Histopia Multi-Chain GameFi Metaverse - Tron Planet

Project Name: Histopia Multi-Chain GameFi - Play, Earn and Socialize in one platform on different chains

Project Track: GamiFi
Team Name: OxyDev
Team Member(s): FInd about our team members on Our website
DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/histopia
Project Goal: Creating both a Free2Play and Play2Earn metaverse that mixes gaming with social interaction and decision-making to create a world fully built on top of player actions. That is fully on-chain, transparent, cross-chain, and cross-platform.

We are focusing on the Multi-chain aspect of Histopia so we can connect different communities and ecosystems in one platform, Bridge your NFTs cross-chain or your ERA token and play in an interactive world of Histopia with your Histopian NFTs.

Project Info: You can find more info on our pitch deck here
Project Website: https://histopia.io
Project Test Instructions: We have a step-by-step tutorial of our protocol and UX, you can find them here:
Fountain of ERA Tron Tutorial
Fountain of ERA EVM tutorial
Cross-chain bridge between EVM chains to Tron Tutorial

Project Details: We encourage you to join our testnet campaign and mint your first NFT free on Tron Shasta and compete with more than 10000 Histopians residing on different planets.


Project Milestones: You can find the detailed Milestones on our website: histopia.io

Contract addresses:
ERA : TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
NFT: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
FoE Protocol: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Bridge Contract: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

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The design of your website and game is just amazing! Congrat guys!


The designs are really great… Kudos to you…


What a nice interface.


The design interface is really nice


so great graphics, wanted to play game from now :)))))


Hey Histopia team!

Thanks for the post. I went through the website and liked the designs. Did you guys design it yourselves, or did you have a professional help? Would love to know.


Hi ovon,
The artwork and our game engine and user interfaces are fully designed and implemented by our brilliant designers and developers😎

Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:

Project Milestones
Contract Address

Nice outlay and design you have there

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Hey Histopia team!

Try https://falt.app/. We’ve built this ground up during the hackathon. RWAs are the hot potatoes as of the moment, but haven’t seen a really decentralized approach to bring them on-chain. We have an unique solution with an user-friendly experience. Give our thread a read and thumbs up if you think this is a value-add for Tron!