Builder's DAO: A Full Stack Blockchain Development Studio

Project Name: Builder’s DAO
Project Track: NFT
Team Names: Builder’s DAO
Team Member(s): @arroyo @Scorpius
Live Website:
Network: Connect Your Wallet to BTTC Donau Testnet

Demo Video June 2022: Master Project Early Preview: A Work In Progress Early Preview - YouTube
Demo Video July 2022: - YouTube

Project Goal:
We are a team of Full Stack Blockchain Software Engineers in the USA and Singapore.

Our focus is on building Programmable, Utility NFTs. We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications.


Our goal is to do projects on commission for Fortune 500 companies and other Web 3 studios.

Prize money will be used to pay 1 to 3 developers to:

  1. Further build out the DAO infrastructure
  2. Deploy website to a more robust backend with NGINX
  3. Have smart contracts audited
  4. Deploy to Mainnet

Project Info:
We are seeking to Spin-off our Programmable and Utility NFT R&D efforts into a global and autonomous DAO. The DAO shall be a Blockchain Development Studio focused on serving:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Digital Studios & Marketing Agencies (i.e., Digital Marketing Agencies)

Our studio is currently iterating over novel Blockchain business. These Blockchain projects primarily for Fortune 500 companies as well as Digital Studios & Marketing Agencies.

We also incubate promising internal projects such as Fitness Ventures

There is demand for our business. According to TechCrunch:

Web3 startup Hang is one such startup looking to build up a client base of brands and help them leverage NFTs to replace their existing membership and loyalty programs

We explore these use cases further in our blog post, Use Cases for Utility & Programmable NFTs

Project Repo/Website:

Project is currently not open-sourced. However, we have:

Project Details:
Our goal is to encourage the use of NFTs as primitives to provide cashflow entitlements, awards + prizes for loyalty programs, blockchain-based credentialing, proof of provenance, proof of work (completed labor), and proof of attendance (of events) .

We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications. Novel features of such NFTs include:

  1. Programmable payments (e.g. salaries, dividends, interest, awards, etc.)
  2. Access control functionality (membership)*
  3. Governance (Voting) via an ERC-721 DAO
  4. Dynamic QR Codes
  5. Payment Escrows
  6. Brick and mortar payments integration (QR code scanning and crypto wallet integration)
  7. Mini E-Commerce Stores

Upgrades and Fixes

1. Finance Pages: Instead of a 404, provide message to install Metamask or just allow these pages to be viewed by users without Metamask. That is, window.ethereum == undefined

2. The frontend code for the vote:

  • Add timer/countdown until voting period expires
  • Allow no votes
  • Use event listeners to show live vote tally
  • Non-members cannot vote, so hide voting button for non-members

@Precia and @JavierGarza thank you both for your support! Les agradecemos el apoyo!

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Wow, This Looks Really Awesome. All the very best to u👍


If you think we can do something as a team, you have our support :muscle: :grinning:

Much success in your project | Mucho exito en tú proyecto

@Prabir305 thank you for your words of support. We really appreciate it!

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We’re always open to collaborate with others. We all a greater success when we work together as a team!

Thank you for the kind words and the invite.

Perhaps you can share how your ERP services uses the Blockchain and Web 3 technologies.

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We have a collaborative ecommerce (LinknRed) where you can promote NFT companies, in addition to including products and/or services for the end customer

and the ERP: e-Plus has the possibility of integrating with linknRed to manage and control SKUs, Prices, Inventories, Purchases, Accounting, Shipments, etc.

If you like, you can visit our forum and we explain more details there.

Thank you very much

#TronStrong :muscle:

@JavierGarza Javier,

I looked at your website. Looks like your company has been cash flow positive for a number of years.

Are you interested in expanding to the US market?

Do you need Blockchain developers to help you build out more features?

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Thank you for visiting the forum.

It is always good to have contacts to continue building code, for now we keep the software factory in Monterrey, Mexico.

Currently our greatest interest is in being able to expand the business to new horizons (we are currently working with the Multi-Language option)

We like to work and build as a team :muscle:


Checking your website I could recommend a couple things: Looks like you support only MATIC by now, when are you planning to support BTTC or TRON. Would love to see your project integrated on this blockchains! =).

We need more fullstack devs like yourself on TRON/BTTC ecosystem :slight_smile:

Maybe we can collaborate in the futre :wink:


Hello @cctechmx

  1. The website only supports BTTC.

  2. Our project is 100% integrated onto BTTC

  3. Did you really visit our website? :thinking:

  4. Here is our website:

Again, this website only supports BTT.

  1. Here are the Minter and TimeLock transactions on BTSCAN to verify all Transactions:

  2. Mint an BTTC NFT here: Builder's DAO | Code Sport Labs

  3. Test our BTTC Bank Account here: Builder's DAO | Code Sport Labs

  4. We even recorded a video of us using the live website with BTT: - YouTube

We humbly implore you, Please do not spread FUD because the judges read these posts and false statements can sway them.

My team put a lot of time into building this. We made a lot of personal sacrifices too. And, none of us received any compensation. It’s very hurtful and it is not fair of to write things that are false about other teams and their projects. Please ask and verify before stating things that are not true.

The good thing about Blockchain is that there is a single source of truth to verify everything.


That’s is so awesome. I am very familiar with Mexico because I lived and worked there. Monterrey has a lot of tech start-ups and a strong tech ecosystem.

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By no means my intention was to FUD, of course I entered your website (voting section) and instead of BTT it was clearly said “MATIC” instead of BTT, I enter again today and it was changing to BTT. That’s why I believed it was only available for MATIC, it is actually visible in the video (3:12) I get it, this is a front end issue (you are also on MATIC and that’s OK) and you corrected it now .

All good and thanks for clarifying!

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Minimal and explanatory website is +1 point, good luck my friend. I loved it

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Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

My teammate and I, we really appreciate it

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Wow, what a great presentation! I’m the CBO for the Tronbies brand, #N18. Hopefully we will get to work together in the future! Keep building! :muscle::zap::fire:


Thank you for your feedback

Yes of course!

Congrats on your submission and winning the forum prize!