BlockForest: TRON's Carbon Credit Explorer & Marketplace

Project Name: BlockForest - TRON’s Carbon Credit Explorer & Marketplace
Project Track: Eco-Friendly
Team Name: BlockForest
Team Member(s): Tan Zhi Xuan (Malaysia) @tanzhixuan - Solo Hacker
Dorahacks Project Link: BlockForest: TRON’s Carbon Credit Explorer & Marketplace | Buidls | DoraHacks

The Goal: Leveraging transactions on the TRON network and utilizing their power to contribute to a greener earth :earth_asia:

Project Website: BlockForest Application
GitHub Repo: BlockForest GitHub Repo
Demo Video: BlockForest Demo on Youtube

Project Test Instructions: Visit the BlockForest application and connect your TronLink wallet on Shasta Testnet. Make some transactions on Shasta Testnet. Look for your wallet address on BlockForest Explorer. Now, you can become a “planter” on BlockForest too, and start contributing carbon credits to the tree block chain!

Project Details :point_down:

Vision | TL;DR

“BlockForest - the first carbon credit explorer and marketplace on the TRON network”. Keeping track of all network transaction records and offering users a personalized profile to manage their carbon credits in a one-stop solution. The platform's specially designed tree block chain mechanism facilitates the planting of trees on Earth by accumulating carbon credits on BlockForest. A built-in carbon credit marketplace on each individual profile streamlines the process of carbon credit purchasing.

Inspiration | Why BlockForest?

By leveraging transactions on the TRON network and utilizing their power to contribute to a greener earth, BlockForest has found inspiration. Every day, millions of transactions are performed on TRON, making it a great opportunity to aggregate these transactions and use them to create a positive impact on the environment. In accordance with this concept, BlockForest has been developed to collect all transaction records on the TRON network and allocate carbon credit quotas to TRON users. Each transaction made by a user on TRON earns them one carbon credit quota, which can then be used to purchase a carbon credit associated with the transaction and offset its environmental impact. This approach has encouraged more TRON users to buy carbon credits for their transactions, creating a positive influence on the TRON ecosystem.

The Green Concept Behind | How BlockForest works?

BlockForest’s unique tree block chain mechanism is at the core of its green concept. Each tree block is designed to accumulate carbon credits contributed by users of the TRON network. Once a tree block has collected enough carbon credits, the funds are automatically transferred to the BlockForest fund pool, enabling the team to plant a real-life tree. At the same time, a new tree block is opened and added to the chain to continue the cycle. As more users purchase carbon credits for their transactions on TRON, this positive infinite loop continues, resulting in an increasing number of trees being planted on Earth. Ultimately, this loop contributes to building a more sustainable planet and transforming TRON into a greener network.

BlockForest is currently collaborating with Exabytes (Southeast Asia’s Leading Web Hosting Company) to carry out tree planting activities in the Southeast Asia region. As I’m a final year student in Malaysia, I worked in Exabytes for a year. At that time, I had introduced a tree-planting campaign to my product manager and being the leader of this collaboration since then. BlockForest also utilizes tree planting as a form of carbon credits, hence, I had discussed this with Exabytes and they are happy to help with all the trees required to plant from BlockForest and also help us with the tree tracking. This is a campaign I started with Exabytes: Let’s Plant A Tree | Join forces with us in Saving Our Earth (

The BlockForest concept involves breaking down the cost of planting a tree into smaller pieces of carbon credits, which encourages more users on the TRON network to contribute to a greener planet with minimal effort and cost.

An explorer built on TRON, but for the “Green.”

BlockForest has a purpose-driven explorer built on the TRON network with a mission to create a more sustainable ecosystem. It achieves this goal by aggregating all transactions that occur on the network and meticulously tracking the carbon credit status for each one. Users can effortlessly search their account address or a single transaction through the explorer and access their carbon credit quotas as tracked by BlockForest. In addition, the explorer provides a comprehensive overview of planter status, representing users on the platform, tree block status, and current carbon credit status. This provides users with a holistic view of their environmental impact and enables them to make more informed decisions.

One-stop Carbon Credit Management for Each Planter

BlockForest offers personalized profiles to every user on the TRON network. By simply accessing their profile on BlockForest, users can check their transaction history and the carbon credit quota assigned to them. By connecting their TronLink wallet to BlockForest, users can easily purchase carbon credits for their transactions with just a few clicks. The transactions are automatically recorded in the BlockForest database, and the funds are collected in the tree block at that moment. This makes it easy for users to contribute to tree plantations and track their carbon credit purchasing status. As a result, BlockForest is a comprehensive one-stop solution for carbon credit management, as it integrates the carbon credit marketplace directly into each user’s profile.

Built-In Tree Metadata Tracker

Once a tree block has collected enough carbon credits and has closed, the funds are automatically transferred to the BlockForest Fund Pool. The BlockForest team will then use the funds to plant a real-life tree for that specific tree block. After the tree has been planted, the BlockForest team uploads the metadata, including the tree’s ID, location, species, partner, photos, and more, to inform users about the tree they contributed to. The tracker allows users to easily access the metadata of their trees, creating a sense of satisfaction and pride and helping users visualize the impact of their contributions.

The Key Features Overview | How powerful is BlockForest on Milestone One? :point_down:

  1. The BlockForest fund pool leverages a tree blockchain mechanism specially designed to collect carbon credits and streamline the automated process of tree plantation.

  2. An aggregator within the TRON network records transactions and monitors the carbon credit status of all users on TRON.

  3. The carbon credit marketplace is integrated directly into each planter’s (user’s) personalized profile, making it easy for everyone to manage their carbon credits.

  4. A tree planting certificate is issued for every tree block in the chain and recorded in the planter’s contribution profile. Metadata of the planted trees will also be recorded in BlockForest.

  5. BlockForest had deployed on Shasta Testnet.

What’s Next | Plan on Milestone Two :point_down:

  1. Soul-bounded NFTs are generated for each tree block, and contributors can mint them to display on their BlockForest profile, serving as an achievement, motivation, and appreciation for their eco-friendly actions.

  2. More carbon credit purchasing plans for planters will be introduced, along with gamification to make it more engaging and less monotonous.

  3. The “Friend of Green” function will be added, allowing users to help others on TRON purchase carbon credits for their transactions. This will encourage more users to embark on their tree-planting journey.

  4. BlockForest will be deployed on TRON Mainnet.

:tada: ANNOUNCEMNT: BlockForest is now on Mainnet

I am grateful for the support of the TRON community members, which has been instrumental in the success of BlockForest. Winning the eco-friendly track has provided me with added motivation to further improve this project. I am thrilled to announce that BlockForest is now live on the TRON mainnet. All TRON users can now easily purchase carbon credits for their transactions or activities on the mainnet. To get started, simply switch to the mainnet, connect your wallet, and you’ll be ready to contribute your first carbon credit and plant your first tree on planet Earth through BlockForest. Let’s acknowledge the immense power of the TRON network in constructing a better world for everyone.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4


You are welcome to S4.
Please do you have a continent you have targeted to plant these trees?


Greetings @tanzhixuan ! Thank you for your post!

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Bienvenido a este S4


Welcome to Season 4 !!
All the best!


Hi @Prince-Onscolo, currently we will be focusing on Southeast Asia regions for planting those trees. It depends on the green organizations with which we will expand our collaborations. For example, collaborating with a green organization in your country will also be in the plan. This is how the region of BlockForest planting spread!

2 Likes @antonio @JamWiener Thanks, it is my first time building a green project on the TRON ecosystem. I hope you guys find it interesting and share your words with the TRON community! Appreciate~


Alright thank you. I hope to see you guys in Africa


Me parece muy bien que haya elegido la red de Tron para construir su proyecto en la pista Eco-fiendly, es una pista que se estrena en este S4 y todo ello es bien recibido, revisaré su proyecto y no me cabe duda que puede resultar interesante. Gracias.


Thank you so much, wish you all the best in your amazing project :clap:


Lo aprecio, amigo. Gracias.

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Such a nice initiative, we all have to do our part to protect the environment.

The carbon market is growing and it seems this is just the beginning, my question is, is your project only looking for individuals willing to buy carbon credits from blockforest, or blockforest has a means where by individuals can also provide their own carbon credits.

And if that is possible, how can the person start, by planting his or her trees???


Welcome to Season 4

How accurate and reliable are the AI and machine learning algorithms in verifying the authenticity of carbon credits?

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Welcome to this Hackathon, a good initiative your project.


Hey there @Nana66419 :wave: I guess you’re trying to ask besides buying carbon credits from BlockForest, can the user provide other method on “providing” carbon credits to BlockForest. The answer is no, as BlockForest not work on this way.

BlockForest provides a platform for user to contra their negative impact to Earth due to the transaction on TRON network. Hence, providing a simple way for users to execute this task by just purchasing a carbon credit for their transaction. The carbon credits will be collected by the BlockForest tree block chain and the automated fund pool. BlockForest will do everything on the tree planting and keep track of the metadata of the tree planted.

So how a person can start planting a tree? Simply by using BlockForest and we are ready to help! Hope you find this interesting and share with other community in the TRON ecosystem. Thanks~


Hi @manfred_jr :wave: It is a cool idea to implement AI and machine learning algorithm to help make identification of carbon credits automated in the future~ Currently, BlockForest team made the tree planting process in an transparent way by implementing the tree metadata tracker to let users keep track of the tree contributed on BlockForest. Hope you find this answer helpful. Thanks for showing your interest!

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@rod1232313 Thanks! Share it with the TRON community and raise awareness of the eco-friendly concept. Hope you find my project interesting. :earth_africa:


Awesome, wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Hello, when would we able to test the work?

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