In which category should we post?

Hey! This is Kevin from Tronjoy team.

We are excited to join the hackathon and we have almost everything in place to submit our project.

However, we have a BIG doubt: which category fits better for our project? This is an “elevator pitch” of Tronjoy so anyone can help us to decide about this:

Our main goal is bringing the Free-to-Own concept to Tron network, as a combination of Free-to-Play and NFT ownership.

For this we willing be giving away all the NFTs in our collection to Tron community members who are already supporting other Tron projects (we welcome any devs from other projects to contact us about this btw).

Our NFT holders will be able to use them in our platform and play skill games for free to win prizes - TRX and stablecoins amongst others -.

So we have games, but I don’t think we should join the Gamefi category as we won’t be developing those games initially.

We use NFTs, but I think they are just a complement for our project, and not our main development.

Anyway, some people in our team thinks we should join the NFT category, while others are more inclined about web3, since the goal of the project is introducing the free-to-own concept and changing the way people play.

So what do you think…? Any opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

Also if @admin.hackathon can assist us on this, it would be appreciated.


You should join the NFT categories


Start as a nft project for this season and come back as gamefi next one. Or just wait the next season.


I was really thinking of Gamefi for you guys. But i think NFT is a good start.


Web 3 is cool for your work. However I think that will be accessible when you get trusted level one


Hi @TronJoy Kevin, I think you should join the NFT category.

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@Aramide what do you have to say about this :thinking: i will go for web3 though :v:

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Hola. como consejo deberían empezar con la categoría NFT y la próxima temporada si han desarrollado juegos en Gamefi.

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Ape into NFTs so you’ll boost your community as well🫶

Thank you all for your suggestions!

We have finally decided to post our project in the NFT category with your feedback.

If anyone wants to check about our project and/or leave a message, question, suggestion, etc., you can do it here:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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