The introduction of APENFT Marketplace and Developer Sprint

APENFT Marketplace is a GameFi and NFT trading platform dedicated to building a metaverse that crosses various blockchains. Powered by TRON, BSC, and Ethereum, it delivers decentralized storage with support from BTFS and is compatible with BitTorrent Chain. By funding and supporting ecosystems, APENFT aspires to foster the continuous creation of quality products and introduce a wider audience and more creative gameplay modes to the NFT field. With its foray into digital entertainment and NFTization of more valuable works, it can explore more use cases for blockchain technology.

APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint
APENFT Marketplace kicked off the grand Developer Sprint Race on April 6th, aiming to incentivize more original, quality project teams to get on board and help them build NFT projects from scratch to create a more diverse NFT ecosystem.

In order to build an inclusive and dynamic TRON NFT ecosystem and attract high-quality projects, APENFT Marketplace is establishing a $2 million prize pool for an exciting “Sprint Race” for developers all over the world.

The Developer Sprint will adopt a multi-stage task-completion model. APENFT Marketplace will assess all participating projects from five different angles: project quality, community & social media building, smart contract deployment, website construction, and trial feedback. Every participating project will have the opportunity to receive up to $20,000 from the total prize pool.


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