HackaTRON S4 2023 - Winners Announcements!

:tada: ANNOUNCEMNT: BlockForest is now on Mainnet

I am grateful for the support of the TRON community members, which has been instrumental in the success of BlockForest. Winning the eco-friendly track has provided me with added motivation to further improve this project. I am thrilled to announce that BlockForest is now live on the TRON mainnet. All TRON users can now easily purchase carbon credits for their transactions or activities on the mainnet. To get started, simply switch to the mainnet, connect your wallet, and you’ll be ready to contribute your first carbon credit and plant your first tree on planet Earth through BlockForest. Let’s acknowledge the immense power of the TRON network in constructing a better world for everyone.

Head to www.blockforest.my and start planting now!

CC: @support.hackathon @admin.hackathon

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