Ways to Obtain More Crypto on TRON with JM

Ways to Obtain More Crypto on TRON with JM

For crypto enthusiasts seeking to expand their portfolio or dive deeper into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), acquiring Tron tokens like JustMoney (JM) tokens. The JM platform offers a gateway to various opportunities. Whether you’re looking to trade, stake, or contribute to the Tron ecosystem, there are several solutions available. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain more JM tokens or other crypto on Tron like Ethereum, BTT, USDT or BTC.

1. Buy from the Origin Swap via Just.Money. With transaction fees of under 19 TRX.

Step 1: Install the TronLink App on your IOS/Android phone for seamless integration with the Tron blockchain.

Step 2: Acquire $TRX by either purchasing it from any Centralized Exchange (CEX) and transferring it to your TronLink wallet, or utilize the JM Crosschain Swap to convert $USDT, $ETH, $MATIC, or $BNB to $TRX or USDT. Simply connect with Metamask and complete the swap process.

Step 3: Trade your $TRX or $USDT for $JM tokens on Just.Money by opening this link in your TronLink browser’s discovery tab.

Step 4: Connect your wallet and locate the $JM token in the Tron tab.

Step 5: Specify the amount of $TRX you wish to swap, ensuring to maintain a balance of at least 30 TRX on JMSwap to cover the associated fees. Pro tip: The more JM you hold the less fee you pay.

2. Arbitrage on Multichain via JM Bridge:

Traders capitalize on price differentials across blockchains by buying low on one and selling high on another using the JM bridge, thus profiting from the arbitrage opportunities presented. You can make nice gain on arbitrage opportunities:

3. Stake $JM in Liquidity Pool:

Stake $JM tokens alongside an equivalent amount of another currency in a liquidity pool, such as the JM/CCC pair, to earn attractive yields with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 54%.

Edit: be aware of Impermanent Loss : This is a concept specific to liquidity providing. When the prices of the tokens in the pool change, liquidity providers may experience impermanent loss, which is the difference between holding the tokens in the pool versus holding them in a wallet. The APY needs to account for this potential loss.

4. Supply Energy for $JM Rewards:

Contribute to the sustainability of the ecosystem by staking $TRX in return for $JM rewards. JustMoney’s integrated model incentivizes users to provide energy by freezing TRX, earning 0.3 JM per day per 1 TRX frozen.

For detailed insights into staking and energy contribution, refer to my previous article on farming crypto and exploring DeFi opportunities in 2024: Farming Crypto: Your Guide to DeFi in 2024

By leveraging these strategies, crypto enthusiasts can not only accumulate more $JM or other tokens but also actively participate in the DeFi landscape, fostering growth and sustainability within the JustMoney and Tron ecosystem.

JustMoney: Decentralized DeFi Pioneers for the Tron Ecosystem and beyond!

JustMoney stands as a trailblazer in the realm of decentralized finance, offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to cryptocurrency projects and enthusiasts. With an fast moving ecosystem spanning Ethereum, Tron, BSC, Polygon, and BTTC. JustMoney provides a seamless experience for users and projects alike.

From a decentralized exchange (DEX) to a decentralized payment gateway, trading bots, invoicing system, and a cross-chain swap, JustMoney’s product family equips users and projects with the tools necessary for cryptocurrency exchanging, merchant adoption, and business growth. It has won 6 prizes during the last 5 Tron hackatrons. Unlike other Hackatron projects (and even winners) JustMoney truly delivers working products and getting things done making it one of the most valuable projects currently on the Tron blockchain.

At the time of writing the $JM token is trading at $0.00001904 with a marketcap of $1.360.000,00 and the TVL (Total Value Locked) is at $884.274,00.

I’ll hope you liked this article. Check out my previous one as well about the “5 Reasons to buy JM tokens”: 5 Reasons to buy JM Tokens: Unlocking the Potential. This link directs you to the article on this forum!

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This is really a great piece I must commend, you left no stone unturned here and gave special preference to details, this is a nice read, I must commend. I’ve just 1 question;

What is the advantages of staking $JM tokens in a liquidity pool, and can you elaborate on the JM/CCC pair mentioned?

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Great article. One suggestion: add a note about impermanent loss on point 3 (Staking JM), there is a risk of losing money by doing it.


Thanks Manfred! The advantage is that liquidity providers will earn a certain apy in return for staking.
When users trade cryptocurrencies on JM, they pay a fee. These fees are distributed among liquidity providers in proportion to their share of the liquidity pool.

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Thanks! Will add this to the article l!

I got that loud and clear.

HI MarcoPolo
Wondering if you can help me please as I have been scammed :frowning:
is there anyway of checking through Tron20 ? I have all the hashes etc
thank you so much

I hold TRX but new to JM, is there an French community, would like to blend in.

Hello Estee I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed. Once a transaction is finished there’s nothing to be done about it. Can you please describe what happened. It may help other users.

Hi Ines, Unfortunately there’s no French community for JM yet. But we have many French people in the main group. Dont be shy to come by, blend in and say hi :wink:

As always I’d love to drop in to keep up with the trends in your space, thank you for inviting me.

Wao indeed this is interesting and so much thanks for being able to share your knowledge across so we can benefit.