Root Protocol - Own your Social Media account on-chain

Project Name: Root Protocol
Project Track: Web3 (SocialFi)
Team Name: RooTeam
Team Member(s): KowalewskiPawel, yaakov
DevPost URL: Root Protocol | Devpost

Project Goal
Create a social media dapps graph on Tron Network, to easily create social media dapps that can share the same state, enable super quick and easy integrations, and most importantly store content on-chain. Every post, comment, profile info NFT metadata, and even profile picture can be stored on-chain. Additionally, photos and videos can be shared using BTFS, implemented on the frontend side and links stored as a string on-chain.

Project Details:
Root Protocol includes, the whole infrastructure of smart contracts that are deployed on TRON Network, Documentation for interacting with the smart contracts, and TRON API for fetching data on the frontend side, plus a demo fully functional dapp.

Currently I am in the process of finishing up the frontend app, smart contracts are mostly ready but I am still testing and extending those functionalities. However, I am still not sure should I keep profiles as OpenZeppelin ERC721 NFTs or use TRX721. Once the frontend app is finished, I will move on to preparing the documentation page.

Any comments and advice will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Interesting! Inspired by lens protocol on polygon? :slight_smile:


Sure, but after having a lot of issues with it - I am of the conviction that we need a better and easier solution. Why not build it on TRON then, I have working MVP of the smart contracts, API, and frontend already but I have to migrate it to TRON. Within few days I will publish code, front, and documentation.


Sweet, you just need to learn the tronweb api and then you can port over all the frontend code with some small configs


Yes, currently in my test version I have created Graph API but one of the crucial parts is moving it to TRON API - hopefully it won’t be too hard. The only thing that I am still very confused about is BTFS, since there is no web sdk or anything like that.


since there is no web sdk or anything like that

Yeah, this makes it very hard to work with it, having to manually upload everything is not scalable at all. I might use ipfs instead because the ipfs js client is great


I’m not a developer but will this help BTFS2.0 Architecture ?


Looks great! Thank you :slight_smile: Nevertheless, I will probably just focus on the critical part of the protocol for the time being.

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I would love to see the project post more elaborated. That is, the idea clearly defined and concise


Great idea, I think it’s very interesting and could easily be adopted.

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Thank you @BearClub and @Bellik - so the idea very shortly is to have a set of Smart Contracts (which are indeed ready and deployed), that will work as core backend for any social media app and provide basic functions such as creating profiles, adding posts, comments, and following others. So that community will be the only judge, what do they want to read or interact with not the platform admins. Since everything is on-chain once you decide to pay gas-fee for storing your data, you can be assured that it will be always there. Moreover, with the use of TRON API, potentially the whole data can be queried on the frontend, without need for any wallet or anything like that, if there is someone who just want to read posts, comments etc. Once there is a proper documentation for writing, and reading data to this protocol, literary anyone can build a frontend for such a social app, with extra or custom features. Moreover, it will also add a smooth transition for users to switch between the platforms, since the data is always pointing to the same Root. :slight_smile:

@Pawel very interesting!

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