What is happening to tron nft

Crypto market lost about 2 trillion market cap
Tron blockchain wasn’t left out of the turmoil

Do you think tron nft ecosystem is dead?
devs are hiding and most project seem dead
Yet to hear something positive from Justin
Am I the only one worried?
Which tron nft projects are you holding?


Only the copycats are hiding, the Tron originals are here and building, isn’t that right? @TronNinjas @TronVerse @LineHammett @Trexpunk @TuruGlobal @LionXeco @SuperJack


Yes sir! We are here and loud! I told the community from the start, we will forever be a thing! Being in this hackathon I hope proves to people that T-Rex Punks is here to stay. We will bring a lot of utility in the T-Rex Punk atmosphere, it just might take us a little longer than most as Mrs. Rex And I own a coffee shop in Florida.


That’s right, Stian! We out here building and keeping the steam :zap::muscle:


That’s right plenty of teams are active and developing.

The only ones hiding are the ones who ran the copycat schemes. But I believe Tron it’s nft space has evolved ever since in a good way. :muscle:


what about devikins ? “gamefi”
they use klever token instead of tron but is on tron ecossistem too.
or am i wrong ?

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I see a lot of active NfT projects and creative teams on Tron. Check tronbies, cubie, Turu, Tronninjas


:100: right

We all build so many creative, innovative and fun products and we will build more :raised_hands:

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Tronbies, tron Ninjas ad and Cubies are awesome Nft projects on tron

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they use the devikin token

Owww, just hearing this
Oops that’s so unfortunately
A huge lost😡

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