TNS Domains - TRX Name Services

Project Name: TNS : TRON Name Services
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Team
Team Member(s): 4
Dorahacks Project Link: BUILD
Project Goal: No more sandboxed usernames. Own your username, store an avatar and other profile data, and use it across services.

No more copying and pasting long addresses. Use your TNS name to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT.

Project Info: TNS Domains is aimed to be the one stop full-fledge decentralized naming services on TRON, with the aim to not only provide decentralized names but also serve as one stop web-hosting platform.


Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: The website itself is self-explanatory but in case of confusion users can follow this video to navigate through the app itself.

Project Details: Video

Smart Contract links:

  1. TNS Registry
  2. Public Resolver
  3. TNS Registrar
  4. TRX Registrar
  5. TRON Registrar
  6. USDD Registrar

Project Milestones: The project has been fully developed and new updates will be posted after the hackathon period.


Welcome to HackaTRON s4…
this is like what unstoppable domain is providing for eth, polygon and other blockchains right?
I hope you will make it affordable to all
All the best
Keep building

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Amazing to see another project building this, Domain is about to take charge no more address that is very fantastic :blush:
Congratulations and welcome to Grand hackathon S4, wish the project and the team all the best

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Brilliant idea, welcome to Season 4.

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You are welcome dearly to this season’s Hackathon.Together we grow

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I love the idea behind the project and welcome to season 4. Wishing you all the best.


After accessing your dApp something caught my attention, the amount of energy and or $trx needed as fees is almost 100% the cost involved in buying that subscription.

I think the fees is quite alot and atleast if something can be done about it, it will be very lovely.

Also after checking the details i realised something,

Btc - not set
Ltc - not set
Trx - not set
Eth - not set etc.

Can the team shed more light on that aspect, should it first be set before the name is registered or it can be set after the name is registered. Thank you


Greetings @kraftly ! Thank you for your post.

Yes the current fees on TRON Blockchain is at ATH at the moment, users can buy energy from various energy marketplaces or always stake TRX to obtain them.

Yes you need to own a domain name before registering your own details into it.


Hi @kraftly team, it’s always a pleasure to check out your projects - welcome back to S4!

I had 2 questions for you in regards to TNS Domains:

  1. Can you discuss TNS Domain’s business model and how it plans to generate revenue from its platform?
  2. Can you explain the differences between your project and the following S2 project?:
    Tron Web3 Domains - Your Perfect Blockchain Identity

Thank you :blush: :pray:

  1. Business Model : Currently we are just personally investing into the project without expecting return and trying to build something worthwhile

→ We are selling names at negligible fees to promote the naming tech but it generates small amount of revenue
→ Renewal fees that keeps the platform running
→ Soon after webpage hosting we will charge for the hosting as well

  1. DIFFERENCE WITH S2 PROJECT : After much research I can say both the project are 100% different, whitepapers and promises might be same but here we are with a full stack dApp

→ FUNTIONALITY: is direct fork of hence you can do almost everything that’s possible on ethreum’s ens ON TNS, Where as on S2 participant’s website you can buy a name NFT and that’s it

→ SOPHISTICATION: The smart contract of S2 participant is a standard TRC721 contract used for image and video NFT and not for data storage and naming services

Naming services contracts such as one used by TNS is a class of its own, storing and resolving various types of data structures and management with highly sophisticate modern day accepted standard algorithms across various chains and products in chains like ETH, Fantom , AVAX etc

→ USABILITY : While researching the product that you mentioned above we found out that the product can not be used by users. The product seem to have made a name but it’s not functional. You can purchase names(normal TRC 721) and trade them. They have no usability, you can not even do simple thins like storing your wallet addresses. (S2 is long past hence we expected full stack product while conducting our research)

We launched TNS with 98% full functionality and the rest 2% we didn’t activate because they are sever and economical heavy stuff like web hosting. Everything we say on the website you can login and get started with using the product.


I am not a fan of forks, but you have done a good job with some modifications.

All the best.


Hello, welcome to Hackathon season 4. I hope the domain will be a good one and will be essential for the Tron chain.

Buddy, when you say

Tron chain
It does Remind me of a painful scam
Experience with a smart contract then
Called Tron chain

I will prefer
Tron Blockchain

Oops. Am so sorry about your experience. I promise not use again okay.

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Thanks for that clarification, I wish you all the best…


Hi team,

Welcome to the hackathon.

I would like to know if there are other existing platforms solving the same problem. And if so, what is your plan to differentiate yourself.

Thanks! And wish you the best.


Thats a wonderful question, there is a project out there called ENS, Ethereum naming service. I dont know the difference between TNS and ENS but one thing is for sure, the gas fees on ENS can make you go mad.

Maybe the team will be around to shed more light on your question.

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No, there are no other working dAPP on TRON that solves this problem. However there are dApps like these in other blockchain.

Ours have some notable features

  1. 100% smart contract based
  2. Unlimited LDs

Love the idea behind your project, wish you good luck and would be following up

I understand what ENS is an am trying to use it relate to TNS guessing they are the same but on different chains.
You sell domain names right?
My question is how exactly do you do it
I thought for a while back that domain naming is done by an American company.
This question doesn’t affect how much I support your project so wether you answer correctly or not you still have my support.
I’m just trying to learn to know how it works