Jack Horseman by Galileo Labs

Project Name: Jack Horseman
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Galileo Labs
Team Member(s): 10+
DevPost URL: Jack Horseman NFT | Devpost
Project Goal: To connect Jack Horseman NFT with MetaPub and MetaCity
Project Info:


Jack Horseman is inspired by a TRON GameFi project called Win NFT Horse. One day while we were playing that game, we noticed that horses are loyal and energetic, so we decided to use horses as our main character. In order to combine our NFTs with MetaPub, we design our horses in a popular and modern style .

#What it does

Jack Horseman is more than just a NFT. Jack Horseman Holders can have several benefits:

  • Pass to MetaPub
  • Assets management
  • Privilege in future GameFi

Once MetaPub is launched, Jack Horseman NFT holders will have a VIP identification and get more profits like airdrops. Also, if a holder enters our MetaPub, he is able to change his appearance with a Jack Horseman NFT to explore more interesting social activities.

#How we built it

We combine our main character horses with pop art to express our pursuit of freedom and wild creativity on web 3.0. Meanwhile, we are working with an asain top 10 real estate company about our new project called MetaPub. Jack Horseman NFT holders will have the right to enter our MetaPub for free.

#Challenges we ran into

Due to the COVID-19, our MetaPub can’t be launched on time. Meanwhile, we stick to the plan and execute the roadmap on a regular basis. We believe the COVID-19 is just temporary, and our project will be a new way of connecting people together.

#Accomplishments that we’re proud of

At the beginning, Jack Horseman was designed to participate as the player’s profile picture of the Winning Horse. Now we empowered it as a milestone NFT. In the web3.0 era. The NFT Evolution, MetaPub and charity donations are the reasons why Jack Horseman is unique and outstanding.

#What we learned

Many people treat NFT as an art, but as a technology company, we find NFT can have more functions. For example, Jack Horseman NFT is not only an art collection, it is the pass to our MetaPub. In order to empower our NFT, we collaborated an asian top 10 real estate company to build a MetaPub which is located at MetaCity.

Project Repo/Website: Galileo.labs-Website

Project Details:


Jack Horseman

NFT Horseman

Project Milestones:


I’ve seen it somewhere, so they are participating the TRON Grand Hackathon now? Looks good, hope you guys can make it

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Can you explain a bit more about Meta City? So the team here are going to create the MetaPub in the Meta City?

Which Asian real estate companies are involved?

What future GameFi will be related to this project?

I like the NFT art by the way! Remind me of the show Bo Jack Man.


Hi, this looks interesting. Could you tell us a bit more about the “Create and Earn” Gamefi concept.

Are you going to use $Trx and $btt as main currency for your GameFi platform or will you launch your own token?


Thanks for asking! Meta City is a virtual land that we will develop by ourselves. It contains several business chians, and most of those are night clubs. MetaPub will be the first business that we build in Meta City, so Jack Horseman holders are able to entertain and experience our fancy lights.

We are sorry that we can’t reveal our partners information now since we signed a NDA.

The future GameFi is called the Turing Test, and if possible, we will create a GameFi called Jack Horseman too.

Thank you for liking our NFTs. Feel free to ask if you have more questions to ask.


Thanks for sharing.

Most GameFi utilized P2E mode to attract more players, but we figured out this might be boring for lots of players now. Create and Earn allows players to create their valuable NFTs and trade those for more rewards. All NFTs are evolvable in our game mode. It’s fun to play!

Good question! We are still thinking about it. Personally, I will vote for our own token.


Just curious, does this infringe on anything related to bojack horseman?

No, we have a totally different art :slight_smile:

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Good to know thanks!

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Nice project, do well to contact us for any partnership

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  • I’m more concerned about Asian real estate companies because they have so much money

I found it nice that you brought different perspectives to NFT, nice project. Go on!

Can you explain a little more about the concept of “create and earn”? Pretty new concept i guess

love the horses! would love to watch you guys grow!!!

Jack Horseman hahahahahah it’s like a digital meme
I love it :DDDD

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Your project looks very interesting. Good luck. We are building a marketplace, maybe we can do something together in the future #N18 Tronbies

Good luck looking forward

Amaing NFT art, I like the colors of the Horseman!! It´s a great work, congratulations :+1:

nice work keep going