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Project Name: Provylens

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: LensCrafters

Team Member(s): @Luxar, @psyduck, @jenny-shah

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Project Goal: Our vision is to revolutionise the supply chain industry through blockchain technology for secure end-to-end tracking and management. We aim to ensure authenticity and safety of products with decentralised and tamper-proof systems.

Project Info: Provylens is a blockchain-based project that aims to bring transparency and efficiency to the supply chain management industry by providing real-time tracking and leveraging the latest blockchain and zero-knowledge proof technologies. The project addresses the severe consequences of fraud, counterfeiting, and illicit activities in the supply chain, providing a revolutionary solution for the industry. The end game is a fully functional system that revolutionises traditional supply chain management and increases efficiency, transparency, and trust in the supply chain.

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Demo video: ProvyLens - Demo video - YouTube


We have realised the most obvious use case of blockchain technology is in the supply chain industry. And while there are some tools available that are created specifically for enterprises, there is a lack of a tool that leverages blockchain technology for supply chain management of small and medium sized companies.

We wanted to build something that makes blockchain accessible to such companies without having to bear huge costs.

Project Website:

Smart Contract Links:
Deployed on BitTorrent Mainnet

Project Description: This project aims to develop a blockchain-based supply chain logistics system that will enable end-to-end tracking of products, enhance transparency, and ensure secure data sharing between supply chain stakeholders. The system will be designed to provide real-time visibility into the movement of goods from production to delivery, improve efficiency, and increase trust and accountability throughout the supply chain.

The project team will work on designing and developing a decentralised, tamper-proof, and immutable system that ensures the integrity of data and facilitates seamless communication between all parties involved in the supply chain.

Each product will be assigned a unique identifier that can be traced back to its origin, allowing users to verify its authenticity and ensure that it has not been tampered with or counterfeited. The platform will also incorporate smart contracts to automate supply chain operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, while maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the process. By providing consumers with a reliable and transparent supply chain, ProvyLens aims to improve trust and confidence in the products they purchase, while also reducing waste, fraud, and environmental impact.

Project Test Instructions:

Step-1: Create an account:

  1. To create an account, the user/entity needs to connect their Metamask Wallet to the system.
  2. After connecting the wallet, select a role as either a Manufacturer, Supplier or Distributor.
  3. Once the user/entity selects the role, they need to provide their Business Name, Physical Address and Business Logo.

Step-2: Supplier Dashboard:

  1. To add a product to the system, the supplier needs to input the product name, description, price, necessary quantity, and expiry date.
  2. The supplier can view the product details in the ‘view product’ component.
  3. If the supplier wants to delete any product, they will need to enter the product ID into the system to do so.
  4. In the chain component, suppliers can transfer products by selecting the desired item, specifying the requesting manufacturer’s name, indicating the unit quantity, and initiating the transfer process.
  5. You can view all transfer history in the ‘History’ panel.
  6. In the Approve Transfer panel, a supplier can approve any transfer requests initiated by a manufacturer.

Step-3: Manufacturer Dashboard:

  1. The manufacturer must provide product details like the supplier’s address and ID, as well as the product’s name, description, price, required quantity, and expiry date to add a product to the system.
  2. Users can view all products in the ‘product details’ component.
  3. If the manufacturer decides to delete any product, they must input the product ID to successfully remove it from the system.
  4. Within the Chain component, the manufacturer can transfer products by selecting the desired item, inputting the requesting distributor’s name, specifying the necessary quantity, and initiating the transfer process.
  5. Users can view all transfer history in the ‘History’ panel.
  6. In the Request Stock panel, a manufacturer can request stock by inputting the supplier’s address, product ID, and the required quantity of the product.

Step-4: Distributor Dashboard:

  1. To successfully add their product to the system, the distributor entity must provide product details such as product’s name, description, price, necessary quantity, and expiry date.
  2. Users can access and review all product details in the View Product component.
  3. To remove a product from the system, the distributor must input the product ID to initiate the deletion process.
  4. In the Chain component, the distributor can request products by selecting the desired item and specifying the necessary quantity.
  5. A distributor can request stock by inputting the manufacturer’s address, product ID, and the required quantity of the product in the Request Stock panel.

Step-5: Product Verification:

  1. The entity must input the product ID to verify the product.
  2. The system will display the current tracking status of the product and provide a description of each associated entity when the user enters the product ID.

Project Milestones:

  1. Design the Structure of the supply chain: 15/03/2023
  2. Design the flow of the supply chain: 18/03/2023
  3. Making the Front end: 25/03/2023
  4. Making Smart Contracts: 30/03/2023
  5. Testing the smart contract: 04/04/2023
  6. Integrate frontend with backend: 13/04/2023

Future Goals:

  1. The project aims to expand the platform’s capabilities to cover more supply chain stages, allowing for greater end-to-end tracking and management of goods. This will involve leveraging the latest blockchain technologies to provide enhanced visibility and security throughout the supply chain, from raw material procurement to final delivery.
  2. Provylens will focus on enhancing the user interface and experience to create a more seamless and intuitive platform. This will involve improving the platform’s design and usability, streamlining the onboarding process for new users, and providing more personalised and targeted features to meet the specific needs of each user.
  3. Creation of a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of various industries and stakeholders. This will involve collaborating with key players in different industries to identify their unique challenges and requirements and developing tailored solutions to meet their needs. Provylens will also work to build a strong ecosystem of partners and collaborators to support the growth and adoption of its platform across different industries and regions.

Challenges we ran into:

A big hurdle we faced was trying to include all the legs of the supply chain in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and this was a herculean task at first because it involved gathering data from all the different parties involved in the supply chain.

Each of these parties had their own unique data systems and processes, which made it difficult to gather and consolidate all the relevant information.

Another challenge was creating a visual representation of the product journey that was easy to understand and informative. We had to take into account all the different stages of the supply chain, including manufacturing, transportation, storage, and retail.

We also had to consider the different types of data that would be relevant at each stage and ensure that the visual representation of the product journey was accurate and up-to-date.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

One aspect that we’re really proud of is the QR code feature that allows end consumers to track the source of raw materials, view expiry dates, and verify the authenticity of products.

With the help of this QR code feature, consumers can quickly and easily scan the code using their mobiles to access vital information about the product. This kind of transparency is not only important for ensuring the safety of the product, but it also helps to build trust between consumers and manufacturers.

In addition to the QR code feature, we have also developed a visual representation of the product journey in the form of a graph. We have successfully integrated data visualisation techniques that enable producers and stakeholders to gain valuable insights into supply chain operations.

This graph allows consumers to easily see how a product has progressed through various stages, such as manufacturing, transportation, and storage.

What we learned

We gained valuable insights into supply chain management while working on this project.
One of the things we learned is that the supply chain is very complicated and involves many different people like suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Each of these groups has their own problems and needs. In addition, we discovered that managing the supply chain is a delicate balancing act, where even small disruptions can cause significant downstream effects.

But most importantly, we explored the integration of blockchain technology into supply chain management. Blockchain technology can be used to keep track of transactions in a secure and transparent way - also making the logistics more efficient.

Our Team

  1. Luxar : A Blockchain Developer who is very passionate about web3 and technology. His goal is to solve the problem of supply chain management through blockchain technology.

  2. Psyduck: A Backend and Blockchain developer who possesses a keen interest in problem-solving and exhibits exceptional analytical and logical reasoning skills. He derives great pleasure from experimenting with various algorithms to enhance the efficiency of his code.

  3. Jenny-shah: A Frontend Developer who loves crafting visually pleasing and aesthetic websites. She understands the importance of user experience but also loves incorporating personal touch and the home factor into front end development.


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Welcome team, supply chain management is one of the reasons we have blockchain. If you check about features of most blockchain you will see it. The traditional supply chain is nothing to write home about, it is full of corruption. And I am happy you are building something that will bring more transparency. We know anything on the blockchain can be tracked by other people and this will help. I believe your platform is secured and these guys won’t have a way of going around it to continue their corrupt system. Let me say some people because not all are corrupt


Hey @Prince-Onscolo . Thank you for your positive feedback and insights on how blockchain can bring transparency to supply chain management. We are committed to building a secure and trustworthy platform that will help combat corruption and improve the overall efficiency of supply chain management.

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Happy to hear that, you are welcome and keep building :ok_hand:


This is real life solving project.

Some questions:-

  • What Marketing or partnership plan
    To collaborate with existing logistics department ?

You are highly welcome once again :handshake:

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Hello team LensCrafters, the idea you guys came up with is awesome.

I was also thinking to build a project which will be helpful in SCM. There are so many products in the market of we are unaware of the raw materials used to make them and how genuine they are with the tags on the package. Platforms like ProvyLens will be really helpful to keep track of the products around us.

All the best Team. :v:


Thank you once again!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for our project and are glad to hear that you see the potential for similar solutions in the SCM space. Your feedback and support mean a lot to us. #keepbuidling @Shabari


Your project idea looks amazing. All the best.


What types of insights and analytics does Provylens provide, and how can businesses use this information to improve their operations?


@im_31 Thank you so much !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for showing interest in our project. Appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: @Prince-Onscolo

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Supply chain and Blockchain is a never-ending love story. Happy to see someone is building on this concept.


ProvyLens seems an excellent project! I wish the team best of luck.


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