Tropez 3D Scanning, Monaco 3D Scanning, Nice 3D Scanning, Launching Neotech NFT Marketplace - Bêta version
  • 2023 Q2 Roma 3D Scanning, Milano 3D Scanning, Florence 3D Scanning
    2023 Q3 Stockholm 3D Scanning, Oslo 3D Scanning, Göteborg 3D Scanning, Launching Neotech NFT Marketplace - V 1
  • 2023 Q4 Barcelona 3D Scanning, Madrid 3D Scanning, Ibiza 3D Scanning
  • 2024 Q1 Lisbon 3D Scanning, Porto 3D Scanning, Faro - Lagos 3D Scanning, Berlin 3D Scanning
  • 2024 Q2 Stuttgart 3D Scanning, Munich 3D Scanning, Bruxelles 3D Scanning, Amsterdam 3D Scanning
  • 2024 Q3 Anvers 3D Scanning, Prague 3D Scanning, Krakow 3D Scanning, Warsaw 3D Scanning
  • 2025 Q1 New York 3D Scanning, Washington 3D Scanning, Los Angeles 3D Scanning, San Francisco 3D Scanning
  • 2025 Q2 Québec 3D Scanning, Toronto 3D Scanning
  • 2025 Q3 Vancouver 3D Scanning, Seattle 3D Scanning, Portland 3D Scanning
  • 2025 Q4 Los Angeles 3D Scanning - San Francisco 3D Scanning - San Diego 3D Scanning
  • 2026 Q1 Las Vegas 3D Scanning - Tampa 3D Scanning - Miami 3D Scanning

Business Dev Roadmap

  • 2014 Neotech City incorporation
  • 2021 Q3 Neotech Finance incorporation
  • 2022 Q1 January 2022 - Most Innovative Digital Technology Award - Dubaî / Royal Investment Summit
  • 2022 Q2 31 March 2022 Smart city industry Award - safe city Unique atmosphere. 400 guests enjoyed an extraordinary technological show. Our company NEOTECH CITY was awarded BEST TECHNOLOGY COMPANY 2022 Q3 Genesis NFT Collection Launch - NFTShow Europe exhibition
  • 2022 Q4 Romania Genesis NFT Collection launch
  • 2022 Q4 Romania V1 NFT Collection launch, 10 best Places in Romania / Auction NFT Collection launch
  • 2023 Q1 2023 Budapest NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in Paris / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Paris NFT Collection Launch
    2023 Q2 Saint Tropez - Monaco NFT Collection Launch, Cannes NFT Collection Launch, Nice NFT Collection Launch
  • 2023 Q3 10 best Places in Roma / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Roma NFT Collection Launch , Milano NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in Florence / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Florence NFT Collection Launch
  • 2023 Q4 Stockholm NFT Collection Launch, Oslo NFT Collection Launch, Göteborg NFT Collection Launch
  • 2024 Q1 10 best Places in Barcelona / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Barcelona NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in Madrid / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Madrid NFT Collection Launch, Ibiza NFT Collection Launch
    -2024 Q2 10 best Places in Lisbon / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Lisbon NFT Collection Launch, Porto NFT Collection Launch, Faro - Lagos NFT Collection Launch
  • 2024 Q3 10 best Places in Berlin / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Berlin NFT Collection Launch, Stuttgart NFT Collection Launch, Munich NFT Collection Launch
  • 2024 Q4 10 best Places in Bruxelles / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Bruxelles NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in Amsterdam / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Amsterdam NFT Collection Launch, Anvers NFT Collection Launch
  • 2025 Q1 10 best Places in Prague / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Prague NFT Collection Launch, Krakow NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in Warsaw / Auction NFT Collection Launch, Warsaw NFT Collection Launch
  • 2025 Q2 10 best Places in London / Auction NFT Collection Launch, London NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in New York / Auction NFT Collection Launch, New York NFT Collection Launch, 10 best Places in New York / Auction NFT Collection Launch
  • 2025 Q3 Washington NFT Collection Launch, Los Angeles NFT Collection Launch, San Francisco NFT Collection Launch

Team members

Doru Borsan C.E.O.
Steff Norbert Techincal Director
Tudor Coman Chief of Strategy
Rene Lauk Legal Advisor
Chintovan Dan Ovidiu Community Manager
Mihai Ionita Strategic Advisor
Borsy Laszlo Strategic Blockchain Advisor

Devpost URL

Project Goal

Offer a way to explore build and monetize with the first ever REAL Metaverse platform while recreating the world in a digital version to make peoples lives more easier

Project Website

Project Test Instructions

Try to mint your first Neotech NFT on


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