As promised, supporting new projects. Great news inside!


I had shared a post earlier specifying that I’ll be helping out new innovations in this hackathon who unfortunately don’t get votes due to them having no dedicated community who can vote for them.

I contacted such projects and provided some support especially by helping them connect with investors, incubators and accelerators in my network. Luckily, we have some positive news to share with you all:

  1. Project CertiFi who is innovating in the EdTech space by leveraging blockchain to enable immutable certificates and credentials have gotten some good interests from multiple accelerators and an angel investor. More details here: [Updates] Project CertiFi - Immutable Academic Credentials powered by Tron Blockchain (Highlights and Updates)

Currently the team is also exploring other projects for collaboration and synergies including partnership options.

If you are part of a project, do check this project out and see if you find any potential synergies and ping them or me, we’d be happy to jump on a discussion.

Also, please do support such projects with a vote if you like the project.

I’m working with some more projects. I’ll keep adding more positive news soon once those projects get similar updates. If you think I can help you with your project in any way, please do not hesitate to DM or comment. Very huge opportunities in Web3 domain and lots of gaps to fill. Let’s BUIDL!

Cheers :smiley:


Good job :+1:
Check this as well, those projects might be interested


Awesome post! We’d love to get in contact with you guys, we’re currently building out our GameFi project and we’ve seen some major progress lately. Let us know if our project looks like something that could be eligible for this type of help, thanks.



Hey @ToyoDev, thank you for sharing the project with us! We’ll check it out and reach out to you :slight_smile:


Interesting! Where to know more about this initiative officially? Who chose these projects and how can new projects be a part of this initiative?

They have to contact Laurent Perello (Tron Advisor):

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@jasonTron take a look at Prospective LLC: A Decentralize Crypto Consulting Club love to see what you think.

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