Nuclear Bridge - A bridge to survive the Apocalypse

Project Name: Nuclear Bridge
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: War Room
Team Member(s): 3
DevPost URL: Nuclear Bridge | Devpost
Project Goal: We want to allow users to bridge safely
Project Info:
Our bridge matches two people wanting to bridge the same asset between two different chains. Each agent has to lock his funds on his chain and after making an on-chain request and accepting the other agent’s request, they can withdraw the other agent’s funds. Right now, it works with signatures and keccak hashes so it allows bridging token on any EVM-compatible chain, like TRON and BTTC. This is the only bridge we know of that needs only the two blockchains and nothing else.

Project Repo/Website:
You can read the contract in the contract folder : GitHub - LaGuerrePiece/p2pBridge: p2pBridge

Project Details:
Here is the explanation :

Project Milestones:
The contracts are working, and we are working on the front-end, which should be ready soon


If I want to send let’s say 1000 trx from Tron to BSC, do I need someone else who wants to send 1000 trx from BSC to Tron?
If for instance 2 other people want to send 800 trx each to Tron, will I “exchange” 800 with the first and 200 with the second? Will they be in a kind of queue?

Tron is a TVM-chain so it is actually a bit different with EVM chains


Yes, if people run market making bots for fees, which is highly probable, someone will take your order to bridge quite fast (probably instantly)
It is also possible to implement the spliting of orders, and we are working on it.

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What profit will the market maker get from such a transaction?

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Well it depends on what fee the bridgers accept to pay. It will be higher than for classical centralized bridges I think, but competition on the maker side will also lower it.

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I completely comprehended when I watched your video, nice idea. Best of luck!

when do you guys plan to have a working product? :eyes:

A demo on some testnets will be available in a few days. Follow us on Twitter (@NuclearBridge) to stay updated.

thank you i look forward to it :+1:

This can make a neat project. I hope you succeed! Looking forward to your demo.