theRevolt - Trading-Card-Game :: GameFi || public beta preparation

Project name: theRevolt
Project title: GameFi
Team name: Spirit-Tower
Team member(s): 3 …to be updated

Development time: 3 years

Platform: iOS & Android
Forum Username: theRevolt

Languages**: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (which will also be integrated in next updates).**
DevPost URL: theRevolt | Devpost

Project Test Instructions
the game is currently successfully in the community for testing. Our game is executable for Android | iOS. Dear jury members feel free to email me to test the game directly:

Project Milestones

Contract address
We use the blockchain completely different. A SmartContract will follow but only when we will release a special feature! That’s when we will need it.

Project Details: SpiritTower is developing a Trading-Card-Game that allows you to fight and earn coins with NFT cards.

Our goal is to create a game that takes blockchain technology in a completely new way and puts it into a game. The technology takes a backseat to the gameplay, making it easy for anyone to get started in the blockchain world.


Project Info

theRevolt is a trading card game (TGC) with storymode based on comic books. We plan to start public beta at the end of the year. We will start the integration of the NFT objects with the release of the game, all with their own GameFi features - this quality of the game is a first for Tron and an absolute GameChanger.

TheRevolt created hype among trading card fans and introduced countless players to the Tron Blockchain. The quality of the trading card game and the simplicity of the user interface are unprecedented not only on Tron. It directly attacks the major competitors. It is a fast-paced, fun and addictive game where players must defeat opponents with its NFT cards like a beat-em-up to earn points while getting more playing cards to progress with the story. The game is currently in closed beta and are getting nothing but praise for this uniqueness of the game.

Fight in tournaments against friends. Learn the rules with the Integrated Game Book. Privacy is especially important to us. We use technology in a completely new way to provide a new level of privacy.

TheRevolt is not only an exciting game, but also an important tool for Tron development. The closed beta phase shows how fast and reliable the blockchain is. Having a playable game that has already been released means we can test as we continue to develop features. This takes us a step further, both in terms of efficiency and making sure that as we build theRevolt, we design the ecosystem to be scalable.

In the trailer you can see the graphics of the game and how high quality we are working.

3D NFT integration is one of the most important points in the development of the game.

Project Repo/Website:

The game is being expanded on a weekly basis.
The ideas of the community will be integrated and implemented by the team. theRevolt team is working with attention to detail on several items that in themselves will change the game on Tron. Let’s go through one by one what we are working on right now.

The game has a completely moderated city. This city is important to give authenticity to the story. We are also working on new game cards and game card features. This will bring new strategies that will allow even more depth in the game. The characters in the game are getting more and more details from step to step. The story is also being expanded and modeling new settings to play in. We are not short of ideas.

Graphic Style

In this wacky movie TCG Noir style, you’ll get to know the world of theRevolt.TheRevolt is a collectible card game in which collectible NFT game cards become a fast-paced strategy game.


Hidden in one of the many exciting stories told in interactive comics are cards that you can pack into your own deck. Engage in battles against friends or boss battles, or participate in various tournaments.

In theRevolt, humans, androids, good guys and bad guys fight against each other. Your deck symbolizes your character. It’s up to you what kind of fighter you are - the defensive type or the attacker!

The Shop

Buy, sell or trade your NFT cards easily on the marketplace. A fully functional marketplace will be integrated directly into the game at launch. The store is an important part of the game. It allows you to expand your deck and discover great new cards.

Public Beta

A closed beta is already available and will soon start with the public beta.

May it be a little more

The game has two tokens once its own theRevolt Token (REV) and is the most important token in theRevolt universe. It entitles the holder to 50% of the profit in the game and also the (TERC).

TERC is used for in-game and out-of-game transactions. You can use it to buy in the store, play VS Mode or participate in tournaments.

theRevolt Token

Every owner of theRevolt Tokens (REV) has the opportunity to earn from the profits of the game. The token is currently available through SunSwap (V2).


Our weapons are not only 3D, but also NFT objects. These can be purchased in the store and will be constantly expanded. There will also be the possibility to sell your cards. You can also find new cards in the story.

Battle arenas

The battle is on! Use your NFTs to compete in Story Mode, VS Mode, tournaments, or learn about the great story. We are very proud of our characters here.

We are far from being exhausted, we have many more cool features that we are working on right now & more that we want to create that you wouldn’t expect in trading-card games… but we won’t reveal them yet

See you soon!


Building a community is extremely important to theRevolt team. Be welcome and visit our channels. The game already has an incredibly great (still small) community. Who diligently work on the game and contribute ideas. We update the game on a weekly basis. We are really proud of the support from this cool community! It’s no coincidence that we won third place in the Community Award at the Season 2 Hackathon.


Compared to Season 2, a lot has changed. Here is a summary of what happened:

  • Beta version for the community
  • Completely new hand drawn animations SFX and character animations
  • refined look in the game
  • improved login
  • and a lot of ideas from the community
  • also we have now more employees so that we can work faster

Links to join theRevolt family

theRevolt website:
Telegram: @theRevolt_GoT
YouTube: theRevolt :: OFFICIAL - YouTube


Welcome back guys :wave:

Is your game going to be on scoremilk platform as well so communities members can go to that one stop platform to play against each other’s?

Will your token be only available to Sunswap or will you also list on other DEX such as JM Swap (and add the swap widget on your website :eyes:)?

Have you started to look for partnerships with other community projects on Tron since the last hackathon? Or is there some plans to do that? Maybe other gamefi projects for cross-promotion or something.

Good luck!


I’m glad you like our project. Since we are completely a standalone app both iOS and Android we will not be able to offer the possibility to access the game via web.

Our coin will be available on other platforms as well. However, our focus is on the development of the game which is why we are leaving it on SunSwap for now.

Through Hackathon Season 2 we met a lot of great people and projects and a partnership with other projects has been on our minds for a long time. Have great ideas for how to implement this. But since we are still a small team we will do that after the release of the game.


Why won’t you offer the game via web?


HTML5 is, after all, the successor to Flash. HTML5 and JavaScript don’t have the power that a game engine has. Our first version was partly based on JavaScript and at about 8 animations everything started to jerk. So we can’t offer the quality.

The concept looks cool, good luck brooo

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Your tip with JM Swap is great! Have made a request for listing!

I’ve contacted you on telegram :+1:

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Greetings therevolt! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
Project Milestones
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - theRevolt - TCG :: GameFi - #107 by tuaninho that you have submitted in the past?

According to post #6 of TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now! projects that haven’t completed their roadmap for the Hackathon in past Hackathons will not be eligible for the current season. Please make sure your existing project is already live and for the community to use.


Waiting curiously for the public beta testing.


Should you be a chosen one to test the game

We have no idea if we will participate or not. But we are here unlocked for voting:

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What track is this project under?

We run under the GamFI category. We also have NFT objects, but the focus is on gaming.