theRevolt - Trading-Card-Game :: GameFi || public beta

Project name: theRevolt
Project title: GameFi
Team name: Spirit-Tower
Team member(s): 3 …to be updated

Development time: 3,5 years

Platform: iOS & Android
Forum Username: theRevolt

Languages**: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (which will also be integrated in next updates).**
Dorahacks URL: theRevolt | Dorahacks

Project Download Instructions
Our game is executable for:
Android :: Android Download
iOS :: TestFlight Download

Android Store (Google Play Store):

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the search bar at the top and enter the name of the desired app (e.g., “TestFlight”).
  3. Locate the app in the search results and tap on it.
  4. Tap the “Install” button to download and install the app.

Alternatively, if you have the direct link to the app, simply click on the link from your Android device, and it will take you directly to the app’s page in the Google Play Store. Then follow steps 3 and 4 to install the app.

TestFlight on Apple devices (iOS):

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for “TestFlight” and download the TestFlight app.
  3. Once installed, open the TestFlight app.
  4. If you have a direct link to the app’s TestFlight invitation, click on the link from your iOS device. This will automatically open TestFlight and prompt you to install the app.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app on your device.

Please note that in order to play the game, you will need to create a new wallet within the game. Your existing TRON address will not be accepted. Follow the in-game instructions to set up a new wallet and start playing.

Project Milestones

Contract address
We use the blockchain completely different. A SmartContract will follow but only when we will release a special feature! That’s when we will need it.

Project Details: theRevolt is a revolutionary trading card game (TCG) in the world of blockchain technology and GameFi, developed by the dedicated team Spirit-Tower. The game combines innovative blockchain technology and the allure of trading cards in an action-packed and strategic gaming experience that is accessible to both die-hard TCG fans and newcomers to the blockchain world.


Project Info

With an impressive three years in development and availability on iOS and Android platforms, theRevolt is more than just a game. It combines a compelling comic book-based storyline, strategic combat, NFT card integration, and a vibrant, growing community. Players can compete against friends in thrilling battles or follow the compelling storyline as they expand and gain value from their collection of NFT cards.

In theRevolt, humans, androids, good and evil characters fight each other. Players can choose their individual fighting style by creating a deck that reflects their personality and strategy. With a variety of cards available and the game constantly expanding, no two battles are alike, and players can always discover and refine new strategies.

An integrated marketplace allows players to easily buy, sell or trade NFT cards. In addition, theRevolt promotes community and allows players to directly participate in the game’s success by owning theRevolt Tokens (REV), which offer holders the opportunity to earn from the game’s profits.

theRevolt has already received high praise for its uniqueness and quality during the closed beta phase and is expected to enter public beta later this year. With constant updates, new features, and a dedicated community, theRevolt is poised to conquer the world of blockchain-based games and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in a trading card game.

here are our New Trailer 2023:

3D NFT integration is one of the most important points in the development of the game.

Project Repo/Website:

theRevolt is a groundbreaking trading card game (TCG) that has integrated the TRON blockchain in an impressive and innovative way. The seamless fusion of blockchain technology and trading card gaming creates a unique gaming experience that is appealing to both blockchain enthusiasts and trading card lovers.

One important aspect that makes the integration of TRON into theRevolt stand out is its ability to take anonymity to a new level. By using the TRON blockchain, players can maintain their identity while ensuring that their digital collectibles and transactions are protected. This approach to anonymity is unique in the blockchain gaming world and demonstrates theRevolt’s commitment to creating a safe and user-friendly environment for its players.
First of all, theRevolt has used the TRON blockchain to manage and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are represented as cards in the game. However, it is important to note that NFT unlocking in the in-game store will be enabled later. This gradual introduction of NFT functionality allows developers to constantly improve the gameplay experience and ensure that all aspects of the game work smoothly before introducing new features.
In addition, theRevolt has implemented two tokens that are closely tied to the TRON blockchain: theRevolt token (REV) and the TERC token. The REV token serves as an important component of theRevolt economy, offering holders the opportunity to participate in the profits of the game. The TERC token, in turn, is intended for in-game and out-of-game transactions, so players can use it to store in the in-game store, play in VS mode, or participate in tournaments.

Graphic Style

The TRON blockchain also offers high scalability and fast transaction speeds, which are crucial for a smooth gaming experience in theRevolt. As a result, battles and transactions can be handled quickly and efficiently without players encountering slow load times or delayed transactions.
Another benefit of integrating the TRON blockchain into theRevolt is the ability to leverage the existing infrastructure and community already established. By connecting to the TRON blockchain, theRevolt can benefit from the growing popularity and user base of the TRON platform.

Overall, theRevolt has integrated the TRON blockchain in an innovative and exciting way to create a trading card game that appeals to both blockchain enthusiasts and trading card lovers. With the seamless marriage of blockchain technology and addictive gameplay.


Hidden in one of the many exciting stories told in interactive comics are cards that you can pack into your own deck. Engage in battles against friends or boss battles, or participate in various tournaments.

In theRevolt, humans, androids, good guys and bad guys fight against each other. Your deck symbolizes your character. It’s up to you what kind of fighter you are - the defensive type or the attacker!

The Shop

Buy, sell or trade your NFT cards easily on the marketplace. A fully functional marketplace will be integrated directly into the game at launch. The store is an important part of the game. It allows you to expand your deck and discover great new cards.

May it be a little more

The game has two tokens once its own theRevolt Token (REV) and is the most important token in theRevolt universe. It entitles the holder to 50% of the profit in the game and also the (TERC).

TERC is used for in-game and out-of-game transactions. You can use it to buy in the store, play VS Mode or participate in tournaments.

See you soon!

Links to join theRevolt family

theRevolt website:
Telegram: @theRevolt_GoT
YouTube: theRevolt :: OFFICIAL - YouTube


Bienvenido a este S4, en principio parece un juego de cartas bien diseñado, me gustaría saber un poco más sobre como piensan planterar el mercado para que el juego tenga éxito, ya que sabemos que tener un buen mercado de compra-venta e intercambio, hace que se reúnan muchos usuarios y despegue el juego. Suerte


Hola, gracias por tu interés en theRevolt y por tus amables palabras acerca de nuestro diseño. Estamos conscientes de la importancia de un mercado sólido y activo para el éxito de un juego de cartas coleccionables basado en blockchain.

Nuestro enfoque principal es construir una comunidad sólida y comprometida en torno a theRevolt, ya que creemos que una comunidad activa es esencial para mantener un mercado saludable. Estamos trabajando en estrecha colaboración con nuestros jugadores para recopilar comentarios y sugerencias, lo que nos permite mejorar constantemente la experiencia del juego.

Además, tenemos planes de lanzar eventos, torneos y promociones en el juego para fomentar la participación de los usuarios y mantener un flujo constante de transacciones en el mercado. Estas actividades también servirán como incentivos para que los jugadores compren, vendan e intercambien cartas, lo que debería ayudar a impulsar el crecimiento del juego.

Asimismo, estamos implementando un sistema de recompensas para los jugadores activos, quienes podrán ganar tokens y otros beneficios exclusivos, lo que incentivará aún más la participación y el compromiso con el juego.

Esperamos que estas estrategias nos ayuden a construir un mercado exitoso y un juego próspero. Agradecemos tus comentarios y deseamos que sigas disfrutando de theRevolt.

¡Buena suerte!


Nice concept and great graphics. But what is the inspiration behind the creation of two tokens??


El implementar todas estas ideas en el juego, hace que sea muy viable. Gracias por su extensa repsuesta.


Welcome to this Hackathon, a well thought out project I congratulate you


Regarding the creation of two tokens, the decision was driven by the desire to provide a diverse and dynamic in-game economy. Each token serves a different purpose, allowing for more flexibility and engagement within the game.

The first token is primarily used as an in-game currency for purchasing cards, accessories, and other items in the store. This token helps establish a stable economy within the game while also serving as a reward for participating in events, tournaments, and completing quests.

The second token, REV, is the actual participation token. With this token, players can trade it on exchanges, and its value is determined by market demand. Moreover, holding the REV token entitles its holders to a proportional share of 50% of the game’s profits. This incentivizes players to invest in the game and benefit from its success while also promoting a strong and supportive community.

In summary, the dual-token system offers a more versatile and engaging experience for players, allowing them to interact with the game in various ways while promoting a thriving in-game economy and encouraging player investment.

We hope this clarifies the concept behind having two tokens in theRevolt! If you have any more questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you for the warm welcome and your kind words! We’re thrilled to be a part of this Hackathon and to have the opportunity to showcase our project. We’ve put a lot of effort into the development of theRevolt, and we’re eager to share our ideas and innovations with the community.

It’s events like these that bring together talented individuals and teams, fostering collaboration and innovation. We’re excited to learn from others, exchange ideas, and gain valuable feedback to further improve our game.

Once again, we appreciate your encouragement and support. Good luck to all the participants, and let’s make this Hackathon a memorable and productive event!


So which of the two are players rewarded with in your game. Are players rewarded with TERC or REV?

Because you stated the REV as the actual participation token and also stated the TERC is rewarded to players after participating in tournaments, quest etc.

I am kind of a little confuse there. Can u please throw a little light on it for me?


I apologize for the confusion caused by our earlier explanation. Let me explain the role of the two tokens in our game.

TERC is the main token in the game that players can earn by participating in tournaments, quests and other activities. TERC can be used to purchase game items, access premium features, and upgrade cards.

REV, on the other hand, serves as the player’s share in the overall success of the game. By owning REV tokens, players can benefit from a percentage of the game’s profits, which incentivizes long-term engagement and investment in the game’s ecosystem. However, players do not earn REV tokens directly through their in-game activities.

In summary, players are rewarded for their in-game activities with TERC, while REV tokens are purchased separately and provide a stake in the game’s success. I hope this clears up any confusion, and please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any further questions!


Thank you as this clears up all my confusion. You just did justice to the explanation given.

Is the REV token listed anywhere??


As for the REV token, it is currently listed on SunSwap. You can find and trade it using the following link: SunSwap | A decentralized exchange protocol for automated liquidity provision on TRON

Please note that as the project continues to grow and gain traction, there may be plans to list the REV token on additional exchanges in the future. Stay tuned for updates from the team, and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


Ok thats very great to know.

The project reminded me of another project called REVOMON and i even thought you had the same ticker but just confirmed from CoinGecko that the ticker of Revomon is REVO


Welcome to Grand Hackathon season 4, wish you all the best


It’s interesting that you mention REVOMON, as it’s always exciting to see various projects in the blockchain gaming space. However, our project, theRevolt, is indeed quite different from REVOMON, both in terms of concept and overall experience.

While both projects may utilize the power of blockchain technology and have some similarities when it comes to gaming aspects, theRevolt has its own unique approach to gameplay, tokenomics, and user experience.


Thanks for the fantastic Hackathon S4 welcome! We’re excited to join this innovative arena with fellow trailblazers. Let’s ignite groundbreaking ideas together—wishing everyone the best of luck! :rocket::video_game::star2:

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Thats great, i checked and realised the difference.

Is there any ETA for the game on iOS??

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From your answer is it right to say that TERC won’t be traded in exchanges, just as you pointed out earlier that REV will be traded in exchanges?

And without ownership of REV token by players, is there anyhow they can earn in TheRevolt? I mean earning a token that can be traded for another token e.g TRX or USDT or USDD


Thank you for the clarification. It’s worth noting that TERC is already being traded on exchanges, and its value increases as more projects adopt and utilize it. We will be the first to directly implement TERC into a game like TheRevolt.

As for the REV token, it won’t be directly purchasable within the game. Players should decide for themselves whether they trust the game and the company behind it before investing in REV tokens. We also plan to provide options for players to move out of the game and convert their in-game assets into other forms of value, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.


Our team is working hard to bring TheRevolt to the App Store as soon as possible so that the game is also available for iOS/Android. While we don’t have an exact date yet, we encourage you to keep an eye on our social media channels and website for updates on the iOS release. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our game! However, there’s not much left before we can announce a firm date.