NFT interest in Tron community a dieing culture or what?

From data provided from the Hackathon NFT category in S1 and S2 there is a low participants for S2 compare to S1

This can be due to fact the number of times many investors have been let down with NFT project. Many investors term to only stick to what they know would do well in the future which make new NFT project been look down on.

I would take TuruGlobal Ecosystem as an example with different project in the brand ,they have never failed me, always delivering new project that are unique and groundbreaking.
Let me name a few
#TuruAngels and note all this pay you massive passive side income.
Now ask yourself wouldn’t I stick to what I know. Though there are others out there doing well, like Lionx, tronninja, Primo, smartfox and many. Take a look at them too.


NFTs in general on every chain has been going down lately (together with crypto itself). I’m hoping my new standard Multiplace & mNFTs - Next-Gen Marketplace for mNFTs (multi NFTs) and marketplace can drive adoption in the future


Primo will only ever have 420 NFTs and have already locked the mint fees for POS rewards for its DAO members. Its amazing to me no body talks about this NFT program.


Primo would need to work on more exposure to drive investors to their NFT platform and truly the POS rewards have been amazing no doubt.

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The crypto space in general have fallen due to recent bear :bear: runs hopefully it get better and better for crypto as a whole including NFT section

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Exposure isnt the issue. Haters are strong within the Tron ecosystem. Funny some of the scammers that people just love to support. One of the biggest issues with tron is its community.


I think there’s a general overexposure of information. Too many projects and very little people understand each project’s potential exactly.
The best market definitely discouraged people from building new projects as well. However, I think that might be good because it automatically weeds out the non believers. Those who are still grinding it out and building during the bear market to provide value to investors should be rewarded with support and resources to make their visions come to life.


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