TronPower: Trading of Renewable Energy on Tron Blockchain

Project Name: TronPower
Project Track: Eco-Friendly
Team Name: Lomotey Josephine
Team Member(s): 1 @TronPower
Dorahacks Project Link: Dorahacks
Project Goal: TronPower aims to encourage prosumers in energy/electricity of renewable energy. Eg. Solar panel.
Project Info:
TRONPOWER.pdf (1.9 MB)

Project Website: (

Project Test Instructions:

    1. Go to TronPower [Live] (
    1. Currently TronPower accepts only Tron link extension so make sure you have that downloaded, link to how to download will be dropped below
    1. Make sure to change your Tron link pro NILE Testnet
    1. Get free test tokens from the link Nile: Faucet
    1. Now click on get started to create either a consumer, prosumer or producer account.
    1. After your account has been successful created, you will directed to your dashboard, then you can go to the market place to see if your company has been listed (prosumers or producer) then for consumers or prosumers, you can go ahead to buy electricity.
      Project Details: (TRONPOWER TRON S4 DEMO VIDEO - YouTube)
      Smart Contract links: current contract being used
      Project Milestones:
    1. Research on how Electricity is generated and distributed
    1. Creation of TronPower web platform
    1. Writing of TronPower smart contract
    1. Integrating TronPower web platform with Tronweb and calling off smart contract functions on the frontend.
    1. Development of TronPower backend server to handle calling of events on smart contracts.
    1. Optimizing TronPower web platform to be mobile responsive.
    1. Creation of awareness to Real estate companies, web2 & 3 users.
    1. Building of TronPower Smart Meter System (SMS) module. This will be in charge of calling on consumeElectricity() function on the Smart Contract. It will detect if consumer or prosumer has low Electricity balanace and automatically disconnect his or her from Electricity supply.
    1. Marketing
    1. Creation of TronPower mobile app.


Tron Power is an energy trading platform that encorages buying and selling of renewable energy.


Our vision is to encorage the use of Blockchain technology, smart meter and smart grids (SG) for trading electricity.
Smart meters are devices that measure and monitor energy consumption in homes and businesses. They are Important for reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.
Tron Power is here to utilize blockchain technology to create a secured, transparent and decentrailzed system for monitoring energy consumption and transactions.

:spider_web: Problem Descriptions

  • Limited Automation: The energy industry relies heavily on manual processes, which can be time-consuming, costly, and error-prone. This can lead to delay of transactions and increased cost.
  • Limited Innovation: The energy industry has been slow to adopt new technologies and innovations, which can be limit its ability to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Lack of Transparency: There’s lack of transparency which can lead to disputes, fraud and other ineffeciences.
  • Centralization: The energy industry is heavily centralized, with few large players dominating the market. This can lead to market ineffiencies, lack of transparency, and limited competition.
  • Limitations

:white_check_mark: Solution Approach

We are targeting the three main bodies in trading electriicty

  • Prosumer: Someone that produces Energy and consumes Energy
  • Consumer: Someone that consumes Energy only
  • Producer: Someone that produces Energy only

Our aim is to promote indiviuals to be able to generate renewable energy and sell to either neighbour or grid companies.

ALICE consumes electriicty from national grid and also makes use of solar panels to generate electricity, if alice is able to generate extra energy alice can easily sign up on tron power as a prosumer and sell his energy to his neighbours.

Why blockchain? Why Tron Power?

  • Decentralization: Blockchain technology enables the creation of a decentralized system where energy can be traded directly between producers and consumers without the need for intermediaries. This can increase competition, reduce costs, and increase transparency.
  • Elimination of intermediaries: Blockchain technology can eliminate intermediaries such as brokers, utilities, and grid operators by allowing energy producers and consumers to transact directly. This can reduce costs and increase transparency.
  • Transparency: Blockchain technology provides a transparent and immutable record of transactions, which can help to reduce disputes, fraud, and other inefficiencies.
  • Automation: Blockchain technology can automate many of the manual processes involved in energy trading, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional trading methods. This can also help to reduce the risk of errors and delays.
  • Innovation: Blockchain technology provides a platform for innovation, allowing for the development of new business models and the creation of new opportunities for energy trading.


  • MarketPlace (Showing Prosumers and Producers) allowing prosumers and consumers to buy energy.
  • Analytic dashboard that helps prosumers track how much energy has been sold and consumed, consumers track how much energy has been consumed and producers track how much energy has been sold. (A working graph also)


  • A smart meter system that is made up of a microcontroller (arduino, raspberry pi) that calls the funtion of SOL ConsumeElectriicty() on the smart contract.
  • A smart contract that handles the way energy is being bought on the blockchain.
  • A Web Platform that helps interact with the smart contract and also a dashboard system showing users details about them or their companies.

:ocean: Architectural Flow.

TRON POWER architectural flowchart (front-end).

HOW TO RUN Web Platfrom

  1. Git clone this repo
  2. Run npm install to install dependecies
  3. Run npm start to start app in development mode
  4. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser.

Get Nile testnet to test the platfrom.

What is next for TRON POWER

  • Mobile Application (REACT NATIVE).
  • Custom Token : Each Prosumer / Producer will be able to create his/her marketplace with his/her own custom token and not just TRON.
  • Mainnet : Deploying and verifing contract on Mainnet.
  • Smart Meter System (SMS) : Building of smart meter and marketing with real estate companies.

:computer: Tools and Technologies.

  • REACTJs : UI framework
  • Tailwind CSS : UI styling
  • Solidity : smart contract language
  • NODEJS : For backend and detecting events in the contract.
  • FireBase JS : Database.
  • Tronweb : connection to nodes, interacting with smart contract.
  • Nile Testnet : Contracts deployed on nile testnet.

Developer Resources.

TronWeb: Understanding tronweb



NILE scan: Explorer

Nile: Faucet

Live Link

Live Server
Live Link

For Testing it is advisable to use run the test server on local host because the live server may be down kindly check before testing

Contract 3 current contract being used


Please note that TronPower is still under development and it’s very possible to experience bugs whilst testing the platform. Please leave comments on any bugs you experience, and also drop your questions below.


I read everything.
Kudos this is well detailed
Wishing you the best :heart:


Bienvenido a este S4, me parece perfecto que hayan creado un proyecto en medir el consumo eléctrico, ya que es bastante importante que se registre en blockchain y sea completamente claro y no manipulable, a día de hoy sabemos que no existe nada que regule el robo que se está cometiendo continuamente con el consumo eléctrico. Suerte.


Welcome to season 4 I see your project as a step in the right direction for renewable energy adoption since users are more incentivised to generate their own electricity and avoid traditional means that cause dangerous carbon emissions


I just opened an account as a consumer on your platform using the Tron link pro extension , Now my question is you have a working platform when will the smart meter be ready ??


Welcome to this Hackathon, your project opens many doors to renewable energy.


Its a nice initiative you have there. But i still cant seem to wrap my head around it. How can i buy power from my neighbor.?

Will there be a video demo to show us what we should expect.

Also your name caught my attention. LOMOTEY are you by any chance a Ghanaian :ghana:??


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best


Hi nana,
Yes I am Ghanaian :heart:
How can you buy electricity from your neighbor?
I will try to explain to the best of my ability
So for example your house is being connected to the ECG (electricity company of ghana)
What connects your house to ECG is your prepaid meter correct?
Now when you’re out of units automatically the meter disconnects you from ECG right? Then you have to buy more uints to have light

Now Tron Power

Tron power makes use of a smart meter that calls a particular funtion on the blockchain to check the amount of uints left on a particular wallet

So now instead of your normal meter you will make use of Tron power smart meter

Your neighbor can have a solar panel generating over 5k kilowatts stored in a large battery

Now your house will be connected to that battery using your smart meter and all you have to do is go on Tron power and buy extra uints.
Automatically you will be using the energy stored on the battery.
If being adopted a lot of users will see a reason to make use of renewable energy and stop CO2 generated by generators
People will be able to buy electricity from anywhere in the world

Also all is being done on the blockchain so it can’t be tampered with.

I’m a solo hacker and I started very late, I would have loved to do a very good video explaining the whole process but I would be lying if I say that will be up anytime soon

I’m currently still trying to fix bugs on the platform, build out the circuit diagram for the smart meter and answer response.

A video is coming up soon but I did a noob job in the editing :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the question nana


Hello darkness
Thank you for reading thru
Hope you enjoyed it?


Hi Elect
Yes that’s the sole aim for Tron power
Producers and consumers are already well known in the energy generating field what Tron power tends to bring is prosumers

Our sole aim is to encourage users to know they can generate their own energy (renewable energy) and sell to others at ease


Yes I did
If you’re not able to do a video explaining the concept of how electricity is being sold you can at least do a video showing how users can make use of the website
Then later on you can deal with the video
The judges will need that video to know how to test your platform


Hello ezemuo,
Yes the platform is working but still have few bugs am fixing up.
The circuit diagram will be ready soon and be updated here
It’s a very complex process as a lot of engineering is being done


Hello Antonio,
Thank you❤️


Thank you Nweke, I appreciate :heart:

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This is good because it would onboard many web2 users into web3 space, buying electricity with tron would be very great


Seems emerging , wish you all the best


First of all i would like to congratulate you on your effort to take part in this hackathon. You are the first Ghanaian i have come across on this platform participating in this hackathon.

If you need links on how to partner with some of the top G on the forum who are also building something great, don’t hesitate to ask. And before voting even starts, i love the project idea and you already have my vote hands down.

Now my question again is, with your tron power approach, you can only buy from neighbors close to you because your smart meter has to be connected to your neighbors battery. For those of us who are not close to anyone with renewable energy, how do we leverage your platform to also benefit from it.