Shop-to-Earn browser extension by ThanX

Project Name: ThanX Chrome & Firefox Browser Extension
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: ThanX Finance
Team Member(s): 5+ members, @KLesku @rolandlesku @maddy_210 Miklós K., Margó K., Maurice D.
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Project Goal: A browser extension where users can collect $THANX by shopping online at our partners and cash-out from it via reedeming their tokens for gift cards and discounts.

Project Info:

GitBook: Overview - THANX WHITEPAPER
ThanX Finance Whitepaper v1.1.pdf (1.5 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Follow the guide here: ThanX Finance | Crypto Cashback On The Go

Project Details:

Users can earn up to 20% cryptoback in THANX when they shop online, travel or book hotels via our browser extension. Currently we have over 40 global brands like, Travala, Udemy, PUMA who already joined us.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible for people and retailers by simplifying its usage.

We will spread crypto to millions of people all around the world with just a click of a button while we help:

  1. People to earn crypto while shopping and redeem THANX tokens for discounts and gift cards
  2. Retailers to adapt to cryptocurrencies without any hassle and gain a new crypto-based audience to increase revenue

We will also build & enhance partnerships among crypto projects by incentivizing users to use their solutions or services like buying NFTs etc.

Project Milestones:

Our product is a web-based extension available in Chrome and Firefox browsers which users can use by connecting a 3rd party wallet. (Coming soon)

People can also register via Google, Facebook or with their email, and they can automatically take part in a multi-brand reward platform to collect & spend crypto at 30+ brands currently.

The backbone of our growing ecosytem is a customized TRC20 utility token called THANX.

Our token $THANX successfully launched on Just.Money on 26th October!

Token Utilities & Business Model

Roadmap | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


Hey everyone👋

Let us share the team members of our project as our team got bigger in the past few months. We’ve 2 mentors who joined us and are supporting ThanX.

If you don’t know it yet, ThanX has been selected to participate in a 3-month long mentor program powered by Design Terminal, the biggest innovation agency in the CEE region! :partying_face:


Shop-To-Earn, we are monetizing everything now. That’s great. The power of crypto.
Please is this going to be like cash back?


This is super cool, :frowning_with_open_mouth:


Yes exactly, it was time for a shop-to-earn model after the emerge of play-to-earn, move-to-earn etc models, and with crypto we can finally revolutionize shopping.

Yes, you’ll receive a % based cashback in our token $THANX after you purchase sg at our partners.


Looking forward for it.
Good luck in this hackathon too


Great team.
Have seen my boss there too.
Great advisor :raised_hands:t2:


Since the Hackathon submission we pulled in one more brand where you can earn cashback after each purchase!

Next to & Travala, meet our new partner:! is a one-stop travel platform where you can access everything you need for great trips with loads of travel deals.

It’s time to experience freedom through our partner brands!:airplane:


This is one of the unique products out there ! As it provides discounts wow :star_struck:

I wish all the best and I will keep watching here !


Hi :wave: glad to see you again on the forum!

So users will get cash back in $THANX tokens. Are you going to purchase them from the market and then give them to the users or is it from the team wallet?

Besides, will you organise some kind of buyback and burn to incentive holders?



Wow. I earn as much as I shop. That’s great


@Riyanaz07 @Mbfreed

Exactly, that’s the power of our extension. Just for your daily shopping activities you can earn and put aside some money in crypto and save money.

Basically a free, no-risk investment product for a few extra clicks.:fire:


Great work on build on this as well, nice one. A big opportunity

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Hey, thank you for the great question!:raised_hands:

The cashback in $THANX does not come from the team wallet, instead there is 45% of tokens reserved for the community and for rewards like giving cashback and it comes from that wallet. Plus, at the same time we will reinvest and buyback tokens from the market from our revenue we generate at each purchase when somebody shops at our partner.

As for the burn, we’ll burn tokens as soon as we implement gift cards / discounts. People will be able to redeem their tokens for these and we will burn 50% of it.

Through buyback, burn and by reinvesting our real revenue we will bring value to our ecosystem.



We have published a new blogpost about our Tokenomics so give it a read👇

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Medium as we’re publishing regular updates & posts about what’s going on in the background or what comes next!:eyes:


We added our Whitepaper & Tokenomics to GitBook so you can give it a quick read: Overview - THANX WHITEPAPER

Feel free to ask your questions if there’s any!


Nice idea. Keep building.


You are saying early bird rewards in Q4 in your roadmap. Could you specify what are these?

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Thanx token is listed on any exchange?

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Currently it’s only listed on as THANX was launched last month.

You can buy it with $TRX or $USDT.

Exchange listing will come next year.

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