WHM - The World Hardest Maze

Project Name: WHM Worlds Hardest Maze
Project Track: Gamefi
Team Name: WHM
Team Member(s): 5 Team members
Dorahacks Project Link: World Hardest Maze | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: We are trying to build a fun and entertaining game for people to play and enjoy
Project Info: Find the route to the end of the Maze while being hunted by hunters. The maze changes while you walk around making it more and more difficult to find the route to the end. You can not learn, make maps or whatever, just follow your sense of direction while avoiding the hunters. Reach the end and be awarded…
Project Website: No Website (yet)
Smart Contract: Using the NFT Avatar contract at this moment further integration will follow
Project Test Instructions: Game is under Development through a DM or e-mail we can send a playable demo version of the game
Project Details:
Game is under building more details will be revealed when ready to do so

Game structure:

Maze Blocks:

Smart Contract links: Game will be connected to BTTC for final reward for reaching the end and possibly giving paid attempts after using up the free attempts.

Project Milestones:
January: Game idea worked out
February: Game Algorithm and Design worked out
March: Functional gameplay ready, closed Alpha test
April: Graphical design of game and sound integration
May: …


Welcome to HackaTRON s4…
Wishing you all the best.
Your game is the World’s hardest maze haha, we are waiting for you. We have great gamers here waiting to break records.

Please you said the winner will be rewarded, May I know the kind of reward the winner will get and if it will be a cryptocurrency, will it be your own token or #trx or #btt?


Hola, bienvenidos al S4, espero impaciente ver sus gráficos.


Congratulations and welcome to Grand hackathon S4, is this the TuruVerse I know from @TuruGlobal Or another one :thinking:



Will we see this game in the turuverse


We are working with the TuruVerse team and they helped us with the submission in the Dora hack platform.

Our intend is to have the WHM featured in the second dimension of the TuruVerse, the Turu Islands.

But first we need to finish building the game and then after the TuruVerse team will update the design to match with their platform. After that it can be integrated into there.


We used the TuruVerse name when we made this account and we don’t know how to change it :slight_smile:


Yes, that is the plan…


Interesting game idea, waiting to see more details for the project!
Good luck and welcome to TRON hackathon Season4!


oh ok but the name of your account sounds like it is the same project we have from @TuruGlobal


Yes trying to change it, but don’t know how. We made the mistake when we set up the profile and now we don’t know how to change it, so we are asking the @admin.hackathon we would like to make our name WHM.


Alright thanks for the explanation.
@admin.hackathon assistant needed please :pray:t2:


Amazing, that will be an absolutely :fire:, very nice can’t to see it happen, welcome to the hackathon once again :handshake:


Nice project but I want to know the duration of the game because reading through I can see the game is not in stages…


The TuruVerse at the beginning got my attention, though this is still building but I’ve a question;

With P2E being a thing, What is the monetization model for WHM, and how do users benefit from playing the game?


This game idea looks amazing. Excited to know more about this!

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The world hardest Maze?? Wow i hope it lives up to its expectations.

My first issue is, i would be very happy if @TuruGlobal comes out and let it us they are in one way or the other affiliated to this project.

If my memory serves me right, a project called KRYPTPAY was disqualified last season parading itself in everything KLEVER, the logo, colours, tickers and a lot of things.

At first glance you will think they were affiliated but later we got to know it was all lies to try and get the klever community out here to vote for them.

In as much as i would love to ask questions, i will also wait for my director Maurice and @Dendorion to clear the air first.

Thank you


We are working together with the WHM and the intent is to have them integrated into the Turu Islands, which is the second dimension of TuruVerse.

They have told us about having TuruVerse in their profile and we hope that the @admin.hackathon can help fix this issue.


With this response, is it right to say that the Turuverse team is different from the WHM team and if yes, why choosing the name TuruVerse, knowing fully well that we already have a project by that name?

Or is your team a subsidiary of the TuruVerse?


Thanks team for the clarification. I think its a step in the right direction.

If the achievements of @TuruGlobal is being used as a yardstick then i see this project going far.