Slash Web3 Payments -Automatically swap/payments-

Project Name: Slash Web3 Payments
Project Track: ecosystem
Team Member(s): 1 * @SlashWeb3Payments

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Project Goal:

・Slash goals by 2023

:Ecosystem construction by physical stores/communities (QR code) / 100

:Ecosystem construction by EC site/Dapps (API) / 20

:Building partnerships with overseas companies / 10

:Building a global track record for Series A

Slash has an advantage in Japan, and we plan to integrate it into companies in cooperation with payment agency companies.

I think it is important to create small Slash communities and achievements in each country.

If there are even a few people who are interested, I would like to explain Slash and make one achievement first.

Project Info:

We are developing "Slash Web3 Payments” that integrates crypto payments and DEX.

・1400+ tokens

・4 types of blockchain

・Support for EVM network-based crypto currency with liquidity in DEX.

・Automatically swap/payment crypto currency at the best rate.

・Receiving sales in stable coins.

・Integration in 3steps(QR code)

■Slash makes it extremely easy and safe to introduce cryptocurrency payments.

To become a merchant, simply click Enter App on the page and connect your Web3 wallet. There is no complicated screening process. From that day on, your store or service will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments. Payments are delivered to your Web3 Wallet from that very moment.

■Multiple Chains &Tokens*

Slash’s payment contracts and core contracts automatically connect to the best-rate DEX SWAP router when making payments with different tokens. This solution allows Customers to pay with any token they want to use. *EVM token

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

How to use slash when you are a merchant.

  1. Connect with MetaMask. No email address or password is required. All you need is a MetaMask wallet.

  2. Select the receive token. Please select a Stable Token you would like to receive as a merchant. We currently support USDT, USDC, DAI, and JPYC (beta feature).

  3. Create your own payment contract Deploy your own payment contract for each network you wish to enable payments on. We currently support Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche. More EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks will be supported in the future.

  4. Introduce payments to your services with Slash Payment Documents. Web3 payments (cryptocurrency payments) can be introduced with the same simple source code as with traditional payment processers. Additionally, we provide real-time technical support via Telegram and Discord.

Project Details:

The standard Slash Payment fee is between 0.2~0.6% of the payment amount and is collected for gas fees for platform tokens (ETH, BNB, Matic…). With the exception of the 0.1% fee for donations, Slash Payments has a completely new system that automatically buys back Slash Tokens from a DEX for each transaction. Slash Tokens can also serve as governance for Slash and can be used to vote for who donation recipients are or be used in a staking pool with a fee discount feature to be launched at a later date. *The Slash Token will be issued in Phase 2.

■Marchant taegets

Online Paid Services: Market Companies can implement this service in their SaaS products, online services, live chats, or any other service in the world and receive sales in the form of stable tokens.

CEX & NFT Market: The NFT market requires a deposit in a predetermined currency. CEX currently only accepts deposits in their listed tokens. By introducing Slash as a payment method, it will be possible to make payments in almost all tokens that have liquidity on the DEX.

Online gaming Market: The online gaming market is very active and large. Slash plans to partner with a number of gaming providers to establish a free and open economic zone.

E-commerce Market: Partner with e-commerce service providers to easily accept crypto payments. We provide a seamless payment experience for our customers and encourage them to use their excess funds to pay with crypto assets.

Real Stores Market: Crypto asset payments in real stores requires stability and speed, and Slash Payments supports Polygon, Arbitrum (L2), and the dawn of the Web3 era in which anyone can easily use cryptocurrencies for payments.

Forex Brokers Market: The Forex and derivatives market is a very large market for payment solutions. It is also a new market for crypto payments. The introduction of a seamless Web3 payment solution like Slash has great potential in this field.

Project Milestones:

2022 Q4 Slash Web3 Payments on Tron
2023 Q1 introduction 100 cases (API/QR code)
2023 Q2 introduction 100 cases (API/QR code)

Contract Address:


This kind of initiative is highly appreciated in web3 platforms, due to lack of adequate payment gateway in blockchain transactions


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Happy a real usercase for crypto which part of the one will be your first target??


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