Squirrelvival by Team Secret Squirrels - Dynamic Social Blockchain Game

Project Name: Squirrelvival

Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: Secret Squirrels

Team Member(s): 3 - [0xsha1man], [feebsk], [Seharb] (Mylo)

DevPost URL: TBD

Project Goal:
• Social gameplay
• Dynamic game assets
• Dynamic player leveling and stats
• P2E (play2earn)
• Expand social and community-focused blockchain game options

Project Info: Squirrelvival is a new game concept we came up with for the Tron Grand Hackathon 2022 are introducing here for the first time. This is step one in our development journey. We hope to make great friends and build an awesome community along the way.
[Squirrelvival Project Info Document]

Project Repo/Website: [Repo] [Website] (website not built yet)

Project Details: Up to 8 :chipmunk: squirrels (players) navigate hazards as they rush back to their nest to hoard food for winter.

Toadmap :frog: (Project Milestones):
June 20

  • Make it make sense enough to share

  • Secure domain names and social media accounts

  • Post project on Tron Dao Forum

June 24

  • Finalize game system design and concept art

  • Finalize game system and tech

  • Establish collaboration workflows and unify team member files in a single repository

  • Create DevPost project and update all team members links and contributions

July 1

  • Hoard Queue (Matchmaking queue server that allows up to 8 players to compete in a Hoard Match

  • Hoard Compete (State machine that handles that listens to and updates all player’s game state during a Hoard Match)

  • Website landing page with TronWeb integration

  • Initial Squirrel NFT design with at least 4 attributes

  • Hoard Match’s Rounds design and concept art finalized

July 8

  • PixiJS integration and Hoard Match staging area between rounds

  • Smart Contract developed and Squirrel NFT mint purchase possible on testnet

  • All UI designs and concept art finalized

  • Game narrative and video submission story board finalized

July 15

  • Full game loop can be completed by multiple players within the same Hoard Match

  • All game, Squirrel NFT, and website temporary artwork replaced with at least concept art

  • Squirrel NFT attributes reflected in player avatars

  • Release Candidate of the game / website / server

July 22

  • Preparing project for submission, finalizing game build, and polishing all artwork

  • Final QA and project sign off by all team members. Release Candidate Code Freeze in effect

July 24

  • Submission video completed and DevPost project final review

July 25

  • Submit final project version

Squirrelvival Title - Animated Looped

Initial title logo design for the game. I love this font!


Love it! I got permission to use the four fonts we plan to use. This one and one other we can use for now, but if we win and continue development, the font designer said I can reach out and get the commercial license. I will update our info doc to add them now.


Good to know! That’s definitely a nice problem to have if we have it!

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I’m excited to see an initial demo of the game. Do you have any initial NFT artwork done yet?


@Mylo will this be a RPG, battle or platform style as there seems to be a few platform style movements in your basic design above? also will there be an incentive such as rewards system to bring players back to the game? such as tokens or NFT unlocks etc?


Hi @WindsOfChange92 ! So far for the NFT, we have just made the base squirrel that is shared in the post. We are currently working on the concept art for the scenes. Believe me, I’m dying to dress that squirrel up!
We should have more to share this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to check us out and engage!


Hi @Simon ! Thank you for the great question. At this stage in development, the answer is a resounding, “Uuummm I’m not sure” hahahahaha. My original concept was veering more towards a side scrolling platform, but after a few mind melds with @0xsha1man , we have started to go in a different direction that I like even better.

The way he painted it in my mind is that the game takes place in the lobby where you would normally wait to enter a game. The lobby is the game, everything happens in there. The screen scrolls vertically and players move to areas where they think they will be safe.

YES TOTALLY! The reward system is something we really want to set up right so that it can evolve with the game. We have a bunch of ideas for future milestones, like new NFTs to oppose the squirrels and possibly user owned land that can be harvested for materials to craft stat boosting potions. We are also just starting to explore creating a game specific token that users can earn, spend, or convert into TRX.

This is our first really big leap into blockchain development. We are looking forward to learning from the community here and are open to all feedback (and we need it).


@Mylo could see from first designs it looked like a platform game but the info you have given does sound like a mixture of RPG/platform and probably would attract a few more playres.

The rewards system seems to be where most blockchain games either win or fail on, NFT rewards are great but as you have mentioned a platform token convertible with TRX you seem to have most sides covered :ok_hand:

Looking forward to seeing this develop and any Beta testing we can jump into?


Thanks @Simon ! Hopefully we will have something in the next two weeks that y’all can jump into and test.
And thank you for the confirmation on tokens being a solid option. We want to create incentive to play, but not run into any legal issues. The line between gaming and gambling can be a little blurry and we don’t want to develop anything that may end up messing anyone over.


Is there any live demo yet? To check how it is?


It doesn’t seem you have a devpost URL yet. Have you officially entered the Tron Hackathon on devpost?

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Not yet! We all got bogged down with life and work. Things are calming down right in time for us to get buried in this project. We should have a working demo this weekend.

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I believe so, we just haven’t posted/uploaded anything yet. Time is back on our side and we will be focusing on this project now and get our first demo done this weekend.

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Sadly, our developer has run into real-life (family and health) issues over the past few weeks and our demo will not be finished in time. We will continue to work on this project in hopes there will be a Tron Hackathon Season 3 we can enter.
Thank you all for following our project and checking in here and there. Good luck everyone! There are some truly amazing projects and talented teams!