PROS NFT | M-NFT A New Meaning To (MODIFY)

Project Name: Prospective Venture
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Prospective
Team Member(s): 3 (African-Studios - Zerocool - mikesol22)
DevPost URL: DevPost Project
Project Goal: M-NFT A New Meaning To (MODIFY)First of its kind M-NFT. Pros Venture is a builders dream, imagine a world where everything is customizable. Our model is M-NFT: a mod objective with a set of predetermined parameters. When you Mint one of our NFTs they can be modified, that’s if you’re up for the challenge.
Project Repo/Website:
Project Details:
A Decentralize Consulting Club builders of tomorrow!
What is Prospective llc
Prospective is building a community of individuals excited about the future of Web3, our model is by allowing organic collaboration more can be achieved on this new blockchain infrastructure. decentralized applications aka (dApps) are built, customized, and owned by the community. Where building open-verse innovation in order to become a massive ecosystem of builders that captures value in our process.
Pros Venture Dao
Pros Venture Dao llc was created so that our community can expand our eco system for years to come.
Pros M-NFT
Pros Venture Dao LLc is introducing M-NFT a modified set of frameworks that allows our users to expand our ecosystem. Pros Venture NFT will introduce this model.


Your website link takes a long time that it timesout for me. Also do you have a devpost URL?

Is this deployed on TRON or BiTTorrent Chain?


Will update site shortly. It is deployed on TRON


Much success in your project, if you think we can collaborate as a team, count on us


Javier, thank you. Yes we would love to have a collaboration together in the near future. bringing people together one project at a time.


#TronStrong !!!



Building like there’s no tomorrow #prospective

That is being worked on…

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Check out the site take a look at the manual.