Ergon by USTX Team - Save, Earn, Participate!


Project Name: Ergon
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: USTX Team
Team Member(s): 3, Sirluke, Benna, Aska
Dorahacks Project Link: Ergon by USTX TEAM | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Simplify user access to Tron Stake 2.0. Save on transaction fees by renting energy. Earn by staking TRX. Participate by supporting a community driven Super Representative. Increase utility of USTX ecosystem.
Project Info: Ergon Pitch Deck, Presentation Video
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Go to


Check the base price. Depending on duration and USTX balance you may get a discount.

Select the amount of energy to rent (min 250,000) and duration (1-7 days).
Click “Borrow”, a popup will ask for confirmation showing the exact price for the rent.

Check the data and click on “Borrow energy” to confirm. Sign the transaction on the wallet (e.g. Tronlink). The energy will arrive instantly.

For orders up to 500,000 the fees are paid by the contract.

At the end of the renting period the energy will be automatically released and the residual deposit will be refunded to the user.


  • deposit TRX by selecting the desired amount, click the “Deposit” button and confirm on the pop-up. The funds will be locked for 15 days. Upon depositing TRX the user will receive the same amount in ERG, considering the current exchange rate (shown at the top of the page). The user ERG balance and corresponding TRX value is shown in the withdraw section of the page.

  • to withdraw TRX, the user must first request to unlock the funds, selecting the amount of ERG to exchange for TRX (partial unlocking is allowed) and clicking the “Request” button. To claim the amount, the user must wait for the TRX to be available. The “Withdraw” button to be active after 15 days.

  • if the user has USTX held in locked staking, he can enjoy a share of the jackpot. The jackpot rewards, that account to 25% of the energy sales, are claimable every week. Please remind that the jackpot rewards are not cumulative and must be claimed every week.



On the Info tab the users can find more info about the system state, such as the total ERG supply, TRX deposits and the current utilization rate.

Project Details:

The Ergon projects appeals to users needing energy to lower the cost of transactions (smart contract users, developers) and to TRX holders seeking to maximize the return on their investment. Ergon is a community developed project, so expect cooperation and support to other projects that share our view of what the crypto industry should be. USTX users will have benefits, like lower energy prices and higher staking returns.

The application has a simple interface to enable renting energy and save on transaction fees.

  • Flexible duration: 1-7 days
  • Base price for 1 day, discount for longer periods
  • Zero energy required to rent for small amounts (contract pays fees)
  • Up to 10% discount for USTX stake holders
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Automatic release at expiration
  • Security deposit of 1 day of energy cost and automatic refund of the recovered energy (up to 100%)

The application has a simple interface to stake TRX and earn. The ERG token will be traded in exchange for TRX and allow extended book-keeping and additional DeFi uses.

  • Deposit TRX and get ERG in return at current exchange rate
  • ERG/TRX exchange rate will always increase, incorporating all system rewards
  • Holding ERG means real-time rewards accounting and auto-compounding. There’s no need to claim rewards and re-stake. Just relax and enjoy increasing wallet value.
  • 75% base share on energy profits
  • up to 25% additional return for USTX stake holders, resulting in 100% share on energy sales
  • TRX are locked for a period that depends on network parameters (14 days currently). Partial unlocking is allowed. Early unstake will be possible through other means (e.g. TRX/ERG liquidity pools on JustMoney and other DEXs).

All TRX staked in the contract will generate voting power. All votes will be cast to community driven Super Representatives. The USTX Team will support TuruGlobal SR from the beginning. ERG holders will be able to propose new SRs and on-chain voting will decide.

As always, we want informed users, so here’s our risk assessment for Ergon:

  • smart contract risk: we carefully designed and tested the contracts on Nile and mainnet, but human error can never be excluded 100%;
  • TRX price risk: ERG token price is linked to TRX. So even if ERG exchange rate will always increase with respect to TRX, the deposit value in other currencies (e.g. USD, EUR) might decrease, following TRX price;
  • This is not financial advice, DYOR.

Tron blockchain integration
Ergon makes full use of the new Stake 2.0 methods, having created a fully decentralized energy marketplace and TRX earning platform. All operation are done through direct smart contract interaction by the user. When renting energy, the resources are delegated by the contract when receiving the TRX for the payment. No off-chain operations are needed. To keep the energy fees low, some housekeeping operations are kept off-chain and passed as parameters validated by authorized signatures. The same approach is used to manage the liquid staking of TRX in exchange for ERG. Everything is driven by the smart contract, reducing as much as possible the need for user interaction after staking starts. Once the TRX have been deposited, all rewards are automatically compounded in the ERG token value, so that users don’t need to act at all. Interaction with the dApp is needed only for the bonus rewards, reserved for USTX holders.

Key points

  • Innovations: Ergon is the first liquid staking option on Tron to use a dynamic exchange rate between TRX and the liquid token (ERG in our case). This greatly simplifies the life of the energy provider, since it completely eliminates the need to claim rewards and compound them. Just HOLD! Ergon is the first energy renting service to feature dynamic pricing, based on energy utilization rate. Ergon is the only liquid staking app that gives up to 100% returns from energy sales to users;
  • Tech details: Ergon is fully decentralized, all resource delegation operations, TRX staking and voting are done on-chain inside smart contracts. The goal of the dApp is to remove all unnecessary complexity from the user.
  • Business Model: Users will benefit from energy renting, allowing saving on transaction costs. TRX providers will get a minimum 75% share of the energy sales. The remaining 25% goes to a jackpot reserved for USTX holders. The unclaimed jackpot and 50% of voting rewards go to the team to manage operating expenses.
  • User Experience: UI has been kept as simple as possible and shares the basic design with all other USTX ecosystem dApps, so that existing users can quickly learn how to use it. To rent energy a few clicks are needed and all information about the cost of the rent are clearly shown to the user.
  • Use Case: The increase of Tron chain fees have created more demand for energy renting. The existing marketplaces most of the time have unfilled orders. Ergon plans to expand the market offering a complete solution from casual users to energy hungry developers.
  • Contribution to the ecosystem: Ergon aims to help users reduce the cost of transactions, with a positive impact on all other decentralized applications. A simple and hassle free option for TRX suppliers could improve the overall stake rate, increasing the security of the network. Ergon supports community driven SR.

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

  • April 15th, deploy smart contracts on Mainnet and open basic dApp to users (energy renting functionality). DONE!
  • April 30th, deploy fully functional dApp (renting + staking). DONE!
  • May 15th, automatic price tuning and UI improvements DONE!
  • Mat 30th, ERG/TRX liquidity pool launch on JustMoney DONE

Hello Ergon by USTX.
Welcome to session 4 HACKATHON
All the best to your project

I got some questions.

Your project is about STAKE TRON TO EARN ERG,

  1. Any more detail of ERG COIN, as stated holding mean real time rewarding.

  2. Check on this,

Do you feel your project will not be affected?


More details will follow in the next days, but I can say a few things now.

The ERG token is the accounting token of the Ergon app. If you know how Just Lend works, it’s similar to a jToken. Holding it gives you the right to get back your TRX, but the ratio is not 1:1. The ERG price is determined by the ratio between the TRX in the contract and the ERG total supply. Since the TRX in the contract increase every time a user borrows energy, paying a price, the ERG/TRX exchange rate increases. The increase in rate represents the reward for the TRX supplier. So there’s no need to claim rewards and profits from energy sale are automatically added to the pool, implementing auto-compounding of the rewards.

A part of the energy profits will go to a jackpot, reserved to USTX stakeholders, meaning that if you hold enough USTX, you’ll be able to get 100% share of energy sale profits.

Regarding the news of the JL energy market imminent launch, you can imagine what are our feelings. But this doesn’t change our plans. Hackathons are made for building, so we keep doing it in the best possible way, hoping to get community support.


Welcome to HackaTRON season 4! Interesting project idea.
How do you plan to compete with existing projects like TronNRG and TronPulse in this market. And can’t forget to mention JustLend coming in with their energy renting


Welcome to this new hackathon, from the details you have given it seems to be an interesting project and a way of saving for those who need energy. Luck


Great to hear that ! I wish good luck to your project and other community energy renting projects out here

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Awaiting more details then
All the best, thanks for your clarification

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Great to see you this season :clap:t2:
Welcome :pray:t2:


First of all I think in crypto there is space for many players. Like there are more than one DEX, more than one NFT marketplace, there could be more energy marketplaces.

Regarding the competition with other projects, I think that stake 2.0 represents a challenge for most of the existing projects with one exception. The majority of the current marketplace are driver by orders: a user puts a buy order and sellers fill it in. This is complicated arrangement, both for the buyer and the seller. Our idea is completely different and aims at streamlining operations as much as possible. The exception I stated refers to NRG, since they first had the idea of pooling the TRX and handle the energy renting in a centralized way, which is very clever. When I say that cooperation between projects is important for us, I mean it. That’s why the NRG team was the first to know that we were developing a new energy marketplace, we want to keep good relationship with those who work for a better Tron ecosystem day by day.

JustLend marketplace is another story, I don’t see any developer being happy about it. Also I think it’s not well designed for small users and it’s cumbersome in some aspects:

  • renting energy costs about 120,000 energy points. So, for example, if you want to lower the cost of a swap, you actually end up spending more instead of less
  • you need to manually close the renting position, otherwise you lose the deposit and liquidation fees occur. So two separate transactions are needed.
  • flexibility on duration is limited (minimum renting is 3 days currently)

Thank you for the reply! Great to know that you’ve been cooperating with other competitors to deliver the best to TRON community! :raised_hands:
Good luck to your project this season! Waiting to know more about Ergon!

Bienvenido de nuevo a este S4, un proyecto interesante espero más avances. Gracias


Great to see you once again this season, welcome onboard to the Grand hackathon season 4 :handshake:


I like your idea :+1: All the best!


Welcome to Season 4, I got a question;

What is the economic model of ERGON, and how does it ensure sustainability and fair distribution of rewards?

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Thanks for the question. There are several sources of income to the ERG stakeholders:

  • 75% of the energy sales go to increment the ERG price
  • 25% of the energy sales go to the Jackpot reserved to USTX users.
  • 50% of the voting rewards go to increment ERG price, the rest goes to the Team
    There is no minimum amount of TRX to stake.

The distribution is proportional to the ERG possessed by each user, so it’s fair.

To make the dApp more accessible, the fees required to rent small amounts of energy will be paid by the team.

USTX holders can get up to 10% discount on energy renting price.


Brilliant work guys :star_struck:

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The Team is working around the clock to have a working beta version on Mainnet shortly after Stake 2.0 goes live.


Thanks for your information, that’s good news.

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Thanks and welcome to season 4. I can see you are bringing something new into the energy business on tron.

I know tronpulse, requires a minimum amount of $trx to be able to provide energy. Also i know tronNRG goes with the trx pooling strategy. Which of these two models are your team going by.

If i read right, the smart contract will pay the fees when you are renting energy from the Ergon app, will the smart contract also pays the fees when u decide to unstake and not provide energy again?

Again, when you deposit TRX, u get ERG, if the ERG tokens are the ones used to provide energy, why is it not in a ratio of 1:1 to the trx.? What if after everything, i get alot of ERG tokens but selling it back for trx will see me having less trx than i started with. Or that is not possible in your case.

Kindly shed more light on it for me. Thank you


Thank you for providing additional information about the ERGON project. I still have a question;

What is the rationale behind the 25% of energy sales going to the Jackpot reserved for USTX users? How will the Jackpot be distributed, and what are the criteria for users to be eligible for it? Transparency and fairness in the distribution of rewards are crucial for the credibility of the project.

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