GU3SS by Kuyawa - Entertainment and Sports Staking

Project Name: GU3SS
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Kuyawa
Team Member(s): Kuyawa as solo developer
DevPost URL: Kuyawa Kata's (Kuyawa) software portfolio | Devpost
Project Goal: Be the Globally Uncensorable Entertainment and Sports Staking platform
Project Info: PDF Not-ready
Project Repo/Website:
Project Details: Betting is the most restricted business in the world and blockchains provide a venue for allowing people around the world to predict the outcome of events relying on the wisdom of crowds
Project Milestones:

  • 1st stage: MVP and social debut
  • 2nd stage: Daily events and staking
  • 3rd stage: Ticket history and leaderboard
  • 4th stage: Decentralized bookies

GU3SS is a decentralized predictions platform based on Tron Network that allows everybody anywhere in the world to guess the outcome in any competition. This is an idea we’ve had since the early days of blockchain development for its resilience to censorship and Tron is the best network to deploy for its speed and low transaction cost.

GU3SS is a Decentralized Gaming and Entertainment (DeGEn) paradise so please help us develop the best betting platform by providing valuable feedback in its early stages as you will watch how we build our dApp from scratch to stardom. We’ll be participating in the Tron Hackathon 2022 Season 2.


I will be posting updates as they come, here is the first webshot after buying the domain. Nothing like the fresh smell of a blank page to start a long and prosperous journey, join us!


First UI iteration, good for a start, will be improving as muses flow
No functionality yet, contracts are a little tricky but coming along, stay tuned!


Events can be registered and scores updated, tickets will be ready soon, stay tuned


How will you be competing or differentiating yourself from which is one of the main crypto sportsbetting/casinos on TRON?


We are a decentralized betting platform using smart contracts, which is a great advantage as nobody will run away with your money. Most betting platforms just receive payments in crypto using gateways and relay the betting system to a stablished business, in GU3SS anybody can deal with the contract directly in the absence of a web interface, that’s truly uncensorable. Of course people is not interested in the tech part of it, they want simplicity and that’s another advantage of our platform, no need for registering (first thing I saw on wink) or any KYC, just pay and play.

Competition is always good for market and customers, better alternatives and improved services will always be around the corner.


How Kuyawa will work? When will be live?


Kuyawa is my nick, the betting platform is and you can go there to bet on your preferred team, pay with your TronLink wallet and presto, everything gets recorded on the blockchain. In GU3SS we don’t bet against the house, we pool all bets and the winners take all split evenly according to their bets. For example, if a thousand people bet on the Yankees and one lucky guy bets on the Orioles and it wins, then all the money goes to that person no matter the money lines in the market.

Right now it’s in testnet so you can play all you want, please let me know any issues or feedback on usability.


Is the platform going to generate revenues from the bets? Do you already have a kind of business plan?

You will need at some point to start some marketing and that can be very costly. Beside that you will probably have to hire a team and cover your own living expenses.

Are you going to open the betting pools by yourself and people can choose amongst them where to bet. Or will they be able to open pools by themselves? For instance if I want to bet with my friends on a football match between two small teams that are not famous at all. Can we have the possibility to set up a pool on your platform by ourselves?


We’re going to take a cut from all bets, possibly 10% but open to consideration and adjustable on market conditions.

Marketing is paramount and that’s why we need to win the Hackathon to start a campaign to bring clients on board and grow.

Right now the betting pools are open automatically by sports APIs but we are planning on creating our own oracles for events and scores. In the future (and here exactly is where we are going to differentiate) people will be able to create their own pools and some will grow to be big bookies and that would be decentralized betting at its finest. That’s the roadmap.


Hey guys, betting dapp is almost ready and we’re looking for testers. It’s in testnet so feel free to spend all you want without compromise, just for fun. All feedback will be highly appreciated. :nerd_face:


I checked your devpost but it says draft submission? Have you officially entered yet?

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Finishing little things to enter officially, probably next week.

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Submitted, check it out


Source code is available on Github, check it out


Hey, I’m also doing a betting/prediction market for the hackathon but in the defi category because it’s for financial markets and not sports! One question I’ve been thinking about is if I should use automated market maker or an order book. Have you been thinking about this?

That’s an interesting option, how do you envision that? Market makers would provide initial liquidity but what would be the use of order books?

Good work mate keep pushing

Thanks, it’s a lot of hard work but the satisfaction of getting the job done is what counts, and the learning experience has been great

Good work mate keep up