Hikaru finance protocol

Project Name: Hikaru finance
Description: Automated portfolio manager and trading platform

Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: tokenstation.dev
Team Member(s): 7

DevPost URL: Hikaru finance | Devpost
Project Repo/Website: Hikaru.fi
GitHub: GitHub - tokenstation/hikaru-sc

Project Details:

Beta in Testnet

Try Hikaru here: Hikaru.fi


TRON is a powerful platform, but at the moment it does not provide enough tools for investors.
The tokenstation.dev team is ready to present our worthy solution to this problem - the Hikaru.fi Protocol. It is an automated portfolio manager and trading platform.

Hikaru for investors

Hikaru.fi is an automated portfolio manager that allows you to diversify your holdings smarter than ever.
Instead of paying fees to a fund manager, let a decentralized community of professional arbitrageurs rebalance your portfolio. What’s more, you’ll also earn on the commissions.

Just set and forget - it is really that simple.

Hikaru for traders

Hikaru.fi is a trading platform for everyone.
Any user can easily exchange cryptocurrency in a convenient form of swap, getting access to a huge liquidity market “under the hood”.
Professionals, on the other hand, find a huge number of new earning opportunities for themselves thanks to holders who need to rebalance their portfolios.

Hikaru for devs

Hikaru.fi targets easy integration of any DEX that can follow predetermined interfaces that can be expanded as the system grows.
For the start of the project we decided to provide a very powerful utility to TRON community - pools that consist of multiple tokens and can have unequal distribution in pool. In classical pools (Uniswap V2-like) - tokens are in 1:1 ratio, in Hikaru.fi pools token ratio is a customizable parameter. This kind of pools is useful for different DeFi projects as it enables them to be more flexible and users as it expands available options for investment.

For more technical details please check our GitHub

Hikaru for beginners

Hikaru.fi is also actively studying the issues of potential users - people who are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies, but would really like to “try”. For them, we are already developing a completely new experience from the use of DeFi. Just stay tuned.

Hikaru for TRON ecosystem

Hikaru.fi is a possibility to attract a new stream of users to the TRON ecosystem.
Traders will find new arbitrage opportunities on the blockchain.
Investors will get a completely new financial instrument: more pragmatic and less risky than Sunswap due to diversification, and more profitable than JustLend.

Therefore, Hikaru.fi will only expand the already incredible possibilities of the TRON ecosystem.


Interesting, I wish you success…

I share my project that is in the WEB3 segment, any questions or comments, I’m here to help you.

If you think I can help you with something, count on us.


will hikaru have its own lending? that would be great, breath of fresh air in tron


Multiple tokens in a pool? That should give a high APY.

I’ve been following hackaton projects for a couple of weeks now, so far this is the most interesting one. Give me twitter or telegram so I can follow the project.


if they have their own lenging platform, then they can do boosted pools (this is when extra liquidity is sent to the lending protocol to increase APYs)


First project at tron hackathon that looks good. Launch? Airdrop?


Something what TRON really missing right now :sweat_smile:
Wish u guys success in the Hackathon to raise some funds and launch on the network asap

really cool dat TRON projects dive deeper into the users needs now


This is possible after successful launch of the project.
Currently we are aimed at enhancing DeX capabilities of our product


Yes, our pool allow users to add multiple tokens to pools and customize their proportions in pool using weights.
For increasing user’s APY we also plan to lauch incentives programs for stakers.


Currently we are considering using JustLend for boosted pools as main lending platform.


Given TRON DEFI situation, it looks like this project was supposed to start somewhere else. Its damn good thing its here. Deserves my vote guys


Thanks for your support!


Looks good, thanks for the support!


DEXs are future of blockchain tech :gem:


The plan looks awesome. Wanna see final!


really cool dat TRON projects dive deeper into the users needs now :ухмылка:
I hope the project will continue to develop and will please everyone!

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I think so too,
I hope the final will not let us down!


I salute this project)


Yes, I think everyone will welcome him )

I hope he’ll thrive, right?