Metaverse Bidder (Metaverse Auction Defi Platform)

Project Name : Metabid
Project Track : De-Fi
Team Name : Metabid
Team Member(s) : 6 members
Github Url : [Metabid · GitHub)
DevPost URL : Metabid | Devpost

Project Details : We created a metaverse environment where people can sell or auction with Metablok Tokens their second-hand goods by minting them as nft. For this, we integrated our auction contract to metaverse.

As an auction, we minted the nft of a car and put it up for auction in the metaverse environment. We sent some Metablok Token testnet tokens to every person who entered the metaverse and had them participate in the auction and bid. We wrote a middleware backend application between our nft auction contract and the metaverse. We wrote such a backend to make it more useful as wallet management and UX.

In addition, in the metaverse environment, people will be able to display their products as nft in the shops and put their products on sale.


hey guys the concept sounds good, where can we follow you at? do you have more in depth details about the project?

You can try in this url

The design looks very nice. I would definitely like to see the final version!