CarboEx - Transforming carbon credits trading through blockchain technology

Project Name: CarboEx

Project Track: Eco-Friendly

Team Name: Team CarboEx

Team Member(s): 6 (@im_31 @victorious @GodFather097 @peterparker @jack212 @pv_189 )

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Project Goal: Our vision at CarboEx is to build a sustainable future by making individuals, businesses, and governments accountable for their carbon footprint by providing a carbon credit trading platform.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve net-zero emissions, where our platform plays a key role in reducing the carbon footprint of society.

Project Info: CarboEx provides a secure and transparent carbon credit trading platform for buyers and sellers, underpinned by blockchain technology and Renewable Energy (RE) certificates that are verified by our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Our platform uses our own tokens, which are generated and used for carbon credit trading, to increase efficiency and accessibility while reducing costs.

Pitch Deck:
CarboEX.pdf (814.2 KB)


This project was inspired by the need for a more sustainable future and the lack of efficient and accessible carbon credit trading platforms, especially one backed by blockchain technology.

With the increasing threat of climate change, individuals, businesses, and governments need to be held accountable for their carbon footprint. However, the current carbon credit trading system is riddled with intermediaries and high transaction costs, making it difficult for smaller organisations to participate and offset their emissions.

The CarboEx project seeks to promote sustainable development by establishing a more effective and transparent carbon credit market, motivating businesses to cut their carbon emissions, and assisting in the reduction of climate change’s adverse consequences.

Project Website: CarboEx

APK of Mobile Application: CarboEx Mobile Application

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1: Upload RE certificate

  1. The organisation starts by connecting their wallet. Next, they will be navigated to the Sign up page. Here, they can create an account by proving their company details.
  2. Once the account is created, an email will be received with a verification link to verify the account
  3. After verification, the log in details can be used to access the account on the platform
  4. To find the “Upload RE Certificates” page on the CarboEx website, locate the “My Account” section after logging in.
  5. When on the “Upload RE Certificates” page, it will be required to provide details about your RE certificates such as the certificate issuer, number, and the source of renewable energy used.
  6. Upload your RE certificates. Make sure that the certificates are in a valid file format, such as PDF or JPG.
  7. An organisation can also access the ‘Calculator’ page. This page will help calculate the carbon emissions based on different usage.

Step 2: Verification of RE certificates

  1. The uploaded RE certificates are then verified by the Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) within the CarboEx platform.
  2. The DAO uses a consensus mechanism to verify the authenticity of the RE certificates.
  3. The DAO also checks whether the RE certificates comply with the relevant standards and regulations.
  4. The RE certificates are assigned a verification status based on the result of the verification process. The status can be “verified,” “pending,” or "rejected.
  5. Organisations can view the verification status of their RE certificates on their CarboEx dashboard.

Step 3: Conversion and Trading

  1. Once the RE certificates are verified, they can be converted into carbon credits using the CarboEx platform tokens.
  2. These carbon credits can be sold on the platform.
  3. Other organisations can purchase these carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.
  4. The platform uses smart contract automation to ensure that the carbon credit trading process is transparent, secure, and efficient.

Project Details: CarboEx is a Dapp built on top of blockchain technology that aims to facilitate carbon credit trading. By generating an unchangeable and tamper-proof record of carbon credit transactions, the platform intends to provide efficiency and transparency to the market for carbon credits.

The platform brings the buyers and sellers of carbon credits to a decentralized marketplace where they can conduct safe and open transactions. The platform will automate the exchange of carbon credits by using smart contracts. In turn, it eliminates intermediaries and reduces transaction cost.

Any organization can upload their RE certificates that are then verified by our DAO. Once verified, the RE certificates can be converted into carbon credits using our platform tokens. The DAO makes sure that the organization’s certificates are authentic.

Thus, it provides an incentive for organizations that are offsetting more carbon emissions than the required amount. At the same time, other organizations that have not been able to offset their emissions can buy these carbon credits and still be accountable towards the sustainability of the planet.

This also helps them save millions of dollars in penalties that are levied by regulatory agencies.
A win-win for all!

Ultimately, the CarboEx intends to support sustainable development by establishing a more effective and transparent carbon credit market, motivating businesses to cut their carbon emissions, and assisting in the reduction of climate change’s adverse consequences.

Functionalities of CarboEx Website:

1. How to upload and Validate your RECs?

2. How a DAO Member will validate the proposal?

3. How to sell your carbon credits on the CarboEx Platform?

4. How to buy carbon credits on the CarboEx Platform?

Functionalities of CarboEx Mobile Application:

1. How to connect the wallet in the CarboEx mobile application?

2. How to calculate Carbon Footprints in CarboEx mobile Application?

3. A Comprehensive Guide to Our Home Screen, About Us, Contact, and Resources Screen.

4. How to Become a DAO member and upload your RECs?

Market Research:

All of our team members have spent a significant amount of time to understand the market of carbon credit trading.

We have a detailed report on which industries emit carbon, how Carbon trading works, who uses these platforms, are there any similar platforms & much more.

If you’re interested in knowing all these -

Here’s a link to our report: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Smart Contract links: Contract1 | Contract2 | Contract3

Updated Smart Contract (Deployed on BitTorrent Mainnet):
Token Contract | Company Contract | Dao Contract

Project Milestones:

  1. 08-04-2023: Complete website and mobile design
  2. 10-04-2023: Smart contract deployment
  3. 11-04-2023: QA & Testing
  4. 12-04-2023: Create functions for integration.
  5. 13-04-2023: complete integration

Future Goals:

  1. In the next version, we want to generate RE certificates on the platform to provide end-to-end solution for carbon credit trading
  2. The DAO will have expert members that can provide consultation to help organizations offset emissions instead of buying carbon credits
  3. Incentivizing organizations that are moving beyond compliance and making voluntary carbon reductions

Challenges we ran into:

As with any project, we faced several challenges in understanding the industry and structuring the platform to meet the user’s needs. When we first began working on the project, we quickly realised that understanding the entire carbon credit industry was a massive challenge as it was a complex industry. The carbon capture and utilisation industry is relatively new, and there are still many unknowns in terms of the technology and the market. This means that we had to conduct extensive research to gain an in-depth knowledge of the complex and dynamic carbon emission industry, including carbon credits, trading process, and verification so as to be able to develop a comprehensive solution that addressed the industry’s pain points. We had to gather data and insights from various sources including industry experts, market reports and user feedback.

Also, we had to structure the platform in a way that was user-friendly and transparent to all stakeholders, taking into account the technicalities of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and DAOs. The CarboEx platform was designed to be a marketplace where carbon credits could be bought and sold. However, we had to ensure that the platform was transparent and easy to use to attract users. This involved designing a user-friendly interface, providing clear information on the carbon credits’ origins and quality, and ensuring that the transaction process was secure and straightforward.

We also faced challenges in terms of ensuring that the platform was trustworthy. Carbon credits are a relatively new concept, and many people are still sceptical of their value and legitimacy. We had to work hard to ensure that the platform was transparent and trustworthy to build users’ confidence. This involved developing a robust verification process, providing clear information on the carbon credits’ origins and quality, and ensuring that the transaction process was secure and reliable.

The last challenge that we faced was ensuring that the platform was scalable. The CarboEx platform was designed to be a global marketplace for carbon credits, which meant that it had to be scalable to accommodate a large number of users and transactions. This required us to design a platform that was flexible and could adapt to changing market conditions and user needs.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

We have made significant strides in the field of carbon credit trading and carbon emissions tracking by creating a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based platform that is revolutionising the industry. Our innovative approach to utilising blockchain technology has enabled us to create a platform that is transparent, secure, tamper-proof and efficient, making it possible to trade carbon credits in a decentralised and accessible manner.

Also, we have created a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that verifies renewable energy certificates (RECs). This is an important progress in the field of sustainable development because it allows for the creation of a decentralised, transparent, and trustworthy system for verifying RECs. This system ensures that RECs are accurately accounted for, making it easier for companies and governments to support renewable energy projects and has significantly reduced the risk of fraud and increased confidence in the RECs market.

In addition, we also developed a ‘Calculator’ for tracking carbon emissions. This system allows companies and individuals to track their carbon emissions, providing them with the information they need to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing this service, the CarboEx team is helping companies to take meaningful steps towards reducing their impact on the environment.

Finally, we developed a mobile application that improves accessibility to our platform. This app enables users to easily access their carbon credit trading account, track their carbon emissions, trade carbon credits, and verify their RECs from their mobile phones. The app also provides users with real-time data on the carbon credit market, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about buying and selling carbon credits.

What makes us unique:

What we learned:

We have learned a great deal about the policies, rules, and regulations surrounding carbon credit trading. We have gained a comprehensive understanding of the verification process, which involves ensuring that carbon credits are real, measurable, and permanent. We have also familiarised ourselves with the market mechanisms that drive carbon credit trading, including the various certification standards and protocols that exist.

Also, working on this project has helped us explore the potential of blockchain technology for carbon credit trading, recognizing its potential to enhance transparency, traceability, and accountability in the carbon credit market. We have identified blockchain as a promising tool for verifying the authenticity and integrity of carbon credits, thereby promoting greater trust and confidence among market participants.

Finally, by measuring our carbon footprint, we have become more aware of our own environmental impact and the need to reduce it. We have realised that every individual and organisation has a role to play in mitigating climate change and that carbon credit trading can be an effective means of doing so.

Overall, our understanding of carbon credit trading has deepened, and we are better equipped to navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving field.

Project Screenshots:

Our Team:

  1. im_31: A Mobile Developer that is passionate about designing mobile applications that provide seamless integration and an exceptional user experience. He is not just passionate about designing seamless and user-friendly applications, but also enjoys volunteering at local community events. He understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest mobile development technologies to ensure that the project is delivered to the highest standard.

  2. Victorious: A skilled Front-end developer with a flair for developing visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces whose values are centred on creating functional and user-friendly websites that meet the needs of the end-users. His eye for visually appealing interfaces also comes from his interest in photography. With his extensive knowledge of web design, he plays a crucial role in the success of the platform.

  3. GodFather097: A Mobile Developer and an avid reader who enjoys science fiction novels. He shares a similar passion for designing and developing mobile applications that meet the project’s specification. His expertise in mobile app development and willingness to work collaboratively with other team members ensures that the project is delivered successfully.

  4. Peterparker: A Front-end developer who is passionate about web development technologies and the role they play in creating successful websites. He enjoys hiking and exploring nature in his free time.

  5. Jack212: A Blockchain Developer who is also a sports enthusiast. He is passionate about developing secure and efficient blockchain infrastructure for the project. His premium expertise in blockchain technologies ensures that the platform is secure and meets the project’s requirements.

  6. Pv_189: A Blockchain Developer who shares Jack212’s passion for developing secure blockchain infrastructure. She is an avid traveller who loves to explore new cultures and learn about sustainable practices. Her collaborative approach and passion for secure blockchain infrastructure ensure that the platform meets the project’s requirements.


Hello Everyone,

Here is the crisp info about CarboEx!

CarboEx is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates carbon credit trading in a decentralized marketplace. The platform eliminates intermediaries and reduces transaction costs by automating the exchange of carbon credits using smart contracts.

Organizations can upload their RE certificates, which are verified by the platform’s DAO, to be converted into carbon credits using platform tokens. This incentivizes organizations to offset more carbon emissions than required and enables others to buy carbon credits to be accountable for their carbon footprint while avoiding regulatory penalties.

Overall, CarboEx is an innovative solution that leverages technology to promote environmental sustainability and address global challenges.


Great concept and the first project for an Eco-friendly track posted in the forum.

Happy to see someone working on such an interesting concept.

As a technical person, I would like to know more about how the trading will work and how the credit will be issued to individuals as well as to industries.


It’s a great initiative. A novel path to a greener Web3! Kudos to the team. :clap:

I’m hoping to see the project becoming a eco-success (and looking forward to the website, designs and working IRT)!

All the best guys! :+1:


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Hey @rajeshwari , thank you for your kind words and support! We’re excited to be working towards a greener Web3 and we hope to make a positive impact on the environment through our project.


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Thank you for your positive feedback and kind wishes! We agree that eco-friendly projects are important and have the potential to make a significant positive impact on our planet. We appreciate your support and encouragement, and we will do our best to achieve our goals.


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What are the potential risks and challenges that Carboex may face during the development and implementation of the platform?


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Can the team explain the project to me in more simpler terms?


Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. I am really glad to answer to your question.

Here is how companies can generate the carbon credit score and trade it.

(1) Company representatives can register on our platform.
(2) They can upload certificates provided by a recognised organization. It can be either carbon emission or carbon offset.
(3) The certificate will be then verified by DAO members. Currently, we did not integrate the APIs of these certificate provider companies but we are planning to do that. That will enable two-factor authentication.
(4) As soon as the certificate will be verified they will get carbon credit based on the global carbon emission limit per organization.
(5) These credits can be put on the marketplace by them and any organization can buy them based on their need.

Hope this clears up how the trading will work.


Interesting, this looks very good in lot of ways. I like it🙂