How much do we know about tron NFTs

Many of us do not have substantial knowledge about tron NFTs. Comment and let us find outbif anyone can help


There are really only 2 markets. and (ApeNFT being Supported by TRONDAO)

NFTs were popular on TRON at the beginning with Copy Cat projects coming from Opensea like Tpunks, TronMeebits, TronBoredApeYHatClub and so on.

All those projects promised the moon but brought literally nothing, they minted fully as TRONICS fell for the lies and then the projects did soft rug pulls with the $1,000,000 USD they earned from minting.

No further developments or nothing.

So Copycat OpenSea projects are hated on TRON.

There are still a few original NFT projects like Tronbies, Cubies, TronBearyClub, Rug, BabyTuru, Africa Stars, Versac Brick Club … etc.

Overall: The market for NFTs on TRON is very weak but still somewhat around holding onto a thread.


I still love tron, I think it has a lot of potential in next few years


i think you should check out PROS NFT | M-NFT A New Meaning To (MODIFY) bringing something fun to tron and trully original. as @WindsOfChange92 said tronix dont like copycats you have to be original. to get the audience attention.

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Thanks alot for this

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