TokenRoll - Roleplay with your NFTs

Project Name:
Project Track: NFT (but could also be GameFi)
Team Name: TokenRoll
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: TokenRoll | Devpost
Project Goal: Roleplay with any of your Tron NFTs
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Connect your wallet and select the NFT you want to play with, that’s all ^^ Copy your room link to invite and play with your friends.
Project Details: See below
Project Milestones: See below

Roleplay with your NFTs!

Demo Video: TokenRoll Demo - YouTube


NFTs are a lot of fun, but at the moment they do lack some usefullness. Wouldn’t be great to use your NFTs to do something more than just looking at them?

Introduncing TokenRoll!

TokenRoll is inspired from Roll20 but lets you connect your Tron wallet amd select NFTs to roleplay with as characters of your campaign.

Role Playing fans know how important their character is, and Hodlers know how important their NFTs are. TokenRoll is merging both. Play with your NFT in your campaign of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dune, Cyberpunk, Fate, or anything else, all you need is your NFTs and a map!

Get started

Let’s get started!

Go to and connect your Tronlink wallet. A popup will open, listing all of your NFTs. Select one, and a fully interactive 2D token will appear on the map. Drag and drop your NFT on the map thanks to our integration with HTML Canvas to fully interact with your character.

It’s now time to invite some friends to play with you! Note that TokenRoll automatically creats a private room url for you in your navigator. Just copy the link or click on Invite your friends to get the link to your private game.

TokenRoll implements real-time websocket connections between you and your friends so you can all see the position and movements of everyone on the map. Let me show you by opening a second browser.

Note that when one player moves his character, all the others see it.

You can display or hide a tactical grid, and you can also change the map. There are 2 ways to do this.

The first way is that you can upload your own map from your computer and it will upload it to I P F S then share it with your friends autmatically.

The second way is to use an offical Token Roll Map NFT! We have created a collection of unique maps and we are selling them on Ape NFT right now: TokenRoll Maps - Collection | APENFT

We have so far carefully handcrafted 5 maps and are creating much more. If you buy a Token Roll Map NFT, it will appear in the Change Map popup. Select it to start playing on that map!

All that’s left now is for you and your friends to have fun roleplaying using your favorite NFTs on TokenRoll!


:white_check_mark: Import your NFTs

:white_check_mark: Choose an NFT as a character

:white_check_mark: Drag and drop your character on the map

:white_check_mark: Websocket connection for real-time interaction with friends

:white_check_mark: Move and zoom the map

:white_check_mark: Display an RP grid

:white_check_mark: Change map, upload local map or choose NFT Map

:white_check_mark: Start a collection of NFT Maps on ApeNFT

:o2: Increase NFT reading limit (currently at 32 NFTs)

:o2: Implement free drawing

:o2: Add Canvas Transformer for enemies

:o2: Throw a dice in-game

:o2: Attack and defense animations

:o2: Embedded audio and video feed


Great one from a great person :heart_eyes:


Anyone here does some roleplaying?

Hola, me parece buena idea, hacer que los NFT que uno tiene sirvan para algo más en estos momentos que perder valor. Suerte

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Nice concept i love the idea, atleast some NFTs with no use case whatsoever will actually serve a purpose in your project.

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Yes exactly, you can use TokenRoll with any of your Tron NFT !

definitely so cool, I wanna see final results guys. I voted for u

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Cool Idea, All the best guys!

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I could connect tronlink account succesfully but no button to change wallet?

check this tron event documentation out Tronlink Events. this might help

Nice project

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So making nfts into a game?

Thanks! I will implement that is the next few days :slight_smile:

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Exactly, you can play with any NFT on Tron, this really gives a new life to all the NFTs out there that are just images without any other purposes.

This a very cool idea :relaxed:

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Oh nice that’s a really cool idea!….also can you check out my teams and I project and if you like the idea maybe you can support us?

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Nice project, it’s so cool. Will it be accessible on mobile :calling:?

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This is super cool, I hope you’ve consider mobile app users. It will be lovely to have it on a mobile app.

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Everything except the wallet connection already works on mobiles, I’ve just not been able to find out how to connect with the mobile version of TronLink, any idea?