Fitness Ventures: Launch A Real Life Fitness Group on the Blockchain

Project Name: Fitness Ventures Sports Clubs
Project Track: Web3
Team Names: Code Sport Labs
Team Member(s): @arroyo (representing Builder’s DAO and Code Sport Labs)
DevPost URL: Fitness Ventures Sports Clubs | Devpost

Demo Video & Walkthrough: Fitness Ventures 04 (Short Demo): Quick Demo and dApp Walkthrough - YouTube

Project Goals

We are a B2B Blockchain platform focused on the sports and fitness industries. We plan to either interface or collaborate with:

  1. Health Club Management Software like Mindbody
  2. Fitness Equipment like NordicTrack
  3. Fitness trackers like FitBit
  4. Global sports apparel brands like Lululemon
  5. Sporting Event Sponsors like the Spartan Race
  6. Athletic Teams & Associations like the NBA
  7. Fitness Apps like MapMyRun
  8. Wearables like Athos and Under Armour Connected Shoes:


The fitness industry generated over $390 Billion in revenues in 2021.

In terms of monetization, Fitness Ventures is a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription to established businesses in the sports, fitness, health, and active lifestyle industries.

Such businesses would pay a monthly licensing fee to integrate Fitness Ventures into their apps and websites. Fitness Ventures would also collect a small royalty fee for each membership minted or sold.

Project Info

This project was quickly prototyped within 3-days and was built around a business plan.

Fitness Ventures enables NFT-based Memberships, Fitness Tracking, Sports Competitions, and Event Scheduling. Our target market is the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industries.

In partnership with Builder’s DAO, memberships will be Programmable, Utility NFTs. These NFTs will also read and display electronic data from:

  1. Fitness trackers such as FitBit
  2. Home fitness equipment like NordicTrack

NB: The UI/UX is not finalized and will be fully revamped.

Builder’s DAO & Code Sport Labs

Fitness Ventures is part of a portfolio of programmable and utility NFT projects that the Code Sport and Builder’s DAO teams are spinning out. These projects are multichain dApps which explore novel, but real-world use cases of NFTs.

Project Repo/Website

Project Details

Project Milestones

The current version supports:

  1. Fitness club creation (organized as a DAO)

    • Companies, entrepreneurs as well as sports and fitness enthusiasts to launch sports teams and fitness groups organized as ERC-721 (NFT-based) DAOs
  2. Read/Write and Admin Functions: Team administrators may update membership fee, team size, etc. Everyone else may read Team’s metadata and global state variables

  3. NFT-based Membership: Fee-based sign-up of new members to an existing club by means of an NFT minter

    • NFTs and JSON metadata are pinned to IPFS via Pinata
    • Individuals can register and join virtual and real life fitness, workout, and sports teams by purchasing memberships minted as NFTs
  4. Full DAO functionality works! This has been confirmed by Unit Testing in all contracts .

    • Live Unit Testing Output: New YouTube Video Showing Execution of the Governance Unit Testing Script
    • Allows us to keep users on our platform by building our own custom UI for Governance activities
    • Negates the use of 3rd party websites for Governance
    • Bumped dApp version from 0.1.0-alpha to 0.1.5-alpha



I guess not too many people in this forum are into health and fitness :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

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I like fitness but this is a B2B platform right? I as a user can’t randomly start a club right? I have to be a business?


Thanks for your feedback and the good advice…

We’ll be happy to give the community access to help test and provide feedback on the UI/UX.

We have an Ivy League MBA grad on our team who started several companies. We also consulted with someone who was a consultant at McKinsey and Company in Europe. They gave feedback on an optimal go-to-market strategy to maximize long-term success.

Come to think of it, maybe we should reach out to after a live prototype is up.


I think it might also be cool to integrate Multi NFTs. I saw some projects in The Hackathon have NFTs that can change when events or things happen as well as NFTs that show off certification or events you have participated in.

Whenever I am working out it feels like my body changes so it would also be cool to see your NFT also progress somehow.

Also, if I am joining a group I might want to see the certification of whoever is leading it or such.


These are a great ideas.

The NFT can receive data from a wearable or fitness tracker and “evolve” based on muscle growth. Very easy to do.

In terms of Fitness data, FitBit bit is the only one we know of that has an officially opensourced API and an SDK.

Added some links on wearables for you:


@WindsOfChange92 permission to DM you.

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Sure go ahead, DMs are always open on here.

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It would be great to start a e.g. a running challenge within the Tron community and best performers would win a nft prize. Is it possible to do so?


@Bela Great idea!

Thanks so much for sharing! :smiley:

Regarding your suggestion, do you think it’s better that participants self-report their progress?

What do you think is a best way for everyone to keep track of things so a winner would be fairly chosen?

Also, we have it on our roadmap to integrate with fitness trackers so users can opt into challenges. What do you think?

We are considering opening things up to a small focus group after launching the public website. Guess we’ll need a community manager. :thinking:

@WindsOfChange92 @Bela @Iron @Mmonika

I. Fitness NFT Viewability Permission

We are considering 3 visibility options for fitness data collected and dynamically displayed:

  1. 100% private: Only you can view your info. No one else

  2. Semi-private: Only viewable by you and members of your team

  3. Public: Viewable by anyone who looks at your NFT

Is this a good idea? What do you all think?

II. End User Preference Questions:

  1. What type of fitness data would you like your Fitness NFT to capture?

  2. What is your favorite fitness activity?

  3. If you are a runner, do you use MapMyRun?

  4. Should integration with MapMyRun or FitBit be prioritized?

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That sounds like an awesome idea!


I think the visibility options make sense depending on how the user wants to set it and can easily change it. I would add possibly a message saying the platform’s recommendation for public though so that others can help/push along the journey.

  1. I’m not sure, can you share some examples?
  2. Running, Gym weights
  3. I don’t use this but I am not a hardcore runner. Casual runner.
  4. Fitbit, but then is having a Fitbit Required?

1. Here’s the data that can be gathered by fitBit: Web API

2. and 3. I hear you! Most people are casual fitness types.

4. Looking for a way to programmatically capture fitness data. Perhaps giving users the option to manually enter progress would be beneficial too.

  • For example, FitBit won’t know if you did 100 or 25 reps. But, it will know if your heartrate
    went up during that exercise and how long it was elevated

Interesting idea.keep it up


I’m in fitness and health. Good luck.
Excellent proyect.


I’ve been reading up on your devpost submission! Being into sports myself, I can definitely see how this project could come in handy :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the words of encouragement and the good feelings.

You and @JavierGarza make a great team. I hope you Keep building and innovating.

What’s your favorite fitness activity?



Thanks for your words of support.

It’s definitely outside the box. And very much outside the traditional gaming and defi categories


Thanks for dropping by and lending your support.

You have s interesting project and you put together a great team.

Congratulations on your submission!!

What sports and fitness activities are you into?