My take on the JustMoney Dapp Explorer: The Next-Generation Blockchain Explorer and DAppStore on Tron

My take on the JustMoney Dapp Explorer: The Next-Generation Blockchain Explorer and DAppStore on Tron

With Season 6 of the Tron Hackatron in full swing, projects are posting their latest products daily on the Trondao forum.

With the increasing use of decentralized, peer-to-peer, and secure networks, blockchain is becoming the backbone of Web 3.0 — the decentralized web. The TRON Hackatron creates opportunities for unheard talents to make their marks and accelerate the development of Web 3.0 while promoting the growth of the Tron ecosystem at the same time.

I would really love to take you to the latest JustMoney development in the Tron ecosystem now that the submission period for the Tron Hackatron season 6 is coming to an end.

The latest Hackatron application of JustMoney, is a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing the way users interact with blockchain technology. Serving as both a blockchain explorer and a DAppStore, this new JustMoney product offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for the Tron community.

The platform provides users with an alternative to Tron’s traditional blockexplorer,, offering a sleek and intuitive interface for exploring the Tron blockchain. From browsing through a wide variety of decentralized applications (DApps) to discovering and trading new tokens, transactions, charts, prices and wallets, the JustMoney Dapp Explorer opens up a world of possibilities for users to engage with the Tron ecosystem.

One of the key features of the JustMoney Dapp Explorer is its ability to interact with smart contracts, empowering users to explore blockchain data and engage with smart contracts seamlessly. Whether users are tracking transactions, monitoring token movements, or participating in DeFi protocols, the JustMoney Dapp Explorer provides a comprehensive overview of the Tron blockchain’s activity.

The Dapp Explorer comes with some advertising banners to generate new revenue, diversifying its income streams beyond traditional transaction fees & subscription models. By strategically placing banners throughout the platform, JustMoney can capture the attention of its user base and capitalize on the growing demand for advertising opportunities within the blockchain and web 3 industry.

Additionally, the JustMoney Dapp Explorer offers a convenient feature that allows users to save their favorite smart contracts and DApps for easy access. By simply selecting the “Add to Favorites” option, users can create a personalized list of their preferred smart contracts e.g. tokens and DApps, which are then stored in their explorer history. This feature enhances user experience by enabling quick and effortless navigation to frequently used or preferred smart contracts and DApps, streamlining the exploration process within the Tron ecosystem. Whether it’s a favorite DeFi protocol, gaming DApp, or NFT platform, users can make their own tailored lists within the Dapp Explorer, ensuring that their favorite resources are always just a click away.

Furthermore, the Community Trust Score feature serves as a valuable resource for users seeking to make informed decisions about which DApps to engage with or which tokens to invest in. A high community trust score can signal reliability and quality, while a low score may indicate potential risks or issues that warrant further investigation.

The new platform also integrated the swap widgets of the JustMoney DeFi platform. What sets JustMoney apart is its focus on lowering transaction costs and improving efficiency. By leveraging its own technology, JustMoney significantly reduces transaction fees, allowing users to save up to 70% per trade compared to traditional swaps. This is made possible through integration with JustMoney swap, another innovative solution that now also optimizes liquidity and utilizes pools from Sunswap while minimizing costs. The more JM a user holds in its wallet the more discount it will recieve as low as 5 trx per swap. This is significantly lower than the cost per swap on on the Tronchain which is about 55 TRX per swap.

To interact with the JustMoney Dapp Explorer a user needs to have a Tron compatible wallet like Tronlink. To use the JustMoney Dapp Explorer the user needs to open the website in the browser of the wallet. After connecting the wallet with the platform the user is able to swap and interact seamlessly with the Tron ecosystem.

With JustMoney, users can expect a seamless, safe and user-friendly experience, whether they are seasoned Tron blockchain OG’s or newcomers to the space. By combining the functionalities of a blockchain explorer and a DAppStore, JustMoney is paving the way for the future of decentralized finance and application development on the Tron blockchain and beyond.

As JustMoney continues to innovate and expand its offerings within the Tron ecosystem, it recognizes the importance of community support in achieving its goals. With the closing of Tron Hackathon Season 6 on the horizon, JustMoney is calling upon its dedicated user base to rally behind the platform and help secure community prizes through active participation and voting.

So my question to you is: have you explored yet?
What do you think of it? Good huh? In my honest opinion this new product is one of a kind and toopnotch. It is actually combining the best of Tradingview, Uniswap (or Sunswap), Etherscan (or Tronscan), coingecko and dappradar all together into one smooth looking platform exclusively for the Tron community and Tron Ecosystem. It brings an opportunity to show the Tron ecosystem outside the tron community and bring in new users. Or as the main developer stated: “a new home for the Tron Ecosystem”.

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The article mentions advertising banners as a revenue stream, and also Community Trust Score" questions are

  • How will JustMoney ensure these ads are relevant and don’t overshadow the user experience.

  • Is there a concern that intrusive ads might drive users away from the platform.

  • Are there alternative monetization strategies being considered, such as premium features or transaction fees for specific functionalities

  • How is this score calculated, and what factors are considered.

  • Is there a risk of manipulation of this score, and how will JustMoney ensure its accuracy and reliability.