New JM partnership and crypto giveaway!

New JM partnership and JM crypto giveaway!

Greetings fellow Tronics. There’s something interesting I want to share with you.

Today’s news is that JustMoney strategically partnered with TokenWhistle. Check out the link to the original post on X.

Through this partnership, TokenWhistle users will utilize JustMoney’s decentralized payment gateway, which includes features such as invoicing and cryptocurrency gifting. These tools make it easier for merchants to accept cryptocurrency and for users to manage their crypto transactions efficiently.

This collaboration aims to enhance the TokenWhistle user experience by integrating JustMoney’s innovative financial tools and decentralized applications, providing the TokenWhistle community with seamless and efficient cryptocurrency solutions.

To celebrate the partnership TokenWhistle has agreed with JustMoneyIO to distribute 14,000,000 JM tokens via Red Envelopes, providing users an opportunity to engage with the JustMoney and Tron ecosystem and earn free rewards.

Participating is very simple. You can easily download and install the TokenWhistle app from the Playstore click for direct link or AppStore click for direct link. Kindly set your notifications for JM. You will be notified whenever there’s a drop of JM tokens.

I have already downloaded the TokenWhistle app from the Playstore and enabled the notifications for JM. As the saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Which means something like: Just don’t be late. And it was actually very easy to set up.

What do you think of this partnership or this new crypto app? Interesting?
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Thank you for reading and feel free joining me on this journey!


Congratulations to justmoney for sealing this partnership, this is really amazing,… hoping to see more of this :clap:


Congratulations JM team on this latest collaboration :clap:


Congrats JM for this new achievement


Great partnership… Congrats to JM for making this collaboration possible

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JustMoney is hosting a crypto giveaway for TokenWhistle users.
This is an exciting opportunity for users to not only experience JustMoney’s payment gateway but also potentially win some cryptocurrency.

I encourage all TokenWhistle users to participate in this giveaway and take advantage of the benefits that come with using JustMoney’s decentralized payment gateway.
This partnership demonstrates the continued growth and development in the cryptocurrency space, and I look forward to seeing how it will benefit the entire community.
Cheers to a successful collaboration between JustMoney and TokenWhistle.
Congratulations :clap:

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This partnership as well others has a sole significance of bringing much needed traction by boosting active participation from both JM and Token Whistle ecosystems.
P.S - I’m a simple guy, I see legit projects on Tron, I get in, 0 skips value.


I like Just Money very very much because to me they are original, so congratulations and more achievements, thank you