One for All… (The Social Media Hub)

Today is yet another day for ideas to be shared to our developers around and see if it can atleast be adopted for next hackathon.

I have been thinking about this for a very long time and i dont know if it already exist but if it doesn’t, then brace yourself for an amazing ride.

Social media keeps springing up on a daily basis to the point where we are sometimes lost in the sea of these apps.

So something struck me and i said, can’t we have a dapp that can give us access to all our social media platforms all at once. (Please the idea is not perfect and i know it needs polishing😂)

How will this dapp work??

Open the dapp browser through your tronlink wallet.

Connect your wallet.

Add all your social media platforms you have already sign up to. (Facebook, twitter, snapchat, tiktok, youtube etc)

Make sure all these platforms are linked to your dapp.

Now this is the fun part;

If you want to send a message and you want this message broadcasted to your facebook account, twitter, instagram or snapchat……

just type the message example (hello world)

Select the social media platform you want it to be broadcasted to.

Click on send and watch all your accounts being updated after that.

Moving from one account to another is tedious and this approach will help eliminate that stress.

This will be fast and very efficient in spreading messages accros all platforms.

It will save celebrities, promoters and other individuals a whole lot of time.

I dont know if its possible, but if it is can our developers help us in this area.

And the best part is the team to build this can integrate an energy system through this platform, as it will require some small fees or energy to use this service.

What do you think @TronNinjas, @stian, @fabsltsa, @StevenTRON, @Sirluke, @tronpulse


Lets set the ball rolling


All good that you always a project suggestions
That could be polished to make solid project.

Yes we have nowadays, hundred of social media apps,
Funny enough is that not all we know,
And not all we can manage,
Not all we can use.

On the suggestion to Have a Dapp to manage
All social media all In one account.

I do feel this will be complex
As it will be so many social media app to integrate
Into the Dapp


Yh i know it will be complex, but the user of the dapp will be the one to add the social media platform.

So me for instance, i use about four social medi platforms. So i will add only that four.


Yes it will be complex, I believe maybe it will be available for Android, but iOS will be lagging.

Well,I know of a project that have this similar concept.
It’s called EMG super app

I guess if I’m to add, I will include Tron Dao forum


I checked out the EMG super app and i can say its a lovely app but what i am proposing is quite different from what they have.

With my you can send a message across all your social media platform without visiting an individual app.

I will send a message using the dapp i am proposing and it will get broadcasted to all my social media handle i select.

So imagine sharing an information and that information can be seen on twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, instagram etc at a single click of send.


I think it could be possible.
But will be in form of application. I guess
But let’s get to hear from our top developers

If you open Google Chrome sometimes you have access to YouTube, etc you can also save some sites over there for easy access so it’s possible .


Nice build up.Hoping one day it turns into reality.Technology never ends

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Our celebrities on different platforms will surely for a one for all dapp to help them manage all their social media account. As this will also go a long way to help project moderators as they can perform various task with a single click

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One pertinent requirement of a social media platform is funding and I think to fund the development of the decentralized social media hub, it could launch an initial coin offering (ICO) or conduct a crowdfunding campaign. The platform could also generate revenue through transaction fees or by offering premium features to users.


Do you really need web3 for that tho?
Also on my normal browser I can already have tabs for all my social networks and I’m already logged in + I can switch profile easily on e.g. Twitter.

But if you want it I think @tronninjas could have this ready for next week (sorry Mo :joy::joy::joy::heart:).


Is the switching that i have problem with :joy:. Imagine wanting to post on twitter, facebook, instagram and other, you will have to do it one after the other. But i want a system where it can be done at once with a single click of send


Change tab, ctrl+v send, change tab, ctrl+v send, change tab, ctrl+v send, change tab,… haha


To answer your question, IS IT POSSIBLE?

Yes, it is however, often people ask the wrong questions.

The questions we should consider here, IS IT NECESSARY?

It’s important to investigate if blockchain technology is required to solve a problem in this instance it is not, many services currently exist to tackle this problem, here is an example of a few.

A good exercise when thinking of ideas is to first research the idea via Google and see if there is something similar to discover how you can make advancements on this.

@Nana66419 I love your energy and ideas! Never stop trying to push forwards!



I guess this answers it all from a desktop view.

Ply, give me answers from a mobile view?


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They have mobile apps you can use.

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haha, it is true, we could. However, we feel like @fabsltsa already tweets too much and therefore to safeguard the overall crypto industry we have decided not to pursue this.


That’s a fair point :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m sure you can find easily how to copy-paste some text on your mobile and switch apps in under a second :+1:

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Hahaha i get it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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