EnergyNFTs - Energy lending through NFTs

Project Name: EnergyNFTs - Energy lending through NFTs
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: TRONArmy
Team Member(s): 2
Dorahacks Project Link: EnergyNFTs - Energy lending through NFTs | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Incorporating the energy lending & delegation mechanism on the TRON blockchain into NFTs
Project Info:
Our NFT collection is consisting of 71 original, unique warriors inspired by the TRON Foundation’s bear. The collection includes 65 fighters, 5 warlords, and 1 emperor, all fighting for TRON and its members. They just need - your energy - to keep on fighting!

We aim to bring a new edge to NFTs by incorporating the energy lending & delegation mechanism on the TRON blockchain into our NFTs. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where the NFT holders can earn passive income without needing to bother with energy deals, lending, and managing this process on a daily basis.

To achieve this, the income we make through the sales of our NFTs will be 100% used towards staking and lending energy to generate real yieal for on the TRON network for our holders. While we will earn revenue from this process, we will share 90% of this yield with our NFT holders on a bi-weekly basis. This will provide them with a passive income source, enabling them to earn rewards in an effortless way while supporting the TRON community.

Our vision is to create a community-driven project that supports the growth and success of the TRON network. We plan to establish partnerships with other TRON-based projects, energy providers & renters, expand our NFT collection with new features, and continually improve our platform to provide the best possible experience for our users.

With our innovative project we look forward to contribute to the TRON network and we aim to bring a new dimension to NFTs by leveraging the energy market.

Project Website: Collection is available here: Kraftly
New website under developement.
Project Test Instructions: Buy an NFT & wait for you passive income every 2nd week fromt he revenue we make through energy deals.
Project Details: EnergyNFTs - YouTube
Smart Contract links: TUH1adzcXcSoc8DH5vZjSWPakDtit8Ufx6
Project Milestones:

  • NFT designs, graphics & traits
  • NFT generation
  • Mintable collection on TRON
  • Energy lending mechanism
  • Script for revenue sharing
  • Project website
  • NFT staking to receive real yield autoamtically

Hello EnergyNfts
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4


Wonderful initiative, so if i am getting it right, your NFT collection consist of only 71 NFTs, the sales from this 71 will be used to stake and get energy to lend and the profits from the energy sold will be given to the holders.

Don’t you think 71 is quite a small number if you seek to to give the best yield to your investors?? Or you plan to sell one NFT for 10,000 $trx


Bienvenido a este S4, parece interesante tener un caso de uso para los NFT.


Was about asking the same before I found this because I was a bit confused with how the energy sells that will give the NFT holders the passive income will come from.

And coming to the size of the NFTs, even if each NFT is to sale at 10,000 TRX, that will give us 710,000 to be provided in the energy market, which will leave us with 12,139,186 energy and this number, IMO, is not enough to maintain an energy marketplace. So I’m interested in knowing how the team @EnergyNFT plans on sustainable reward from the energy sell to her NFT holders.


How will the buyesr of NFT ensure that tge money are used as mention for staking?


Energy lending is a creative idea, but…

What incentives will the platform provide for renewable energy project developers to use the platform?


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4,…It is a great initiative when someone can rent energy with an NFTs, very nice wish you all the best


The NFTs cost 5000 TRX. But later and if we’ll be sold out and there is demand, we can always extend the collection. Although, before we would do that first we want to have the NFT staking function ready and automatize the whole process.

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You’re right, and at the beginning we don’t intend to run and maintain an energy marketplace, but instead do it via smart contracts / scripts or other energy platforms. When the project gets big enough, we’ll develop our own energy platform.

As @Nana66419 wrote, income will come from the energy lending we get through the sales of our NFTs, and that will be reshared.

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That’s a great question actually!

We believe at every project there has to be some trust, at the beginning at least. We’ll share ouw wallet address publicly and holders will be able to check for what do we use the funds for to generate income, and check if we truly stake & lend out energy.

In the future, we’d like to develop NFT staking and make the whole process automatic via smart contracts, so everyone can have a peace of mind.


I’m not sure if I totally understand your question.

The incentive will be that people can earn passive income automatically without dealing with energy lending and the whole process.


Hi @EnergyNFT Welcome to S4 of the TRON Hackathon!

Curious about if there is a plan to improve and expand your NFT collection in the future, and what new features do you plan to introduce?

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Thanks for your efforts towards the growth and sustainability of the TRON projects, wishing you all the best


Yes, totally! The idea first is to bring passive income to our NFT holders through energy deals. Then if there’s more interest, we will expand our NFT collection, and also introduce NFT staking to automate the whole process. The end goal will be to have our own energy platform.


It’s a nice work, I hope you will successfully complete the remaining milestones. I wish you good luck :dizzy:

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Great project, guys!
Good luck to you!

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Hey guys, if you like the project’s idea, please don’t forget to cast you votes on us in the N10 category as we’re fighting for the TOP5 place. It would mean a lot for us and the future holders as well.:fire:

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N10 EnergyNFTs - Energy lending through NFTs

All the best and good luck!
Thank you!

This project includes a few mad-lib illustrations. This destracts from the fact this this is a DeFi project for yield. Meh