APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint 3-day Forum AMA!

APENFT Marketplace kicked off the grand Developer Sprint Race on April 6th, aiming to incentivize more original, quality project teams to get on board and help them build NFT projects from scratch to create a more diverse NFT ecosystem.

In order to build an inclusive and dynamic TRON NFT ecosystem and attract high-quality projects, APENFT Marketplace is establishing a $2 million prize pool for an exciting “Sprint Race” for developers all over the world.

If you want to know more details, click here: Rules of APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint | by APENFT | Medium

APENFT Marketplace Forum AMA

To attract more developers and NFT fans to join us and learn more about APENFT Marketplace, we are going to hold this community AMA on the TRON DAO Forum and encourage everyone to ask questions about Developer Sprint and our Marketplace. We will answer all the questions from the community.

Beware that the Forum AMA starts 2022-04-11T02:00:00Z2022-04-13T10:00:00Z.

The top 10 users who leave great questions will be rewarded $20 worth of $NFT each!
In addition, 50 users who participate in the discussion will also be rewarded with $5 worth of $NFT each!

If you wonder what the criteria of outstanding discussion, here are some tips!

  • Ask thoughtful question
  • Do not spam
  • Ask one question per post (or a few related questions per post)
  • Please wait for your question to be answered before asking the next question
  • Give Like to post with good questions and post with great answers
  • Actively help out others if you have the answers to certain questions

How to join us?

  1. Sign up/sign in on TRONDAO Forum.

  2. Leave your question on this page.


What do you think is the biggest feature that distinguishes you from other nft market places? Which feature of yours do you find innovative?


Nft’s in tron chain are not popular, is apenft team have a plan to change that?


How can the project protect its NFT
copyrights? What benefits will holders
of the project’s NFTs have?


Will APENFT Marketplace be deeply integrated with real art? What works of art will be traded in the first stage of the market? What advantages does APENFT Marketplace have compared to OpenSea?


How can i get rich with this project? I just wanna be a retired…


Most people in China don’t know about NFT. What will APENFT Marketplace do to spread awareness of NFT? Is APENFT Marketplace just a Marketplace? Will there be other products in the future? What is the roadmap for APENFT Marketplace?


Yes, we do have the plan. APENFT is aiming to be the game-changer for both TRON and the whole crypto world. You could follow our Special Event for the launch of APENFT Marketplace Mainnet at 12 am Apr.15th, UTC, to know more about our platform!


Can you list 3 killer features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about??


Firstly, We are going to be the greatest NFT marketplace in the Tron ecosystem. So we hold the Developer Sprint Race and invite all developers with creative and original ideas, ask their teams to join, and fund them with tremendous prizes to support their projects’ launch phase.
The more projects come to our platform, the more benefits the users could obtain. In fact, the Genesis NFT is a gift that we prepared for the users. Once you hold one, you will have countless opportunities to receive airdrops and whitelists privileges from all projects on our marketplace


I want genesis NFT ? How can i get genesis NFT??
Please tell us??


What is APENFT’s strategy to penetrate the western market (America)

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Will APENFT Marketplace become the world’s largest NFT Marketplace? What are the current items on APENFT Marketplace?

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You can always check our medium and discord channel to learn about how to apply for Genesis NFT. Here is the rules to get Genesis NFT:Rules of Getting Genesis NFT Badges | by APENFT | Medium


[Violation of the rules has been removed]

As you’re setting the aim at the best NFT marketplace in the world, you mustn’t provide only TRON nft trading, but also support mainstream chains such as ETH and BSC. Do you have the plan to support more blockchains?

will TRON’s NFT be able to compete with other NFTs?
How is the development of the NFT…?
Is it already on the NFT market?

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In your opinion, can we consider copycats as scams? And why (or why not)?

The future is, imo, in the crosschain solutions. BTTC is a good example. So keeping this in mind, and assuming that NFT’s will follow that mouvement in the future, don’t you think that nft’s that are basically copies will be an issue? Not only in terms of trading but also from a legal point of view (copyrights, intellectual property).


What are apenft’s plan on the african continent despite the fact that little or less people in africa embrace the crypto world?.


The first auction will be held in APENFT Marketplace on April 15th. A monkey head will be auctioned. Can you tell us more about this auction? , how to participate in this auction? Will Ambassador Sun interact with the auction?