Duelers by Tronjoy Team - Platforms Game where you can build your own levels and share profits

Project Name: Duelers
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Tronjoy Team
Team Member(s): 5 full-time, 2 part-time
Dorahacks Project Link: Duelers | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Info: https://duelers.io/WhitepaperDuelers.pdf
Project Website: https://duelers.io
Project Test Instructions: Access our website and click the Download button
Smart Contract links: Github

Project Goal

We want to engage with Tron community. Not only so you can play our game, but also providing you a simple way to create your own levels for our game and share part of the profits generated.

Project Details

Duelers is a platform-style game developed by the Tronjoy team, where players can test their gaming skills in different scenarios.

The goal is simple: collect all Tron tokens and finish each level as quickly as possible. Missing a Tron token will result in a penalty of 1 second added to your time.

The game offers two modes of play: Duel and Tournament.

In Duel mode, you can challenge other players to see who can complete one or more levels the fastest.

In Tournament mode, you can compete with an unlimited number of players and make multiple attempts to achieve your best score.

Duelers will include power-ups that players can collect to gain temporary boosts or advantages, such as increased speed, slow-motion, or the ability to jump higher.

Social features will also be integrated into the game, including leaderboards, friend lists, and the ability to share your progress and achievements on social media.

Builder mode

Builder mode will allow anyone to create their own levels using an easy-to-use interface . Duelers will take a commission from each Duel and Tournament played, and a percentage of that commission will be given to the level creator.

Free tournaments

As a special treat for the community, we will occasionally offer free-entry tournaments with real prizes, including some big prizes to celebrate the game’s launch. Stay tuned for more details!

Project Milestones


Welcome team to Hackatron S4
Wishing you all the best :pray:
Please can I get a demo or pictures of your game.
I want to see how it looks like and how I can create levels


Your name only got me, I really hope that your name will bring a positive impact on your project, may your aim to bring more joy on Tron be fulfilled, all the same welcome to Grand hackathon S4 :handshake:


yeah I love their name. I saw them in S3


Bienvenidos de nuevo a este S4, esperamos ver más información e imagenes.
Otra pregunta sería en que fase quedó las máquinas recreativas que presentaron en el S3.
Gracias y suerte.


This will be lovely.Everyone is really involved


Yes it was a very good name though


Welcome once again @TronJoy team, please will your game be play to earn or you can only earn from it through the wagering you made mention of.?

Also will it be mobile compatible as using the laptop to play games is a really tough thing for me.


Welcome to S4. Your game is going to be very interesting. unlike other games which progresses from the least level to the highest level your own is going to be different.


Welcome team @TronJoy to this S4 of the hackathon. Considering the evolution of P2E, is there any benefits players can get from playing your games in the absent of the wager and tournament models, as not everyone can afford a pay to earn games.

And again, at what period are you expecting to launch your game. Any ETA?



Sure, we will be adding some images and gameplay to the post shortly.

A demo will also be available before the hackathon ends :wink:


alright thank you


Hey @antonio , nice to see you here again!

We will be updating everything about Tronjoy, as we will participate in the builder track also.

Just a little spoiler: the arcade machines are 100% ready and minting will start as soon as we publish the project :slight_smile:


There will be other ways to earn apart from the wager system mentioned. We will have free tournaments and you could earn by building levels also, instead of just playing.

We will add other options in the future, but the ones commented should be available shortly after launching the game.

Answering your second question, it will be available to play with the mobile too.


Hi @Youngyuppie , and thanks for your question! I have just answered the first one, please check my previous reply :slight_smile:

The game should be available before the hackathon ends!


Os estaba esperando con ansias esta temporada, me parece magnífico y gracias por la respuesta.


I am a bit confused about the building of levels. Will the builders of these steps be people with a developer background or the system is designed in a way everyone can create a level.

And how will someone be paid based on the level he created. Will it be that when players use his level he will get paid or he will get paid regardless of whether players uses his level in their game play or not.

Can you please shed more light on that for me. Thank you


Sure, great question!

No development skills are required to create levels, there will be a list with all the different elements that can be added to the level, and any user will be able to create what they want in a simple way, mainly by drag & drop.

When someone plays our game in the paid tournament mode or the 1vs1 game, we charge a fee. If that match takes place in a level that for example you created, we will split that fee and you will get part of it.

This will happen each time someone decides to play your levels, so the more popular they become, the more rewards you are likely to get.


Gracias por la información, es una buena idea lo propuesto.

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Thats very great, i love the explanation, i would also like to make a suggestion.

In the quest to create levels through the drag and drop, can there be a way where some of the materials needed to create these levels will be designed like NFTs and sold in the games market place.

Let say i want to create my level but i want to make it very advanced and enticing and in so doing i need an obstacle like a pool, a muddy pit, a golden staircase etc. but can only get these advanced materials in the market place. Though we have the basic ones everybody can use and we have the ones level creators has to buy to use.

I dont know if you understand the point i am trying to make :joy:.

Thank you