Non Fungible Factory

Hi guys, we’re building a non-fungible factory for game developers, so using our SDKs they can easily integrate an NFT marketplace in their games easily.

Game developers prefer to use in-app marketplaces for their NFTs, because:

  • Having to go from a game app to an external marketplace creates a lot of friction for their end user.
  • They want trading fees to accrue back to themselves or their community instead of third-party NFT marketplaces.

SDK Advantages for Game Developers

  1. It’s faster than create a traditional marketplace (plug and play).

  2. Don’t need to pay extra commission to middlemen, now you have your own marketplace

  3. Creating a marketplace (no matter traditional or crypto) from scratch needs much more effort and skills which out of Game Developers scope.

What we’re going to do

  1. Provide SDKs for WEB/Mobile/Unity Game Developers

  2. Provide developer API/hooks to notify their backend about any events happening across contracts


We are competing with an e-commerce and an ERP platform: e-Plus in the WEB3 segment

If you think we can make a synergy, count on us.

I wish you much success with your project


I think I get it, I just wish there was a little more detail. It looks like it has a future.

I like the concept behind the project, good luck :cowboy_hat_face:

Looking forward to it :+1: good luck

Super project fantastic :rocket::rocket:

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i like this concept, let’s see what the team come up in the next phases

This actually a great project.