Tron NFT Rarity - Shows how rare NFTs are

Project Name: Tron NFT Rarity
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: NFT Rarity
Team Member(s): 1, @ivelin207
DevPost URL: Tron NFT Rarity | Devpost
Project Goal: Shows how rare NFTs are for proper valuation and ranking.
Project Info:

Project Repo/Website: GitHub - ftimoff/TronNFTRarity: Shows how rare NFTs are
Project Details: Tron NFT Rarity - YouTube
Project Milestones: Shows how rare NFTs are for proper valuation and ranking.


Can I determine the future profitability of an NFT asset with this dApp?

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Thanks for your question.
NFT Rarity shows you the rarest of attributes of all NFTs in a selection basket so you do not buy blindly.
Yes, if you bought a rarest NFT and later on sold it as a premium NFT on the same APE NFT marketplace or moved it to another and made a profit due to your NFT’s rarity attributes selection, yes NFT Rarity helped you make a profit.

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Hey Guys quick question, how do you plan on being different and innovating compared to the already Tron nft rarity platforms on Tron such as Tron pulse?

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Much appreciation for your question @DannyLowe
NFT rarity is the basis of our dApp (First feature) upon which we building are profitability analysis across different NFT marketplaces, NFT cross-chain bridge, NFT loans and NFT logins.
Being both a Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence software engineer, I am bringing AI to NFT and Web3.0 for NFT value analysis to foster real-time market value loans and liquidations.

are you guys set up on another blockchain? or just starting off on Tron?

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@JudgeDaBeast We are already working on two Blockchains, on one of them we even won a hackathon and Tron is our third choice mainly because of its transaction cost and capacity, greater feasibility in Multimedia and GameFi NFT usecases as well as its massive Asian users adoption.

Sounds like a good concept. I could see it being very useful. I’m the CBO of the Tronbies brand, #N18. Hopefully we can work together in the future! Keep building! :muscle::fire::zap:

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Thank you very much @MONST3R for the compliment, we look forward to working with you in future on integrations.

How NFT rarity tools help you to make profits with NFTs, I find this very helpful

Could you pls share the link of your website … also what’s the process to list a project on your platform?