User interest in different tracks (S2 vs. S1)

Hi folks, I’m doing some comparison with S1 votes (provisional since the voting will end on August 11).
So far we have:

  1. 246 voters on DeFi (27 entries)
  2. 228 voters on Web3 (43 entries)
  3. 207 voters on NFT (27 entries)
  4. 174 voters on GameFi (20 entries)

On S1 the situation was:

  1. 252 voters on Web3 (12 entries)
  2. 220 voters on NFT (16 entries)
  3. 218 voters on DeFi (12 entries)
  4. 171 voters on GameFi (10 entries)

So, it appears that NFTs are loosing a bit of interest from users, while DeFi has gained popularity. On the developers’ side, Web3 seems to be the track with most development (highest number of entries).

What do you think? Are NFT and GameFi in downtrend? Where is innovation going to be in the next months?


I think the NFT projects need to foxus on being original. Maybe users are tired of all copy&paste projects or simple computer generated random collections.

GameFi should have more interest I think. Maybe the limitation are the big investments required to make a good looking game. Arcade is fun anyway.


I think the data set is too small to come to a conclusion.

I would take away from this that if your project has DEFI, NFT, or GAMEFI that you should enter one of those tracks versus web3.


Thanks for the data provided, I was trying to get something like this too, trying to see how S1 and S2 are currently doing.

Now for the NFT issue the number of times many have been let down with NFT project are on high so many investors term to only stick to what they know would do well in the future.

I would take TuruGlobal Ecosystem as an example with different project in the brand ,they have never failed me, always delivering new project that are unique and groundbreaking.
Let me name a few
#TuruAngels and note all this pay you massive passive side income.
Now ask yourself wouldn’t I stick to what I know. Though there are others out there doing well, like Lionx, tronninja, Primo, smartfox and many. Take a look at them too.

I agree, but web3 is somewhat of a combination of the other 3 so it will always get the most submissions

If it’s a combo then projects need to learn how to select the most prominent feature that they are currently developing.

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Season 3 had more than double entries of season 1 and season 2… it’s getting more exciting now :slight_smile:

One reason is that in S3 all participants are required to post also on TronDAO forum to be eligible. In S2 you could have only to Devpost project page.

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